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7 Simple Spring Vignette Ideas with Balsam Hill

Can you believe that April is just around the corner? 

April means that spring will definitely be on the way- even if the temperatures have been more on the chilly than warm side recently.  I love to decorate the house with a sprinkle of seasonal charm - and 
my fav go to design element for spring decor? 
Pretty sure you have a good idea of what it is.

Earlier this month, I shared a few of the new French Country Florals in my line at Balsam Hill
and today it is all about how to add a touch of spring in your home in a snap
and without redecorating an entire room.
I am talking about vignettes. 

A vignette is such an easy way to bring a new look to a room with just a 'moment'
in your decor.
Meaning- a wreath on a cupboard door or above the mantel-and a flower arrangement
on the counter to add that touch of spring oomph.

I wanted to share a handful of ideas today- and  I had the hardest time deciding which wreath to use- 
so I thought I would share each one with you.

#1. White and Bright

Love love love this white forsythia wreath.

I am one of those girls who likes to keep it simple in designs and florals
and this wreath is so charming and elegant.

I placed it in my blushing office- and love how the white, golds and blush 
mingle to perfection. 

#2. Blooming White Wreath

This is one of the wreaths from my collection- and is perfect if you want a few more 'blooms' 

I shared a bit about it recently-
but it actually started out as an arrangement that Balsam Hill dreamed up a wreath version of.
It turned out so pretty- and it adds a definite pop of spring with the thistle- while being subtle otherwise. And I love the bits of Queen Annes Lace and artemesia mixed in with the anemone.

#3. Bold and Beautiful

I saw this wreath while on set for a video with Balsam Hill and fell in love instantly.
All gorgeous bold shades of some of my favorite colors- 
this is not a wreath that has a quiet subtle presence. 

Gorgeous against that blush wall... I might be obsessed.

#4. Pop of green all the time

Of course, one of my favorites and one of yours- 
the spring green beauty of the Marseille Wreath.

This wreath is perfect for adding a touch of spring green and cottage style charm with just a touch of florals added in.
This is also from my collection and I absolutely love all the photos you have been sharing with me 
of where you have been using this one.  I have such talented readers!

And of course I have to share 2 of my favorite arrangements for adding a touch of spring
because these are so easy to use on a mantel, on a table, in the bathroom on the counter 
and even in the center of a table when entertaining.

Blooming Buckets

These are both blooming buckets- but in different ways.

#5. Bucket of Blooms

The Brittany Rose is full of vibrant spring colors and pretty farmhouse style charm
Filled with garden roses and silver brunia- it creates a delicious vignette on the counter 
or in the bathroom. 

#6. Simple natural charm 

And for more subtle spring touches- my personal favorite- the Loire Valley.
I am obsessed with the mix of florals and greenery and how tall and stately this one is.

It is gorgeous in the kitchen and on the dining table- and I do love to add that height
 on the mantel as well. 

#7. Give me all the topiary trees 

Add a bit of Olive Love - okay- and Rose tree love.
I am obsessed with Olive tree topiaries and with rose tree topiaries- 
and these are perfect for plopping in a pot in the kitchen or dining area
for a simple touch of spring.

Each of these items are simple and easy ways to create a vignette 
full of spring sunshine- and enjoy them all year long.

You can find more about each of these below 

Excited to be joining these gorgeous ladies this week who are sharing their ideas for spring decor
Click on over see my sweet friend Jenni at Dear Lillie today 
and come back to see the others this week.

And for more about the French Country Cottage collection and 
see the inspirations behind the items

Hope your Monday is off to a good start.

I am Balsam Hill's brand ambassador
but all opinions are my own


  1. Love the wreath against that blush wall! Have a good week... Leticia

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