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Elegant Halloween Decor with Balsam Hill

Sometimes a little spooky elegance is just what you need 
for Halloween.

Flickering candles.
Beautiful frozen foliage dotted with flowers
and maybe... a bit of drama.

It is no secret that I am not a huge Halloween decorating kind of girl.
But when I do decorate for Halloween- I tend to lean on the 'elegant' and romantic side.
If Halloween decor can be considered romantic...
Basically, it is all about the ambiance over here.
And today I am sharing the first 2 stylings I did with these amazing elements
 for Romantic Elegant Halloween
with Balsam Hill.

You see... it started with those candles.
Those Miracle Flame Candles that flicker away
and provide all the ambiance and charm
without any of the worry.

I am more than mildly obsessed with them.
They are made with a wax coating- so they look AND feel real
and have special technology that makes them flicker like the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.
And the best part?
Remote Controls baby.

You can turn them on and off
more flame, less flame, faster, slower 
you name it- all with the flick of a switch on the remote control.

They even come in taper candles.

check this quick video out from Instagram Stories...

So good, right?

Stay tuned for a special discount code at the bottom of post 
to order some of your own. 

For this post which is kicking off the Halloween Tricks or Treats with Balsam Hill
I styled 2 spaces to show you how these pieces could be easily incorporated into your home.

First up- the mantel.
Because- hello beautiful elegant spooky mantel!

I used just 3 things for each of these stylings.

I am in love with this spooky elegant garland.
It is a gorgeous frosted black garland dotted with flowers
and leaves that makes it feel like it is frozen on Halloween night.

The dahlias and magnolias and frosted branches are stunning in person.
And both the garland and wreath can be lit with batteries.

Which  means that Halloween night takes on an even more spooky elegant look.

And those lanterns completely knocked my socks off.
They are rechargeable lanterns for indoors or out
and I absolutely love the flicker they create. 
Between you and me- 
we have been using them every evening on the patio outside 
for ambiance by the fire.

I placed them on the coffee table and also on the side table in the living room
for a little bit more 'spooky elegance'

For a quick change different look- I styled a sideboard in the dining room.
I know not everyone has a mantel in their house- but a great substitute for a mantel
and all the decor that you would put there- is a sideboard.

This sideboard currently has that old chalkboard I made years ago sitting on it. 
So I switched the saying to be a bit more spooky and then got to work.
I draped the garlands over the top 
brought those candelabras over for a fun flicker
loaded the sideboard up with candles.

Serious love for the ambiance they create in this little corner. 

And over here I lit the garland instead of the wreath to show what that looks like.
 I love the warmth that the orange bulbs create.

Those flickering lanterns landed on the table for a bit of tabletop ambiance.

Not sure what my favorite thing is with these elements- they are all so charming.

stay tuned because I have another quick change styling coming your way 
that shows just how versatile these pieces can be.

And all this week- it is all Treats and Tricks
with Balsam Hill

And you won't want to miss any of the gorgeous 'spooky' stylings these ladies are sharing.




And here are links to the products I used today
AND a special code for you to save 20% off candles 


  1. Love these spooky ideas! Really gets me in the Halloween spirit!!

  2. I've never been much into Halloween either, but this elegant spooky is a great twist to the usual creepy. Love it!

  3. That Autumn Halloween Decoration is gorgeous, so classic and with a touch of glamour!:)

  4. Did you ever watch Practical Magic...your beautiful, romantic photos reminded me of the candles lined up on the mantel in the movie - very beautiful!

  5. I love how elegant and soft your Halloween decor is Courtney, and the tapers are fabulous!!

  6. Hi Courtney, Thank-You for sharing Your Elegant Halloween Ambiance. I Love it All. Laters,MJ♥

  7. I must say that the Balsam Hill flickering candles are my favorite thing to use in both every day decor and seasonal those tapers...your mantels are so very spooktacular! I can see why those lanterns knocked your socks off! Now were they of the orange and black style with the turned up toes?

  8. I adore these candles they are amazing and the perfect fix for a balmy afternoon and evening. Your vignettes are gorgeous! Have an amazing day!
    xoxo Jo

  9. Love all the Halloween Decorations!