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Simple autumn in the cottage dining room

Out in the little cottage 
I have what you might call a little place to play.

The cottage is a bit more rustic than in the house
and whole lot more cottage
 than French cottage.

But with painted floors and open beams and little nooks and crannies
it is a charmer.
 And though it doesn't get much seasonal decor unless it is for a special occasion
it does get just a bit of a sprinkle of autumn
 and holiday.


And today- since half the cottage is being painted currently- 
we are taking a very.tiny. peek at the  dining room.
Which is really more of a dining area in the main part of the cottage
where the kitchen, living room, dining and bathroom are.

So- the cottage dining room is more like a little spot in the corner.
It has a crusty old chippy table with chairs
and that big old antique cupboard that I brought home a few years ago.

So I mostly focused on adding just a couple seasonal touches
A centerpiece on the table that is the simplest ever
and a few bits in the china cabinet.

Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with simple?
And fresh plants like cabbage and kale for autumn?
I am.
And when I picked up these pumpkins
I walked right past a couple of these beauties
and they went right into the cart.
I was originally thinking front porch- and they will likely make their way out there 
before too long
but I am loving one of them in this urn as a natural centerpiece.
Keep it simple- always a good motto.

For a touch of autumn color without orange-
I added a blue tartan throw to the stool.

I am obsessed with how just one thing can be the perfect amount of charming.

And if you saw my post yesterday- you saw the delicious pumpkin butter brie en croute recipe
and a peek at the dining room. See more HERE 

In the cupboard- just a few baby boos & chunky boos
and natural wreaths are perfect for adding a sprinkle of seasonal touches.

And by the drawers a few pots stacked up with wheat tucked inside
 finishes the look.

All in all- simple rustic and cottage out in the guest cottage.
A much different feeling than I tend to have in the house where it is a bit more romantic.

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And come back by on Thursday morning for the first look at autumn appearing inside our home.

Happy Tuesday everyone! 


  1. Good morning! Your guest cottage is like a fairytale cottage, charming and cozy. And your photography skills are very professional, gorgeous! The kitchen cupboard was in the house and I think too, that it fits well in the guest cottage. I love the way you style your homes, beautiful:).
    Kathleen in Az

  2. The little rustic cottage is so cute! I love the stacked pots and white pumpkins.

  3. I feel dumb I never knew you had a separate cottage... it is so darling! I love it's rustic charm! Brilliant idea to put kale inside an urn for a centerpiece!

  4. After seeing the recipe for pumpkin butter I made a batch, I had every thing on hand that the recipe called for , This was so good and I can share with friends,

  5. Just gorgeous, as always! You are such an inspiration- thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the pumpkins and the cabbage with that chippy table! So pretty!

  7. Oh the table and arrangements are amazing!!!!!! I just love all that chippiness. Have an amazing day!
    xoxo Jo

  8. Simply beautiful!!! I have been into using pretty natural elements lately. Something that does not require future packing! Your creations are always a bright spot in anyone's day!