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Get the Look: English Garden Patio Lion Fountain under $400

I might be obsessed with ivy walls...

And with blush roses vining through them and a lion fountain in the center?
Well, I am in love.

I shared a peek at this area recently when sharing those galvanized planters filled with blooms- and there were so many questions about our lion fountain and where to find one.

We have had it for probably going on 12 years.
It is a travertine fountain (it is HEAVY!) with metal accents and a molded lion face. It has a few chips and broken stone areas- but we love it just as it is.  On the patio- it is large and in charge  tucked into a long wall of ivy.

And though, I don't have a direct source for this exact one- I did a little searching and found some amazing alternatives for creating the look.
And honestly, the best part about these fountains? The pricing. It is incredible. Our fountain was expensive even on major clearance.
But these? All under $400.

Tall and stately

If you have a patio area where you can put a larger fountain- a taller option might be perfect.
I like when a fountain has layers so to speak- and some of these have several bowls for water to spill over which creates even more ambiance. And another bonus is if the fountain has a light. One of our pumps has a light and it is super charming in the evenings when the fountain is running.

#1. This fountain is a tall stately one- standing at almost 60" high.

#2. Another tall one is this stone look fountain.  I love fountains that make a statement and something like this one talks to me. Plus it stands 49" high and has a double effect with that first bowl and then the second.

#3. This one is 51" tall and has a nice waterfall effect with several bowls. If you want something with a bit more interest- the mosaic on the back has a more detailed effect- and it looks like it has a light as well.

#4. A pretty option in a bronze color-  if your color scheme on your patio is more bronze than natural stone this is a gorgeous option- and it stands 50" tall overall.

Petite charmers

For a smaller space or a patio where you simply want to add a fountain but not take up square footage- a smaller wall fountain is perfect. Just because they are smaller doesn't mean their charm or ambiance is any less.  And you can still get that gorgeous lions head effect you are looking for. 

This one is so cute- I love that it has double waterfall effects in a compact size- and doesn't sacrifice any of the charm. Perfect for tucking into a small space at just 29.5" tall.

And one more small on size big on charm for the road- a bronze fountain that is just 31.5" tall.

Some of these options are even under $200 - which means adding a bit of English cottage charm to your garden with a fountain isn't going to break the bank.  And these are all available at Lamps Plus. Disclosure: Yes, I am an Ambassador for them- but this post is not sponsored. I just happened to bump into these while searching fountain options to share with you. :)

Come back by tomorrow morning for a fun post and giveaway.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. Having a water fountain is a nice way to add that wonderful dripping sound to our gardens! I had a little girl with her dog at our last house and it was nice to sit out on the back patio and enjoy it’s burbling. Enjoy your lion!!!

  2. You are one classy lady. Love your posts. Thank you for bringing us beautiful insights and ideas!

  3. Thanks so much Courtney! I love garden accents; the classic statues, birdbaths, and fountains. These are beautiful and affordable. I especially love fountains, and I just found a solar piece that fits in your birdbath. The fountain is activated by the sun...incredible. I ordered two and can't wait to try them out!

    Jane x

  4. I did notice this in one of your other post so beautiful thank you for featuring this! Curious is the wall of Ivy growing on a wall or fence?

  5. I love the two layered lion water fountain the best! Under $200 w/FREE SHIPPING! Now on to building a courtyard...@2000+ LOL. I do have a retaining wall next to my driveway...Ivy & Roses would look wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. They are so great aren't they? And the retaining wall would be perfect!

  6. Beautiful, I can just imagine sitting on the patio seeing all the gorgeous flowers and hearing the fountain. Thanks for sharing, have a beautiful day.