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Simple Elegant Autumn Mantel with Balsam Hill

When it comes to autumn decor... 
I am all about those soft and neutral colors and tones. 

Until I am ready for a bit more warm and traditional autumn look.

Sometimes it just happens.

Those baby boo pumpkins and pretty pastels for autumn are all over the house
and then... 
out of the blue... 
a pop of bittersweet orange and rose hips 
whisper sweet nothings to me.
And says...
'Autumn' like a crisp fall breeze blowing through the room.

And that breeze brought along something I used a few months back and rediscovered.
 A now perfectly weathered and aged fresh leaf garland
from a summer styling that had long dried up
and turned the most amazing shades of

And those candles....can we talk about those for a second? 
That beautiful warm glow cast from those flickering candles
welcomes you to sit down and enjoy a warm autumn view.

And all together... 
a fall mantel starts to appear.

My best tip for autumn decor- or any decor really is to decorate with what you love
and to mix fresh and faux for a long lasting beautiful decoration.

I am excited to be joining my Balsam Hill family for the Splendor of Autumn tour and sharing a few of my favorite pieces for autumn this year.

Because I like to keep it simple-
I used just 3 things to get the look on the mantel.
candles, wreath, garland

The Candles

These are the Miracle Flame Candles-
complete with same 'realistic flicker' just like Disneyland uses in their decor.
They are wax... but they are faux. And they are AMAZING. 
And even better- on remote control. 
On, Off, More light, Less light, Faster, Slower- you name it.
And you can even set them on a timer.
 And when I have about 2 dozen of these beauties flickering away
and I am visiting guests or watching a movie- 
no worries about those candles starting a fire.

The Garland

 As I mentioned- an old fresh garland that was dried from summer. 
But if you want to get the look- the Country Fields Foliage has a lot of natural elements mixed with those warm autumn colors

Or the Magnolia Garland would be perfect as well.

The Wreath

That autumn wreath was here for a quick photo...

and then it moved.

Out to the greenhouse where it is absolutely autumn perfection.
I will be sharing a closer look at the greenhouse decked for autumn 
in another post.

If you want to shop the look and create your own beautiful autumn mantel
You can find the products I used here:

 I am also exited to be joining these amazing girls who are also sharing their 

Balsam Hill is also having a fun pinterest contest 
Pin your favorite Balsam Hill fall greenery and decor for the chance to win charming fall decor from our latest collection! 
Details HERE:  Pinterest Contest 
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So do tell...
What do you think of this warmer more traditional side of autumn decor?
Happy Monday everyone!

I am Balsam Hill's Blogger Ambassador but all designs and crazy love of their candles and autumn products are my own.


  1. I really like the leaf garland because it's very full, and the colors are pretty, too.

  2. Hi Courtney, I click on The Sunset Meadow Wreath link you provided, it takes me to Balsam Hill, however, when I click on the "add it to cart" button, it won't actually add it to the cart. Just wanted you to know so it could be fixed. Thanks for all you ideas and inspirations. I love the warmer colors you've added for fall.

    1. Oh you know what it might be? I had the same issue last night when creating a cart and couldn't figure it out for the longerst time... when you go to 'add' the item to your cart- you need to check the box next to it as well and then click 'Add to cart' . Let me know if that helps!! If not- I will definitely let them know and so appreciate you telling me! :)

    2. Hi Courtney, The little add button worked. So sorry I didn't notice it when on their site earlier. Thanks for helping me out.

  3. Your mantle is so lovely. I can only imagine sitting in the room at night and just relaxing to all the candle light.

  4. If I won, I would purchase a new nativity set. Which set, though, I couldn't say right now. I like the new lighted Italian set as well as the handpainted set.

  5. I would buy a Beautiful Balsam Hill Wreath!

  6. Love the Miracle Flame Candles on the mantle with the garland..

    1. Very elegant and beautiful! If I won, I'd get the candles.

  7. The mantel with the simply elegant garland together with the beautiful, so romantic flickering candles is truly an autumnal delight. I cannot believe that the garland you created a few months ago has aged to those gorgeous colors of autumn. Just gorgeous! My heart skipped a beat when I saw the greenhouse with the wreath and the wheelbarrow of pumpkins...that image is truly a work of art!

  8. Oh my goodness the mantle😊😊😊is absolutely gorgeous!! ❤

  9. A frosted tree from Balsam Hill is on my dream list!

  10. Beautiful mantel. Balsam hill has so many things I really like not sure which to choose but probably some candles first then maybe a beautiful new wreath.

  11. This is a perfect mantle! It is the essence of Autumn. I would love to have a frosted tree if I won. I admire your trees every year.

  12. Oh that Frosted Fraser Fir is outstanding...dreamy.

  13. There are so many beautiful items! There are 2 items, I am absolutely in love with. One is the Sunset Meadow Wreath and the other is the Autumn Acorn Wreath and Topiary.

  14. I love your garland, Courtney. It is so lush with gorgeous jewel tones. Overall, it is a lovely Fall mantel. Cheers, Ardith

  15. I love your decor, If I win I would love a set of the Candles!

  16. I would buy a fall wreath. Love Balsam Hill, they have great products and customer service.

  17. I'd love to get a wreath such as the Norway Spruce Holiday Wreath.

  18. Hi Courtney, I just love it when you have places for me to shop!!! Yeah! Your mantle is so lovely and just bursting with autumnal beauty. I'm sure you can't tell by my exuberance that autumn is my favorite time of year. lol Have an amazing day and talk some time to kick some leaves!
    xoxo Jo

  19. I absolutely love how you styled your fireplace Courtney! I am completely inspired to get a few more candles to recreate this look at our home :).

  20. Your fireplace is lovely! I think I would get a wreath for my kitchen - I love the one you used on your mirror!

  21. Beautiful mantel. I love the colors. Definitely would invest in some of the candles. Probably a wreath too. They have some lovely ones.

  22. I love the soft seat of dry leaves - as if they are falling...and the lantern makes it come to life.

  23. I would buy white berry cypress topiary.

  24. I love the heirloom pumpkin and magnolia wreath!

  25. I love your Fall mantel. The dried garland is particularly gorgeous and the candles look great en mass.

  26. Your fall mantel is beautiful Courtney! I think I would have to try those lovely candles if I won :)

  27. I absolutely love your garland! It is perfect 💕 Balsam Hill is amazing and I would love some of those candles and the Wildflower Prairie Wreath!

  28. Hi! Love your blog. I tried ordering using your discount code and it didn't work until I removed the first "b" at the start.

  29. That garland is pure perfection! It couldn't be prettier if it was intentionally made that way!