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Late summer in the cottage & favorite easy veggie dinner

Ahh September.
Warm days, cool nights and loads of pumpkin spice latte and muffins appearing.
Growing up, I always remember that September was a hot month. 
Here in California- it doesn't always feel like fall until around October.
And so... for me, summer kind of continues to be my state of mind for a bit.

But... indeed the calendar does say September 5th today.
Which means... pumpkins, wheat sheafs 
and much more are starting to pop up everywhere
and I better get with the program.

Aside from the 2 Christmas trees I already have twinkling away
I have barely started adding a sprinkling of holiday and fall decor.
But out in the cottage- I did bring out a few bits of fall
to mix with late summer pretties for todays 1st post of the season with 
my favorite Farmhouse Bloggers group. 
This season our group is all ABOUT the seasons-
and so- a new series called Seasons Of Home is starting up!

Today- a quick look at the little cottage kitchen- and a recipe.

A bunch of larkspur speaks both summer and early fall to me.
Any time I see a bouquet of wildflowers in a room- it makes me think of September.
It seems they are in abundance this time of year- and this larkspur didn't disappoint.

My grandfathers stool 
and shelves dotted in blue, green, teal bottles.
A simple styling in the cottage that is easy to transition to fall with just a few additions.

Like acorns on a bowl
and little baby boo's when they arrive.

On the wall near the kitchen- it is all about simple.
Old wicker trays and a market basket full of dried florals.

And back over on the counter... a simple and easy dinner in the making.

A couple of weeks ago, I shared my go-to
make it almost every night
because I am OBSESSED with these veggies dinner
on FB and had so many requests for the recipe.
It seriously isn't even really a recipe- it is just sauteed veggies haha
but I am sharing it today for those who asked.

This is the easiest most simple most delicious veggie dinner.
And healthy on top of it. 
Here is what I use:

Brussel Sprouts
Garlic (like the whole head) 
Red Onion
Olive oil
 vegan sausage as an option.

Start out by washing and then slicing all your veggies 

A tip- either half or quarter the brussel sprouts for faster cooking
and because it is less of a huge bite. 
Since these are sauteed instead of steamed- they are going to be much firmer and more delicious in my opinion- so I tend to half small ones and third or quarter larger ones.

Then cook your garlic and onions in olive oil and then add the brussels.
After they cook for about 5 minutes- add the mushrooms and asparagus
and cook until your veggies are al dente (I know it is a pasta word)
basically, I like them to be slightly browned and slightly cooked rather than crazy cooked.
While cooking, season with generous amounts of fresh ground black pepper
and a sprinkle of sea salt if you wish.

And then... get ready to garnish and enjoy.
I sprinkle a liberal amount of Turmeric on the veggies
 and then top with avocado.
I am a big avocado fan- it is another thing that I could enjoy
Kind of like coffee. lol.

Side note: 
Turmeric is optional as well- it is very good for you so I use it
but it does add flavor that you may prefer to leave off.

And we are vegetarians so this is a vegetarian recipe but if you decide to add a meat
 or a vegan meat such as this one- 
my favorite is Field Roast Vegan Italian Sausage.
I honestly almost always just eat the veggies without the added protein
But it is delicious. 

And aside from being super simple to make- this dinner  packs a punch of nutrients
 and good for you to fill up on foods.

I am excited to be joining my Farmhouse blogger friends who are also sharing some fall stylings in the kitchen- and a delicious recipe.
Click on over to visit each of them:

and our featured guest, Michael from Inspired by Charm

Happy Tuesday everyone!!


  1. That looks amazing and delicious!! Our fall starts in August sometimes, but I do love a warm October! Happy Fall!

    1. I am so not ready. But I am ready for the record breaking heat to quiet down a bit lol.

  2. Always so stunning, friend. And that meal of veggies sounds delightful. I need to give it a try.

    xo Michael

  3. That looks yummy. I think of brussels sprouts as being a winter vegetable and asparagus as being for spring (we get it only in March-April, sometimes early May), but if you can, that must be a great combo.
    Today I am slow-cooking green beans with a TON of garlic and onion and basil--quite different from sautéeing, but also satisfying, in a different way. (And I can smell them cooking as I type....which makes my stomach growl.) There was an excellent article in the New York Times about it recently. When I make ratatouille niçoise, which for many people means long, slow cooking, I prefer to sauté the vegetables separately, then mix them. The lesson: there are many ways to enjoy the wonders of vegetables, even in the same basic recipe!

  4. Instead of an apple a day, we do an avocado a day! I love your veggie recipes as they always looks amazing and always looking for great recipes for my veggie loving hubby!

  5. A pkg of shaved Brussels Sprouts would be a little time saver

  6. That larkspur is incredible, and those brussel sprouts look delicious. Thanks for sharing, friend!

  7. Congratulations, Courtney! I just picked up the October 2017 Romantic Homes Magazine and recognized the picture on the cover and then right there on the front cover it read "Meet Your New Editor, Courtney Allison. Wow. Well deserved.

  8. I find your simple suggestions for decor quite charming and inspirational. Sometimes, I can get overwhelmed by seasonal changes, but your post was a refreshing reminder to take pleasure in some simple pieces that are very charming. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Please share more veggie recipes ! There are a lot of us vegetarians!

  10. Al dente is not necessarily a pasta word. In Italian, it literally means "to the tooth". It therefore can be used to describe anything that is cooked to a degree that is not 'mushy' (i.e overcooked).

    I love veggies too and will definitely consider this wonderful recipe. But as a meat lover I'd just add in some low-fat beef sausage and then probably top the whole thing with some feta cheese, another favorite of mine.

  11. Your recipe looks delicious! Thanks for sharing it with us. Your house looks beautiful with all of the pretty touches you have added.

  12. Love your recipe-- so healthy and hearty! And I'm in love with your range-- how lucky are you!?!

  13. Pretty, always...did you say you have your Christmas trees up? Do you have them up year round? Differing ornaments? Love lit trees..