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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view.

This weekend it is all about inspiration, catching up and working ahead.

Lazy Evenings

Remember how I mentioned that I have been sleeping in a bit on occasion? 
I have. And honestly, it has been glorious. 
Other than the feeling like I am behind when I get up. 
But here is what has happened that I am not loving.

Now I am wide awake like a maniac until after midnight. 
Watching the third episode of Law and Order, or that late night Lifetime movie because... 
not tired yet. 
SO here is what I have concluded. 
I have to have some balance. 
So- sleeping in a bit longer than 4:30 or 5:00 might be a good idea- but later than 6 am 
is keeping me up. Basically, I am all tangled up time wise- 
and so... my alarm is making a come back.

Road Tripping & flowers

This week was a busy one. It involved a road trip to Southern California, an antique hotel with gorgeous brick walls,  a major rain storm on the ocean and a whole lot of pretty.  

We road tripped south for a photo shoot for Romantic Homes-  and stayed an extra day on the ocean to enjoy a bit of exploring and beach time before heading home. 
That torrential downpour and storm that caused those terrible floods and landslides was pretty strong in Venice but nothing as horrible as what affected Montecito. 
While there, we did some local shopping for flowers and breakfast for everyone- and I bumped into an amazing amount of gorgeous peonies and ranunculus at the local Whole Foods. Yes, I might have brought 2 buckets full of flowers back with me. It was a bit of a long way to go for a stop at the flower market- but hey, when in Rome. ;) 


I was in L.A. for a dream photo shoot. One that involved someone I have long admired. 
We were at Rachel Ashwell's home to shoot it for Romantic Homes Magazine. 
And it is absolutely even more beautiful in person than in her books- which is hard to believe. 
She was so kind while we were there- and I think I took about 250 photos.
 For a spread that will probably use about 20 or 30- 
but hey- you just never know which ones will be used. 
I will share a sneak peek of the photos and more about the day soon- 
it was pretty much a dream photo shoot for me.


Every year in January I start thinking about fresh ideas for the blog. Mainly probably because in January- I am a bit zapped and rejuvenating after the crazy.  
But along with the blah comes some back end blog work and ideas for new content
 new regular features, etc. 
This year, I am thinking along the lines of more lifestyle- including sharing more about my vegetarian lifestyle along with a couple of my favorite recipes each month 
and adding a few more DIY posts back in. 
 I would love to know what you are interested in More of over here as well- please leave me a comment or send me a note if you have a suggestion. 

Coming your way:

This week is all about winter inspiration. 
Simple ideas for warming up your home. Tips for pretty organization and looking ahead- a new series all about everyday and special occasion flower arranging is in the works. Something I am asked about all.the.time. and is a favorite thing of mine to do- so makes sense to share. 

Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. Sounds great! I’m not a vegetarian, but would like to add more vege dishes due to the high price of meat in Australia.

  2. Pretty flowers and gauzy photos are great but I know you have some great craft ideas you could share since you are so creative. Looking forward to those!

  3. Would love to see more before and after design photos. Love your style.

  4. Hmmmm, so many directions to go. I always appreciate a good DIY as well as a new recipe. One of my frustrations in home refreshers is picking new paint colors. Though I like most of what is on my walls I sometimes just need a change!! The agony of sampling colors on the wall only to see them fall short is exhausting!! Help!

  5. I would like to see entire rooms in your house and cottage? I know they are so pretty! Also broader pictures of your landscape(yard)?

  6. I would love to see your vegetarian dishes, I hope you will still be sharing your home. Have you shared all your projects from 2017? I look forward to your blog for 2018. PS I just finished decorating my dressing room closet I had built, it is huge 400 sq ft :) and I love it!

  7. Love your style and am going to resubscribe to Romantic Homes. Thank you so much Courtney.

  8. No food, more gardens, pls.