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Friday Favorites~ Hardwood Kitchen floor

When we bought this house- 
we started where we needed to with renovations. 

We patched open ceilings, insulated the house and replaced broken windows.
And projects like floors and walls just got a refresh rather than a repair or re-do.
And a few years down the road, we tackled those stained, damaged hardwoods in the house- 
and refinished them. 
And in the kitchen and hallway areas where there was old linoleum that we did not want to disturb-
we went over those with a thin layer of engineered floor.

And to be honest, I think that engineered floor may have been one of the first engineered floors on the market- and one of the worst. 
It showed every dent, ding and more from walking on it with heels
and the color turned more 'cherry' than we liked- 
probably from the abundance of sunshine streaming in the windows.

But it was pretty even so until it got to the point of not being so pretty any more
and we knew we needed to replace.
Basically, the flooring issues have been ongoing in this house.
So when we had the opportunity to give them a bit of a refresh- we were excited to delve into flooring and figure out what would work best for our home and lifestyle.

First issue: Dark or light?
My preference has always been dark floors. 
I know. I know. They show more dust and dirt and smudges. 
I love them even so and in the many options for hardwood- I focused on darker or more antique looking floors.
And- I found a couple that were dark, smoked and antique in look
 and that had a beautiful pronounced grain
which I love.

This floor is called Castlegate hardwood by Shaw Floors. 
We really couldn't do a full thickness of solid hardwood over the layers that were already on the floor and not have a legitimate 'step' up from one room to the next-
so we went with an engineered after learning more about the engineered floors of today.
This one has a solid layer of wood on top that is thick enough to be able to do a light refinish twice- 
which is pretty awesome. 

I am loving the contrast of the dark floor (with no red tone showing up) 
with the crisp white cupboards and walls- 
That play of light and dark just makes my heart sing.

I also love the antique feeling finish this floor has- and so far with a more matte old world vintage style finish- it has been much easier to keep clean even for a dark floor.

2nd issue: Polished or Matte
I love polished shiny floors- but we are surrounded by acres and acres of dirt, dust and country roads.
And you know- the polished floors did not last or look good after a couple weeks.
These are a lower gloss finish than I would like- but you know what?
A simple sweep or wipe with the mop and they look amazing.
No streaks or cloudy look that makes you want to buff them daily.
I have to admit- I am loving that right now.
Will I love it in a year? I don't know.
But it is saving me a whole lot of floor polishing work
that has basically been ongoing.

But we aren't totally done yet... 
here is a quick in the mix of renovations and wood piles
snap of something looking a little reclaimed
 and French vintage in style.
I am loving it... but not 100% sure just yet.

I am excited to get the floor notched off the list of to-do's that is always seeming to be stacking up. 
Lowe's is having some pretty amazing sales on flooring currently-
 so if that project is on your list- pop on over and see what speaks to you. 

Up next- another look at the other side of the kitchen... once those cupboards
and details finally get wrapped up.

Happy Friday everyone

I collaborated with Lowe's to share our new floor with you
but all opinions are my own.


  1. It looks fantastic. I had to look up what engineered floors are. You've taught me something new.

  2. We ARE in the market for some new floors...Might have to check out Lowes this weekend. Thanks for the tip! (3 dogs, light carpet from former owners = getting rid of it soon replacing with hard surface flooring! ;-)

  3. I know you're going to love those floors. I have the 7 inch wide engineered flooring in a deep mocha color and I never tire of them. They do show the dust and shoe prints more, but the floor is so easy to vacuum and wipe with a swifter. Piece of cake to take care of.

  4. Your floors are beautiful, and I wouldn't have pegged them as engineered, either. I need to check out Lowes if they're having a flooring sale because we need new carpet upstairs!

  5. I had dark flooring in my last home...yes, they were a bit more maintenance as they showed every spec of dust....however, I got really good with the swiffer...worth the time as they are stunning floors....did not install the darker flooring in this house and I do regret that...Your floors are beautiful~

  6. Hi - can you please tell me how you got the patina on your kitchen island? Thank you.