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A new love~ my French Lacanche range

Do you think it is possible to fall in love in an instant?

To be swept off your feet
heart pounding 
and palms sweating in love...
You had me at Hello?
I am here to tell you...
 it is possible.
I have fallen in love with a French range.

A range is just a range, right?
Something to cook on 
and bake in 
and that takes up about 5 square feet of space in your kitchen.

But some ranges are different.
Some ranges have personality. And charm. 
And just the fact that they are a joy to cook on makes you a gourmet chef.
Okay... me a gourmet chef might be pushing it...
but... a better more inspired chef? 
And this Lacanche...ohhh it has all of that and then some.
And it cooks and bakes like a DREAM.
Which makes me feel like I am whipping up French pastries and delicious pastas
and much more like a television pro.

So where did she come from- this beautiful french bebe?
 A little bit about the back story...

You see, we bought a gorgeous stainless range a few years ago after the very basic bought it the day we moved in range was replaced.
We asked the associate about this particular very popular brand
and she said gas ranges don't have a lot of electronic controls
 so they are pretty basic and not prone to issues- so it is a great range.
So we brought it home. 

6 months later... the first issue with the electrical control panel. 
It was replaced-  under warranty so no cost.

Another year later- another control panel issue. 
This time- out of pocket to replace the SAME PIECE-  
the warranty on that piece expired.

Another year or so- the electronic control panel was on the fritz again. 
 Another out of pocket expense to replace the motherboard for the 3rd time 
 on the oven on a range that was less than 3 years old.

On a daily basis...
the motherboard beeped randomly-
In the middle of the night. 
When we were using the burners.
Or when we were not anywhere near the range.
And then one day... it was out again and the oven wouldn't work- 
because the motherboard is what runs it.
So, there would be no Thanksgiving baking or Christmas cookies- it was all stove top.
When you shell out money to replace a part on a brand new range several times
and it still doesn't work- you get a little cranky and disgusted.
I was done.
My husband was done.
We were not going to replace that same part AGAIN- we were cutting our losses.
So we didn't order a replacement part again and just stopped using the oven. 
We bought a countertop convection oven
and we used that for the past year.  lol.
Christmas cookies, lasagne, you name it.

And so while we pondered what brand to upgrade to after feeling a bit let down by that 'fabulous brand' and recommendation...
I brought up my dream range to my husband ever so. quietly...
That one that I drooled over on Instagram daily.
That spoke SO loudly to me with a design that wasn't over the top
but that was so very elegant 
and refined
and was something that was noticed instantly in a kitchen-
 but without shouting for you to see it.
Just like an elegant classy French lady. 

It was a gorgeous Lacanche range with enamel finish and brass knobs.
I was sold on the beauty-
my husband was sold on the no electrical motherboard.

It just so happened that during winter, I was in NYC 
for a business trip
and I stayed an extra couple of days because- hello- NYC
it is my country loving girl alter ego - I go every.chance. I get.
And while there, 
I met with the fabulous Elisa in the Lacanche showroom
and fell in love
with both Elisa (she is the absolute sweetest and we connected instantly)
 and also with the fabulous Lacanche ranges.

I left the showroom that day super inspired and dreaming up our kitchen renovations
 and with samples of enamel finishes in hand-  and I couldn't wait to share with my husband. 
And with the blues, whites, creams, grays and greens... there was one that stood out
 that right away, I was in love with... 
a perfectly perfect color for me. I was ready to order.
But Elisa told me to bring the samples home- see how the color looks in my lighting 
because Lacanche enamel is a game changer and looks different in different places.
So I waited.

And the waiting made me question...
Part of me thought go neutral.
It will work with anything.
But the other part of me thought- go bold.
Make it the focal point- give it that spot to shine.
Well, you know going bold for me- is something other than 'white' haha.
So it wasn't like I was considering a vermillion or bright blue
 or even too much of any color.
But let's be honest... there is not ONE COLOR that would not look incredible.
So you really can't go wrong no matter what direction
 or color you choose.

But the one that made my heart sing and spoke beautiful French to me?
It is quite blue gray in our home- though online it looks very green.
It has a hint of pale gray green at times and looks pristine white in the morning sun.
But overwhelmingly, 
I would describe it as a 'duck egg blue/gray/green' 

It is Vert Silice.

This photo shows Vert Silice on the left
and Faience on the right.
(quick iphone pic for my mom) 

You can see the more gray/green next to the blue/purple of the Faience.

My family and friends will tell you- the color struggle was real. 
And I drove them absolutely nuts.
And there was not even ONE photo or example of this color range out there yet-
 it was that new of a color.

So... I wavered and thought I can't make a big purchase on something speaking 
 ooh la la to me without seeing an example. 
That is like getting married without ever meeting.
And after chatting with a couple kitchen designer friends at High Point and mentioned the range
and how I was thinking of going with a neutral...
 and they both 
said choose that color and
don't play it safe.

They encouraged me to go with my true love.

That complex color that on that little 4"x 4" enamel chip-
that  kept speaking and whispering French nothings & I am the one in my ear
Every time I saw it.
I had butterflies for this color...
I kept going back to it. 
It made my heart sing.
And I couldn't leave it behind.

And so, I messaged Elisa and said
 THIS is the one. 

And then- my Lacanche Cluny in Vert Silice and I were 
basically married for 6 months before meeting.
You see...
A Lacanche range is not sitting in a showroom waiting to be loaded onto a car.
They hand build each one after you order it- 
and it takes from 4-6 months for it to arrive.

It is custom made
 from the oven configuration to the burner configuration to the color.
I ordered the Cluny for this house.
To be honest, the Sully is an even bigger dream range
and I really wanted to go with that one...(thinking... maybe the next house in a couple years) ;)
but for our cottage kitchen which isn't huge-
 the 40" Cluny was a perfect fit. 

The other draw for the Cluny is the symmetry.
I am a symmetry girl
it makes me happy to see a pair of ovens exactly the same next to each other
and those perfectly centered and spaced knobs.

Call me crazy. 

My range arrived all the way from France last week
 after months and months of waiting for her.

She came right in the house and went right into the spot we had made for her.
She is a dream to cook on- and yes, I baked in a legit not on the counter oven last week
 for the first time in about a year.

And though we have plywood counters waiting for marble on either side of this gorgeous girl,
 no range hood in place yet
and are not ready for a kitchen reveal-
I had to share a peek of my new french bebe with you.
And yes, I will be giving her a proper photo shoot very soon. is love.

Happy Labor Day Monday everyone.


  1. Oh my word, it is stunning. Can't wait to see more.

  2. Gorgeous and elegant, perfect for your kitchen:). I was drawn into your story about the range and the color choices. A touch of color is the right choice in your dreamy french cottage and I am looking forward to your kitchen update.
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Thank you Kathleen! I was so worried about saying YES to the color- but I am so glad that I did. I do love how it turned out. :)

  3. It's a dream!! the most beautiful range ever. Looking forward to seeing your kitchen reveal.

    1. Thanks Karen! It feels like the project that never seems to end haha.

  4. I've always wanted one too, Courtney. It's the perfect choice for your home! I would be lighting that other one up on fire (although it probably wouldn't even light - maybe dropping it from a high place?? lol) So gorgeous!
    Hugs, Jamie

    1. Yes. That is a very good plan for that old range. But you are probably right... it probably wouldn't even light up lol. Thanks so much Jamie!! xo

  5. I don't know if I breathed at all while reading this. I know I'll dream about this range. You've opened up a new love for me!
    Simply beautiful, Courtney!


    1. Haha! that is exactly how I felt while we were un-crating it. Thanks so much Kathy!

  6. I am jealous beyond words. A Lacanche is so out of my budget. Enjoy it to the fullest!

  7. Courtney, it is great to read this post because my husband has been considering a kitchen redo and buying a Lacanche. Our kitchen is a small galley space. Will have to see what might work. Enjoy this beauty. Great choice!

    1. Oh Sarah!! You will absolutely love it if you decide to get one!! They have so many sizes and styles available and I have so been enjoying cooking on it - and just walking by and gazing at it. haha. Keep me posted if you decide to get one!

  8. Oh, I am vert silice with envy!!! I have ALWAYS wanted a La Cornue stove for my kitchen...and it isn't going to happen in this lifetime!!! I did get to cook on one for a whole week while in Provence once (and also on Julia Child's old one from her Paris apartment)....but that's it for this girl. I'm drooling over your gorgeous new range. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy

    1. Haha!! :) Oh cooking on Julia Childs old range in Provence? What a dream!! Thank you!

  9. Ooh la la! That is gorgeous and makes my heart go pitter patter! I'm so happy for you!

  10. Oh that is the most smashing range I have ever seen!!! I am so happy for you to have such a beautiful piece of workmanship in your kitchen!!

    1. Thank you! It truly is a thing of beauty and workmanship! I am just slightly smitten ;)

  11. Absolutely stunning! I think this will be on my list the next time I remodel a kitchen or need a new range.

    1. Thank you Deb! You will absolutely love it if you decide to get one!

  12. Looks like the same one from Dreamy Whites Lifestyle. 🤔

    1. It is actually super light in color compared to her gorgeous range. She has the Delft Blue - which is incredible- I saw it in person in the showroom. This one is a very pale barely blue gray green.

  13. I knew I saw that beautiful bebe in your last post. Love it!

    1. Yes- you spotted it for sure! :) I hope all is well over your way!! xo

  14. This is perfect! Absolutely my dream. You lucky girl ;) If only it was in the budget for my own kitchen renovation...le sigh, maybe next time around!

  15. I so love Love your new stove/oven.. It is so pretty!!! Its my dream!!! How do you like cooking with it? Looking forward to seen the kitchen as a whole.

  16. Congratulations Courtney! I have the Sully in Delft Blue. It just arrived a few weeks ago and is being stored at Lacanche in Seattle. My kitchen isn't far enough along for delivery yet. I can't wait to get it home. You mentioned being a symmetry king of person and yep that's me too:)

  17. I cook on a 1947 Roper range, in basic white enamel. I love it because there is nothing electric on it except the analog clock/timer. And also because it isn't ordinary. Your beautiful Lacanche is possibly the only thing in the world that could ever make me give it up.

  18. Swooning over that gorgeous range! And the color is absolutely perfect!

  19. Even for those of us who aren't that happy to be in the kitchen (except to eat...hahah!) I must say, this stove is manifique! Oooh la la, quel bel ajout à votre cuisine!

    What a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

  20. She is so beautiful. Love the color. I think it's very nice you picked a color especially for you and your home, an original.

  21. This is incredibly beautiful 🌟 If I were so lucky to have one some day I think this color is the perfect choice! Enjoy your new range!!

  22. i too had the same motherboard failure, over and over again on a new range, then i gave up and banished it from my life. happy for you and your new love, in one word... sublime. makes a girl want 2 kitchens:)

  23. Oh, what a beaut, Courtney! So happy for you that you finally have a lovely working stove and oven!!! ⭐️ We lived for 7 months without an oven, though our broiler still worked. So, that year after Hubby received one of his coaching checks we went and bought a new range. Loved it! All enamel blue on the inside. Not fromFtance but it cooked evenly and well. Hated leaving it at the last house, but there will be another. 💕

    Enjoy cooking on your new bébé,
    Barb 😊

  24. Ps You'll have to give her a pretty name... Something like Evette or Babette. Lol! 💕

  25. This stove is the kind of stove that would make anyone want to cook and bake all day long just to be near it and talk to it and tell her how beautiful she is!!!!....So when I sell this house and plan my new one, I need to make certain that I order it in plenty of time for the new move...right???!!!!....One can dream!!!...Well maybe that other stove breaking down all the time was just meant to be as look at what you have now!!! Magnifique!!!! excited for you! ... and must say that crazy is good! ... and I love the way you give us those "sneakie peekies" I thought I saw something new and different before!

  26. Congratulations Courtney! It is beautiful and perfect color...I'm jealous....enjoy!

  27. Courtney, Congratulations. I just picked up the October 2017 Romantic Homes issue. "Meet Your New Editor, Courtney Allison. Beautiful cover and one of my favorite magazines.

  28. *Gulp*

    I am so sick with envy I could cry.

    She is beautiful. You must name her.

    Well done - wow - just so freaking WOW!

  29. Oh Courtney! I'm envious yet so happy for you. I lusted after a La Canche range for years. I visited one in a host's home, I visited the small "showroom" in LA, I had samples that I looked at daily in every type of lighting, It was going to be a huge chunk of my minor kitchen remodel budget, but I was head over heels and was about to order it. But my husband reminded me I would lose quite a bit of storage and counter space in my not that big kitchen. Then, our septic died and had to be redone and that was the death knell for my La Canche dream. I thought I had gotten over this lost love and then I saw your beauty and my heart leapt. Bittersweet. I hope you have many happy years together. Sniff, sniff. 😍

  30. It is absolutely beautiful!!! You also picked such an elegant color, I love it. Gorgeous!

  31. Wow. It's gorgeous. I can't wait to see more.

  32. hi! i came across this delightful page while search lacanche ranges. your pictures are absolutely gorgeous as is your new kitchen/range. I am currently debating between the Sully and Cluny . the Cluny is actually my first choice, but im worried about the oven size.... (this seems to be all over the internet) - can you fit a turkey inside the Cluny ovens? also , do you have any information on your backsplash that you could pass along? many thanks!