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5 tips for refreshing your laundry room

January is one of those months that is about refreshing and renewing.

Our wardrobes, ourselves and our homes and decor.
And one of the places I always like to give a little bit of a refresh and renew-
is the laundry room.
Because this space is a workhorse. 
And while it takes dirty and makes them clean- it can also look pretty.

disclosure: this post was sponsored by Maytag

It isn't hard to give your laundry room a makeover- even on a small budget. 
Which is always a good thing, right? 
And with just a few simple decor changes- you can create a charming space where there was once just a functional space for holding laundry, cleaning bits and everyday work.

Here are 5 simple, easy AND inexpensive ideas 
for refreshing your laundry space- and even better- you don't need a whole laundry room to make these changes.

#1. Pretty Storage

I have a few go to products that I always love to have on hand- 
and I will admit that I do love those items to look good too.
Especially when they are somewhere where they are on display- like an open shelving area.
I love the brown bottles along with simple white bottles - and it is easy enough to refill your favorite
bottles if you would like as well.

Another pretty storage idea- glass canisters for detergents and bits.

#2. Baskets

A charming basket does wonders for adding a bit of oomph while doing double duty and keeping your space clean. I love French Market style baskets- but you can use more modern styles
or whatever fits your laundry room and style.

#3.  Add a touch of charm with wood hangers 

When renovating this space- we added a simple bar for hanging clothes on 
and instead of using plastic- pick up a pack of wood hangers for a more refined look.
Under $15 for a dozen of them usually- but they really do make a difference in the look and feel.

#4. Butcher block counters

Laundry rooms often have a Formica or laminate type counter- which does the job- 
but doesn't always add as much charm as it could. 
Swapping that for a new counter is simple and inexpensive.
 Shop second hand stores or even just pick up pine boards and plank the top- 
or you can use a butcher block section.
I love our butcher block counter that sits right above the Maytag washer and dryer
and provides a ton of workspace for ironing and stacking folded towels- and also for holding 
baskets and jars of laundry detergent.

#5. Subway tile

Though it is a bit more involved- adding simple subway tile is an inexpensive way to change the look of your laundry area.
We used 12"x12" sheets of tiles - that cost around $5 for each sheet.
 And in such a small space- you can spend about $100 and make a huge impact.

And one for the road...

Fresh Flowers 

Always one of my go to simple but easy ways to add instant appeal to any space- 
even the laundry room.

Speaking of refreshes... I may be changing a couple of things in this space
again this January- stay tuned for more.

This post was sponsored by Maytag but all opinions are my own.


  1. Beautiful, Courtney! Love your pretty laundry room.

  2. Its always uplifting Courtney reading your blog :)

  3. Love your Laundry room, the counter top is a cool idea. I agree the wood hangers look so pretty. On your Bottles do buy them and fill or re use ones.

  4. Love your Laundry room, Love the counter tops, the wood hangers look so pretty. Do you buy your bottles empty or re use ones that became empty .

  5. Love the Laundry room, cool idea for the counter tops. The flowers are so pretty.

  6. Thanks for the inspiration! Loved your ideas for sprucing up the laundry room! Your's looks so nice!

  7. So pretty....and it's organized so well!

  8. Love your post and especially Romantic Homes as well. Really gives me great ideas to use in my B&B

    Thank you. Jackie Wild

  9. You are so correct the laundry room should actually look glorious. It is a job many do not want to do. So get in everything that can make your life easier and also fill it with beautiful items like you did. Love the subway tile.