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Eloquence at High Point Market

There is a certain email that lands in my inbox that makes my heart pound.
Makes my stomach flip flop a bit 
and it is all I can do to stop myself from clicking that button to be transported to France.

And a couple weeks ago... 
I told Megan at Eloquence that I might have to do something that was almost unthinkable...

 I thought that I might need
 to unsubscribe
 from the Eloquence email list.

You see, it happens every.time. one of their emails lands in my inbox....
Those gilded chairs, 
linen covered sofas 
outrageously amazing antique mirrors
and chippy painted beauties 
talk to me.

When I hear that little ding and then see an email about an
  ' Antiques SALE' or ' New Shipment' 
  my knees get weak, my palms are sweaty, my heart pounds a bit faster
I HAVE to click the email and go log in and see what I need.
Which... in case you had any question.... 
is pretty much EVERYTHING.

And that leads to me dreaming away while drooling on my key board,
adding a half a dozen things to my cart
and re-decorating  the entire house again.

It seems that Eloquence is a habit I just can't seem to break.

It is like an extra cup of coffee in the morning.
I am so okay with it.

(just don't tell my husband!) 

In case you haven't guessed-
one of my absolute favorite showrooms to visit while at High Point Market 
is the Eloquence showroom.

It isn't because it is a showroom that is full of gorgeous antiques by the dozens 
like these mirrors that I wanted to stack up and ship back. 
I mean...  SO much love.

And it isn't just because they have the most amazing 
delicious reproduction furniture that is covered in gilding and chippy paint
and oodles of beautiful linen.
Like this settee. 
(yes, a reproduction) 

Or that there are ruffly paged books on the shelves,
pretty little chandeliers covered in crystals in every vignette

or oodles of delicate antiques from Europe
mingling with reproductions.

And it definitely isn't because the upstairs is chock full of brocante shopping.
Like- we are talking head spinning amazing French flea market shopping.

It is literally ALL of those things of course. 

 I offer to move into their showroom and take care of it for them 
every time I am there.

It is a happy place.
And during market, with all the hustle and bustle and beauty all around-
stopping at Eloquence and visiting my Eloquence family 
is a must.

And something else I love to do while there is a quick Facebook Live-
one of your favorites every market.  
Grab a cup of coffee- 
and enjoy 5 minutes of me wandering in all.that.bliss.

Read more about Eloquence here
and shop all of the Eloquence line at one of my favorites 
(and they are having a 50% some antiques sale through TODAY)

And of course- 
head to High Point Market this fall to shop their showroom.
(and something else fun to announce coming this fall as well- stay tuned) 

Oh and for those wondering... no, I didn't unsubscribe. 

 I am on that email list and can hardly wait to click away when one arrives.
And yes, I may be ordering something else as.we.speak.
(I will admit that I  might be obsessed. 
But it is in a good way.)

Happy Monday everyone.

Just a note:
I have worked with High Point Market, Bella Cottage & Eloquence
 but this post isn't sponsored-
 just sharing the love and what inspires me


  1. Very pretty things indeed. I wonder about keeping something like the beige settee clean. I have white sofas, but they have slipcovers, which get laundered rather frequently. What do you do with something you can't strip and wash? Is it covered with stain-repelling magic? If so, what, exactly? I have an antique settee that needs reupholstering, and I can only see it in white or ecru (it currently has red and white stripes). But I so, so fear drips and smudges that I am paralyzed about actually doing it.

    1. Ohh you need to check out Crypton fabric. It has a stain repellent built right into the fabric and it is perfect for upholstery. I am using it for our dining chair reupholstery as well as for the sofa slipcovers ( I have 2 of those gorgeous Eloquence sofas from one of the photos in this post! :) They do have a linen look line as well. Try Calico Corners- they carry it online and in store.

    2. Just do not let anyone sit on it..only you :) Love off white but with 2 small Chinese Crested I also have to cover my sofas ..:)

  2. I can see why you would unsubscribe to this, wow, there is so much goodness. I want everything!

  3. What a tour? For someone which a French Heritage it is very pleasant and little bit nostalgic to me. Like someone stated before me I want everything.(LOL) I would love that chair so much to match my white bedroom. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. I would love to have a couple of weeks to go through those old books. Time well spent. Every thing is so beautiful. Thanks for the shots.

  5. Bonjour chère amie,

    Que de belles choses à découvrir !... Une véritable caverne d'Ali Baba ! J'adore.

    Gros bisous

  6. Lovely I will take one of everything! Beautiful just Beautiful

  7. i just read their email this morning on their new dining room furniture line!...I must say that Eloquence is also my FAVORITE!...I could be in that showroom every day and never tire of it!...unfortunately was unable to make the Spring Market due to my hubby's out of town tournament...Hopefully in the Fall when i want to feel and touch the pieces of furniture I want to buy to go with my bed!...Thanks for the beautiful tour Courtney!