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Behind the scenes- Photo Shoot at Rachel Ashwell's house

The first week of January started 2018 with a whole lot of amazing inspiration 
and a photo shoot that was an absolute dream.

You might remember seeing a few snippets of the photo shoot at Rachel Ashwell's home behind the scenes on Instagram- and today I am sharing more details about the shoot and some exciting news.

I have to tell you that it was a bit surreal to walk up the steps to Rachel's beautiful home and step inside the world of Shabby Chic. 
I have long admired Rachel in so many ways- and to have the opportunity to
work alongside her in her home was an absolute dream.

 The faded rugs, painted furniture, squishy sofa's and delicious flower covered beds were just as you see in her books- and I was instantly inspired seeing her home- but also seeing how each of those elements played together in the room.

(Side note: pretty sure I seriously need this bedding So. Pretty. )

Every single room was beautiful
and I loved the simple details as well. 

There were loads of pretty blooms waiting on the kitchen table, beautiful linens and her signature style in every corner.

It was quite literally like walking into her books- which I have poured through again and again and are some of my favorites.

I loved all of the 'moments' she had in her home.
 Like a favorite hat on the stair railing.

Rachel styled each of the rooms for us and I snapped away taking far more photos than we needed.

Because...  you know...  Rachel Ashwell's amazing house. 

And Every.single.thing in it was photo and feature worthy.

Rachel was there for the morning and we chatted a bit about this and that and things like her new book all about flowers- it is INCREDIBLE. 

And I know I have said it before- but will say it again. Rachel is the most down to earth, kind and gracious and genuine soul.  I absolutely adore her. 

The rest of the RH  team arrived part way through the day
and we worked together which was so much fun. 
I hadn't seen my friend Jickie who is the editor of Cottages & Bungalows since our speech at Design Bloggers Conference  and I finally got to the meet the girls I work so closely with at Romantic Homes in person too.

I can say that this shoot was one of the most inspiring photo shoots I have worked on-
and it is definitely pinch- me material.

A huge thank you to Rachel for opening her doors and trusting me to photograph her home and tell her story through my lens.
An absolute honor!


  1. Great news Courtney. Romantic Homes is so amazing since you've added your touch. You're doing an incredible job. Congrats on your floral designs with Balsam Hill! the designs are beautiful.You always inspire me. It's been a joy to watch you soar.

  2. How exciting indeed! It is so much fun seeing where this wild blogging ride has taken you Courtney!! So happy for you and all that you have worked so hard to accomplish.

  3. What a treat to be in her home and to work with her!! Congratulations!

  4. I’m going to have to get this issue. I have Rachel’s florid sofa, squishy chair and dining chairs. Love the shabby chic style and such a huge fan of hers. Courtney, you take the most beautiful photos and have a very pretty style of your own💕. Huge fan of yours as well. Congratulations!

  5. Truly a dream photo shoot and such inspiration!! Jealous!! So excited to see Rachel's contribution to RH! YAY!

  6. My love affair with all things home started with Rachel Ashwell. The first time her book made its way into my hands, I was hooked. I poured over every single detail, page after page. I still go back to her books and gaze longingly at the beautiful details. What a treat to be able to spend time in her home. Surreal, I'm sure. I can't wait to pick up a copy of Romantic Homes! Your photography is stunning! Congratulations on the floral line and the job with RH! Well deserved, Courtney! xx

  7. Beautiful as always! I love how you photographed Rachel’s incredible home. My magazine was waiting at our box for me on Monday. Love it! 💞😊

    Enjoying the fun through your pictures and posts,

  8. Beautiful news and a gorgeous home

  9. I just got my issue today - tomorrow is my day to sit and to enjoy - gorgeous home and photos - such a pleasure!

  10. That IS such exciting news! I love your photography and will look for the new issue of RH when I got out tomorrow. Can't wait to see it.

  11. Oh Courtney that is SOOOOO exciting!!!! I agree - total PINCH ME material right there - of course, I'm not surprised one bit - YOU are a total ROCK STAR yourself so HOORAY!!!! I'm off to buy the issue, can't wait!!! Congratulations sweet friend! Congratulations!!!!! xoxoxo

  12. So gorgeous! Love every detail you captured!

  13. I never gave up on Romantic Homes and am so happy to have the romantic part back! Thanks to you and your "eye" for beautiful things, I look forward to my subscription! I've read your blog for years, and am so excited to see where it's taken you! Congratulations on your success. . .we are all inspired by you! xo

  14. I just got my RH mag in the mail and what great news to hear RA is a part of this magazine ! I so love her style and have all her books too ....looking forward to my next issue .thank you Courtney and lucky you !!

  15. http://ourprairiefarmhouse.comMarch 8, 2018 at 10:29 AM

    I loved reading about this amazing photo shoot! I got the magazine and admire the pictures of Rachel's home over and over again! I am excited to see what she has to share with us in her article now each month.

  16. Courtney, this is definitely a dream come true! Her house is gorgeous - and so her. I am especially crushing on that kitchen!

    And how great that she's joining RH! She will add so much to the magazine in terms of her perspective, as have you! It's now one of my favorites again:)


  17. So beautiful and I’m sure you enjoyed every minute of your time spent in her cottage.


  18. I'm just going to live through you, mmmmmkay???? This is all so amazing Courtney and I think it is so wonderful you get to live so many of your dreams. You've earned every second of them! Hugs!

  19. What a great opportunity to shoot Rachel's home! Your photos are beautiful. So happy for you in your venture with Romantic Homes magazine!

  20. Looking forward to my e copy of Aprils RH, been hitting refresh on the nook everyday! I can't wait to see this issue, she has been a favorite of mine for years and years. Just curious how come it's on the stands before it hits e book? any ideas?

    1. I am not sure... I think you should have gotten it already if you are a subscriber. If you want to email me your subscription info- email address,etc. I will forward over to the technical team and see if they can figure out what is going on.