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Collecting- Antique Floral Charm

Delicate and delightful.

I am a sucker for all things pretty, romantic, French style and - add some flowers- 
well, I am totally smitten.

Like with this little cutie.
It is small on size and big on personality.
And when you have something with beautiful elegant carvings and hand painted florals that you love and that isn't being used as a nightstand- you find a spot for it.

This was a long time ago craigslist find- it came with a set that belonged in a bedroom- a dresser with two mirrors, an armoire - and yes, even a bed frame- which I didn't purchase.  
They were covered in crackled old cream paint with gold details, a teal/blue accent color and lots of carvings.

I instantly thought of Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast -
 a whimsical storybook land filled with romance, charm and... 
a hunky prince.

This is one of those pieces that is small enough to tuck nearly anywhere- but with so much pizzazz- it speaks loudly in a room.  
It doesn't actually belong in this spot- it was here while things were moving 
around for a photo shoot in a different room. 
But while it sat- with those ranunculus and anemone in a bucket just waiting to be used
 and the french door flung open while I worked-
 well as I walked by I saw a 'moment' happening. 

One of those moments where the stars align, the romance is in the air 
and that hunky prince winks at you.

So I snapped a few photos. 
Just for fun.
And since today is a Wednesday - 
it is a perfect occasion for something like a beautiful little antique
toppled with flowers.
Any day is a perfect day really. 

I will share where this cutie landed
(hint- it might be somewhere upstairs) 
and now it is on to the paint dilemma... 

Those french doors.

 I love the bleached natural wood on the inside-
 but they need to be painted on the outside. 

An older photo- this shows a dark brown 'stain' of sorts  
on the doors that has a very 'dull' kind of look. 
The inside finish is a bleached tiger oak- which is super pretty.

Something to note: 
These doors are antique and open 'out' rather than 'in' which is kind of different.
So if you come to the door- I quite possibly might knock you off the porch when opening the door for you. ;) 

Anyway, for color on them- I am kind of thinking 
possibly a soft shade of gray blue. 
Exploring some color options and will share here- but if anyone has a perfectly perfect gray and slightly blue color- please share. 

I am off to do a little bit of table setting inspiration today- 
and working on some book things... 
will share an update soon. 

Happy Wednesday everyone. 


  1. I like them neutral...just saying....why not seal them?? there are "flat" sealants out there that would be totally awesome....
    But, if you really need to color....a gray with a touch of blue would be cool...or a wash?? then a sealant...

    1. Oh no- I am not painting the raw side (which is inside the house) I love that raw look too!
      Just the stained side that is outdoors. It has layers of old brown stain of some kind and does not look good- so planning on a color.

  2. Hi Courtney! Another lovely post! Thank you.. I have a question, the floral shirt/jacket in the photo!! What fabric is this? Where did you get this? This is my newest obsession this fabric. xo

  3. What an amazing piece Courtney. Would look perfect in my living room!! Or bedroom... just everywhere.


  4. Love that beautiful accent piece! I have just the right spot for it. LOL