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A charming little room dressed for Christmas

Sometimes it is fun to play with some of those little bits of childhood

Up these little stairs that are draped with fresh cedar garland and dotted with candles

you will find a bit of a storybook spot.

One where fluffy pillows and an old rug on pine floors greet you

and where my dollhouse is being ever so slowly renovated.

Where boxes waiting to be wrapped
and the sweetest stuffed bears sit under the tree. 

I went a bit of a different route in this room this year.
And brought in a fresh tree from Green Valley Christmas Tree.
Are you familiar? 
I have ordered from them before- they are a company that will ship a fresh cut tree right to your house.
Along with freshly made garlands and wreaths.

I chose a charming chunky tree that was just about 6' tall.
It is a Fraser Fir and when it arrived- we simply unboxed it and placed it in a tree stand.
And then I got to work stringing lights and decorating it with pretty vintage inspired baubles.

I also ordered several fresh cedar garlands and pine wreaths for the stairs, the front entry and the greenhouse.
You might remember my post from last week that shared a peek at the greenhouse- 
and those wreaths and garlands made an appearance there as well.

I have to say how much I am in love with this cedar garland. 
Normally, I have to at least double cedar garland to get a nice thick drape. 
But this garland arrived absolutely perfect in thickness and long lengths of cedar dropping 
which is exactly what I wanted.  I ordered 25' lengths- but they go up to 75' if you need it.
I love being able to order exactly what fresh elements I need to deck the halls 
and not have to run around and fight the crowds to get them.

It makes for a bit of extra time to relax and enjoy the beauty and magic of Christmas and the season.
Kind of like Sweet Pea snoozing next to the tree.

Do you spot her?
 She is a bit of a hidden gem in this photo.

Looks like Green Valley is closed for the season folks- sorry about that-
but I do have a special coupon code for orders above $250 at Balsam Hill- 
And you can take it off of already reduced sale prices as well.


I also used the vintage pastel ornaments from Balsam Hill
and mixed in other vintage elements to decorate it.
And these Polar Bear charmers can be found at Balsam Hill  as well. 

It is a busy busy weekend over here- and a busy week ahead.
And that work will have to wait because I am waiting on a new lens for my camera to arrive. 
I accidentally dropped my go to 50mm the other day and yikes... 
it wasn't pretty.

But this sweet little fresh tree sure is. 

I hope your week is off to a great start!

I work with Balsam Hill and Green Valley Christmas Tree Company
 but all opinions and love of Christmas are my own.


  1. I love all of the candles going up the stairs. And the greenery and stuffed toys. My dog would chew them up. (sad face) Very pretty.


  2. You have the perfect setting ( your beautiful home and property ) for the cedar garland and fairy like Christmas tree:). Sweet Pea looks very comfortable snuggled on the faux fur ottoman:).
    Very sorry about your lens too.
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Thanks so much Kathleen. The lens is definitely a bummer- but the new one should be a lot of fun to play with. :)

  3. It's lovely, Courtney! The anticipation of climbing those lit stairs is magical. I have a faux tree, but a wreath made of fresh greens and also fresh greens in vases. I love the smell of Christmas greens!

    1. Sounds wonderful Sarah!! And yes, I love climbing those wee stairs!! :)

  4. Beautiful room and tree, have you shown that room before? Lovely just Lovely

    1. Just peeks of it- and this is really just one corner. It is a favorite little spot though

  5. What a pretty spot in your home. Sweet Pea is camouflaged! So cute! I want to see your dollhouse when you're finished with its restoration!


    1. She is!! It was so funny when I was taking the photos and noticed she completely blended in haha. The dollhouse is a ton of fun to work on. I haven't gotten too much done yet-but will share soon.

  6. Just so much to love on this post, and all of your other posts Courtney. Not sure how you keep up creating these amazing posts, I love them all. The doll house is just such a charming idea and I plan to have one to share and create with my new grand daughter when she gets old enough.

  7. Oh!!! Your lens... I feel for you! Hope the new one arrives soon. Love your upstairs and Sweet Pea snuggled on her camouflage pillow! Dreaming of sugarplums or at least chasing a squirrel or two... 🐾💝

    Happy Christmas time to you and your family,
    xoxo Barb 💕😊

  8. So very pretty, but is that a tiny little dog on the rug?

  9. The link to Green Valley Christmas Tree Company indicates they are closed for the 2019 Christmas season.

  10. It looks like Green Valley Christmas Trees is closed for the season. We’re they affected by the fires?

  11. Green valley Christmas Tree Co is closed!! I was going to order garland like yours, so sad!

    1. Oh shoot. Sorry about that! I linked a few other options.