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A 'new' table in the Dining Room

When I say I am obsessed with lovely old patina... what I mean is...
I am obsessed with lovely old patina.

Give me allllll the old original patina and I am a happy girl.

I covet that patina and search high and low for it. And when I find it, I hug it like it is a long lost friend. I walked into the Re-Store recently and found the exact door I was looking for...well, kind of.

More on that soon. But the exciting find of the day was something else.

A pile of wood.

Fabulous right? haha. I know what you are thinking. Why in the world are you sharing a photo of a pile of wood. This my friends...  is not just a pile of wood.

This is a stack of thick old vintage oak planks. Chunky and delicious and covered in weathered patina. This is so many good projects in the making.

I was walking by ready to pay for that fabulous crusty door :)  and that pile of wood stopped in my tracks.

Of course, by now you know I loaded up several of them.
Enough for a couple of projects- and one in particular that I had been wanting to do all.year.long.
When I was photographing everything for my book- I waited and waited on the dining room. Because I was searching for a 'new' old table top.
To no avail.
So... the new old table top didn't make the book BUT- it is now.

Here is what the dining table looked like before.

Fun fact: My boys built this dining table for me. Yes indeed.
So it is a special kind of piece for more than one reason.
And here it is with the chunky, crusty, fabulous boards in place.

AHHHH!! So much love!!

My son Cullan came over last week to help with a few projects around the house for some upcoming projects... and he replaced the boards on the table while he was here.

I love the crusty bleached wood- and the distressed areas that are dark from age, have knot holes, etc.

 I am not one who cares about those 'imperfections' - they really speak 'Perfection' to me.

After securing the boards- he gave them a quick sand to smooth any roughness on top - and it was a wrap.

I am OBSESSED with how pretty these boards are on the table. OBSESSED. So chunky. So much good oak patina. I am literally loving it.

After fawning over the dining table in the house all week- I am moving outside to the dining table. I am working on a post about hanging string lights above a dining table and will be sharing some of my secrets and how to get the look soon. Stay tuned for that coming your way.

What do you think of how the table turned out?

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  1. Love your dining table’s new look!!! Those thick oak boards really add a lot of style plus they make your table look a hundred years old! 💕

    Enjoy your new old table,
    Barb 😊💞

  2. Love your "new old" table top! You have such a good eye (and decorating style) to recognize the boards as treasures...not many other folks would have given those boards a second glance.

  3. Love the old boards!! they look wonderful....great find! us what you are doing with the door!!

  4. I love it! Always enjoy your creations! Lori @vintagethruthyme

  5. So beautiful, everthing is gorgeous, I also love that outdoor coffee table that has some distressing in old white is so beautiful, you have to tell the history behind.. you have a Amezing taste , I look forward of your blogs everyday ❤️

  6. Do t you just live that when you least expect it you find something fabulous. Love the table with all of its wonderful perfect imperfections! How great that your son created that beauty for you!!

  7. Always love the work you do very talented enjoy each email I get from you. Beautiful work very creative

  8. Love the new old table! I have one I am wanting to re do also, so I am on the hunt for old wood with awesome patina! Enjoy, the memories of the hunt, your son helping build it and also the memories around the table!

  9. Courtney, I love your LION PATIO and agree 100% about the tabletop! I am trying to do something similar on a smaller scale....waiting for the perfect find! I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like shopping at HomeGoods, there is always a good find waiting!!

  10. It is beautiful!! Love that your sons made that for you as well so precious can't wait to see what you will be doing with the door I am sure it will be amazing!!

  11. Wish I could upload a photo to show you. Back when my kids were babies (my oldest is now 26), I was always going to flea markets and auctions. I stumbled on a farm table with (6) ladderback chairs to go with it. I fell in love then and I'm still in love today. I made pretty slip covers for the chairs in remnants of Shabby Chic material and did muslin ruffles on the back. It screams French Country and I love it. Can't wait for your book to arrive. Cindy

  12. Lovely! Ya know, even those other boards you had on top of the table would have weathered with time and use. ;-) But it is quite nice to have the instant look right away with the "new/old" boards.

  13. I love you son! What a great kid---he also does good work

  14. The table is fabulous If I seen that wood I would have so bought it. Its like when you see a great find like that you go into a patina trance and you just cant here anything and you are so excited you just want to load it up and get it home. I know this feeling only to well cant wait to see what you do with the door...… Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  15. That's my find the perfect old wood...and have my family build a table for me. It's actually on their list of things to do...AND urgency is setting in! My daughter and her husband will be signing on their new house July 20th and I've promised them they could have the dining room set! :) I'm just looking for the right legs now! Gorgeous find - and that door...

  16. Chunky, crusty lovely oak planks are always a winner IMHO. We have a wide plank oak dining table made with reclaimed wood and it’s my favorite piece of furniture.
    And those diamond panes in that door, eager to see what happens with that💕