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The secret inside this zinc bucket

Yes, there is a secret inside this zinc bucket.
One full of pretty hydrangea blooms
and something else.

I am a big fan of hydrangeas- that is no secret at all. 
And when I find them at the market in the perfect color- 
they are coming home with me.

But sometimes, they only have blues or greens and I have blush and purples on my mind.
And the other day when I walked into Whole Foods- I found a bouquet with the prettiest blush and purple hydrangeas and started dancing. 
Right there in the flower aisle next to the produce and handmade soaps.
Yes, I was THAT girl...

But I really needed more than just one bunch to fill up that zinc bucket... 
which is when I saw 'that secret' 

One that you could plant in the ground or just in a little pot in your house
One in dirt.
And one that was absolutely perfect for what I had in mind.
A potted hydrangea covered in big old purple and blush blooms.

So I brought both the cut hydrangeas and the potted one home with me.
And plopped it inside that zinc bucket just as it was in it's little pot
 and then tucked a vase with the clipped blooms right next to it- 
and called it good.

Basically, after so many questions about where I found those gorgeous hydrangeas on instagram
I thought I would share a not so big tip but a secret weapon for 
 any type of bouquet indoors. 
 Just think outside the usual box for bouquets.
You don't have to only use cut flowers. 
Bring in those potted plants and set them on the dining table
 or coffee table  or the mantel  for a pretty display. 

And instead of a glass vase-
 use an old farm bucket and simply place your potted beauties inside it.

Just remember to keep them watered- and to set them outside every couple of days for a bit of sunshine. Best part- plants like hydrangeas will stay bloomed and pretty for weeks- and no dipping in alum or worrying about them wilting once they are cut. 

no one will know they aren't fresh cut blooms unless you tell them.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. Beautiful hydrangeas are always perfect, love the colors!

  2. Fabulous tip, as always. Great secret :)

  3. Have you ever "water" dried hydrangeas? Fill a vase about 1/2 full, put in hydrangeas, leave them be for about 4 weeks and they will be perfectly dried! Beautiful!! I love your tip! Hydrangeas are my very favorite!! Just planted a climbing hydrangea! Beverly

  4. I so miss my hydrangea bush from the yard in our former house. I planted it myself when it looked like it was about to die at the garden shop. I told it "Grow or else!" Hahah. Well grow it did. The blooms were as large as a basketball and were so beautiful. However without adding something to the soil, they only bloomed in a creamy white...which was perfect with me :-)

    LOVE the hydrangeas in a bucket. Very chic, very French :-)

  5. Beautiful colors. Love the zinc bucket.

  6. Love your zinc bucket and those little beauties, thanks for the tips