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Weekend view - New Romance Edition

The weekend view...

A bit of this and a sprinkle of that and 
sometimes some behind the scenes sneaks of what I am working on.
And this week it is all about blooms and beauty
and magazines and
sharing news about a new romance.

Romantic style.

What does it mean to you?
I was asked this question and you know, it isn't the easiest to sum up style sometimes
and we have talked about finding your style here on my blog before.
For me, romantic style is a style full of  memories. 
 It is family portraits. And trinkets from travels. And antiques that have a story to tell. 
And it is flowers (of course) and adding them to every room because it makes you happy. 
Romantic style is really one that is made up of things that tell your story
and that make home 'Home' for you.

A New Romance 

I have been keeping a bit of a secret about a new romance.
But I promise...
that romance... it isn't what you might think. 

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know that I wear many hats working freelance.
And one of the best parts of my job as a blogger is that I have been fortunate to have many opportunities to do so many different things I never imagined doing
and get outside my comfort zone and try something new.

In the spring,
I was asked to join an amazing team of folks 
who eat, sleep and breathe a romantic style every day and share that beauty 
with the world.
Sounds amazing, right?
It is such an honor for them to think of me...
and I am excited to share that I was asked to come on board as the 
new Editor of Romantic Homes Magazine. 

And  over the past couple of months
I have been working closely with the most amazing girls on the editorial team at Romantic Homes.
Together, we have been hard at work designing and reinventing a new look- 
and those girls deserve a big shout out for making magic we dream up
 happen in those pages.

My role as their new editor is similar to a brand leader.
It is curating and bringing a fresh look and more of todays romantic style
 to the romantic style you know and love.
Because, styles evolve and change over the years
just like wardrobes-
and while you keep some of your favorites from 30 years ago-
you bring in some of the fresh new styles as well.
And today's romantic style is a
 a refined elegant style that is welcoming and inviting and full of fresh beauty all around
and that makes you want to sit down and stay awhile.

A few months back when I first started working with them, I asked the question 
' What is Romantic Style' to each of you on my instagram and facebook page. 
And the conversation was huge. 
And so...
More romance.
More sophistication.
More beautiful elegant, charming homes and inviting you to step inside and learn about the people and stories behind them.
More decorating tips
inspired outdoor living,
 and how about some of the most amazing romantic spots to book your next getaway?
And so much more.
We even have a few familiar faces as regular contributors like KariAnne (Thistlewood Farms)
This has been such a fun project to work on the past few months and it is exciting to see the new look come together.


And we aren't done yet... we have just gotten started.
There is so much beauty and romance to come...
so if you aren't already a subscriber- 

so you don't miss a thing.  

Of course you will get sneak peeks of new issues coming your way here on French Country Cottage
and stay tuned for some pretty amazing giveaways with the magazine on
 IG and FB next week that you won't want to miss! 

On another note- 
I know that so many of my friends are in the path of the hurricane this weekend and going into next week and I know many of you don't have power and have some flooding already
please stay safe!!! 


  1. Oh how exciting! One of my fav magazines and I was thrilled to have a feature in the September 2016 issue. I will be even more excited to read it now and know you will do great things there! Congrats!!

  2. Love the magazine and your blog. Can't wait to see where you take it. I save every copy. Good luck. This is a perfect match!

  3. Oh, Courtney! Congratulations on becoming editor of Romantic Homes!!! Well deserved! 💕

    We all wish you much success in this next endeavor,
    Barb 😊💕

  4. Congratulations! Romantic Homes is my favorite magazine. I've been a subscriber for years. It's so inspiring just like your blog. Romantic Homes and Courtney from French Country Cottage ~ this will be amazing!

  5. Congrats !! on your new adventure!!!! Im so happy for you.


  6. Congratulations Courtney. Your personal style will make the perfect fit as Editor for Romantic Magazine. I look forward to reading and seeing how you evolve the magazine.

  7. What an achievement Courtney.. Congratulations xx

  8. Congratulations, Courtney, on this new adventure! Best wishes!

  9. Congratulations I have loved Romantic Homes for years. I am so happy for you. You are perfect for this Courtney. WOW

  10. Such a perfect match! Can't wait to see "your" first issue!

  11. delighted for you!!

  12. Congrats my sweet friend! How exciting things have been for you. I felt bad thinking I had missed your announcement. Glad that I saw your post today! So happy for you and thank you for your prayers! Hoping things will start to die down after Sunday.

  13. This will be a new magazine for me and I can't wait for it to arrive. You will be awesome as its editor.

  14. Oh nice congratulations I have the email from them las week were they said sonthig new I was going to receiving
    And 2 day after this Email I receiving another one we you in the email so happy for you I love your home end all your picture you are one of my favorite blogger you always wen any one live comment you reply back with a nice commen so nice of you I wish you the best .

  15. Congratulations ... so very well deserved!!

  16. Congratulations Courtney!! As a long time advertiser in rh, I look forward to seeing the fresh, beautiful,new perspective you'll bring to this much loved magazine. All the best to you!

  17. Congratulations!!

  18. I'm a long time subscriber and looking forward to the breath of fresh air I'm sure you'll bring. Congratulations!

  19. Congratulations Courtney! I'm not familiar with the magazine, but will definitely check it out now.

  20. Courtney, this is amazing news and I am so happy for you!

  21. So well deserved and a perfect match! Congratulations Courtney! Please let us know when "your" first edition comes out so I can grab a copy:)

    1. Thank you! Actually, the September issue was the first full issue I worked on- and that is out now. And October will be out on September 5th. :)

  22. Congratulations! I do receive this magazine and enjoy it. I thought the latest issue looked a bit different.

  23. Hi Courtney could you tell me where you got the needlepoint pillow on your bed thanks Ronda

  24. Congratulations! What a great fit for your talents !

  25. Congratulations, so excited for you!

  26. Wow, Courtney, that is awesome news for you!! Congratulations! I'm very excited to see what you do and a new direction for RH will be amazing!

  27. Congratulations! With you at the helm I'm sure the magazine will be stellar. I've always loved the romantic style but at times it showed to much frou-frou!! I think you know what I mean. Your style has always been perfect!! I am signing up!!

  28. So glad you are the new editor! My mother has subscribed for years(then passes the magazine to me) but we were becoming very disappointed with the quality and style of homes featured. We will have to give it another chance!

  29. wow courtey! that's amazing news & so well deserved. it's a perfect match. i've been debating about getting a subscription for awhile now & you just made up my mind. can't wait to see your special touches. xo- maryjo

  30. Hi Courtney, I was really worried when I saw that the magazine was going through some changes and thought to myself "Please don't turn this magazine into a fad magazine". So when I heard about you coming in I was sooooo relieved. I just love Romantic Homes! I wish it came out weekly! lol I know that it is in safe hands. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to seeing the first issue.
    xoxo Jo

  31. Congratulations!! In my eyes you are the "BEST" I enjoy reading all your E-mails
    as much as I enjoyed working . I am so happy to have met you threw the internet.
    Had to retire due to medical reasons. I am so happy for you. Can't wait to see the magazine.

  32. Congratulations, Courtney! How exciting for you! I will be sure to pick up the September issue. Kind regards, Cynthia

  33. KariAnne made a quick mention about this. When I went to the store today I looked for this issue - It's not out yet! I am so very happy for you and for KariAnne - LOVE that you two will have your very creative hands behind what I know will be awesome issues to come! Doing a happy dance for you!



  34. Wow!! How exciting! Congratulations on this wonderful opportunity to shine!! I will have to look for it on the news stands because it sounds like something I would love. Best Wishes on your new endeavor!

  35. I am so happy for you. I just happened across the magazine in a store and saw your name and I had to come by and read about it. I know you will be great at your new job. Alaina

  36. I am so happy for you Courtney and I know you are going to do a fabulous job with an already great magazine. I'm thrilled for KariAnne as well. You are both so deserving of this opportunity. I went out and bought the most recent magazine. Now I simply must become a subscriber.
    Blessings on your new venture,

  37. Hi Jennifer!
    I am so happy for you and can't imagine the thrill you must feel at becoming "the editor in chief" of Romantic Homes! Looking forward to seeing the new duo! Sincerely, Trenda