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Vintage French Style Patio Table & Chairs

Have I mentioned that I have a big crush on all things weathered and worn?

Things like old silvered wood, chalky galvanized metal bits...

Especially mixed with charming blushing beauties.

I shared a sneak peek of this styling recently and with so many questions about more
thought I would share a closer look.

This is a set that I ordered for the little cottage.
We are in process of putting in a private patio courtyard area that is tucked behind the 
cottage in a little open spot in a grove of trees.

The plan is pea gravel and lots of old world style charm- with benches and a simple charming dining area.

Instantly I though of weathered wood, bistro chairs and pretty details.
Of course, since this area isn't in use all the time- I also wanted something that was easy to store.
And this patio set fit the bill.

The table is actually a drop leaf type table- so it folds down to a simple little shape and size
and the chairs all tuck right inside of the legs.
So easy right?

I also love the finish. 
Soft muted gray- that looks like it has weathered just a bit.
A simple classic style for this patio area.

You might have seen one of these planters in my post yesterday- I am a sucker for all things galvanized.

And of course... wicker. 
These are the perfect style for tucking around the ends of the table 
or bringing indoors to enjoy.

Such a simple charming look- and though right now- it is currently parked in front of the camellia tree- it will be moving to the cottage shortly when the patio over there is finished.

I also have a couple other pieces that I didn't share - a bleached wood bench and French cafe style wicker chairs. 
You will be seeing more of those soon.

Shop the look: 
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Happy Monday!

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