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Get the look for less- Deconstructed French Chair

You know that look that is all about a piece of furniture that is rustic and yet, comfortable at the same time?

That look where the burlap shows and the tufting ties are exposed- and the delicious nail hole dotted frame is part of the look?

It is kind of like a naked cake... except it is furniture.
I have to admit, I have been known to have a few 'naked' chairs over the years. And to be honest... it wasn't intentional. It was the result mostly out of frustration while trying to reupholster them haha. But there was even one that was merely just a frame  from day one- and I loved the silhouette and lines it had- because the frame was so beautiful- it was like art sitting in the corner.

I am not one to shy away from something that looks a bit worn - I frankly prefer the rustic to the completely perfect.
And something that has been a long sought after look is the the 'deconstructed' look with furniture.
Where the chair, ottoman, sofa - you name it- is in a bit of a 'half finished' state. Like, the front is upholstered- and the sides and back are exposed.  You can see nail holes, old tacks and bits of leftover fabric on many of them.

It is a look made popular by vintage and antiques and the rawness exposed while re-upholstering them- and also by that Restoration Hardware and that industrial reclaimed look they brought it into homes across the US. And they have a chair that looks one.... except it costs 2-3x the price of this chair.  I kid you not.

Recently, I shared that Soft Surroundings opened a brand new store here in Northern California- and one of the chairs that took center stage at the opening - was this Fontaine Wingback. 

Large and in charge and such a French deconstructed chair lovers dream.
And can we talk about all.that.tufting. Oh my goodness.
My friend Jess at Soft Surroundings sent me chairs to photograph and play with- and I have to say- they are so much fun- AND so comfortable.  Which is key.  I tend to keep stylings simple in my home- especially in the living room. (total aside: I am not a fan of a ton of furniture in one room- makes me feel claustrophobic like I am in a store or showroom. )
While I love that look of everything covering everything everywhere giving me more to delve into when shopping- I need space to breathe more at home.  So I tend to keep the furnishings sparse and this chair in the corner by the mirror filled a small nook that is almost always quiet. And the best part- it is so incredibly cozy to sink into and curl up in with a book.

And it is definitely a charmer while waiting to be enjoyed.
One of my favorite details - the wheels on the legs. I know. But seriously- love that so much.
I had a ton of fun snapping a few details- but- nope- they are not staying here...  I know.
Always moving and changing over here.
This is just a sneak peek. More coming your way that might have something to do with a refresh as they are mooooving.

You can find this exact chair HERE- and it comes in 2 fabrics which is even better if you prefer a more gray linen look.

I am off to work on a bit of Christmas... in June. :) but stay tuned for where these land.

Happy Monday

*I work with Soft Surroundings and this post contains affiliate links but all opinions are my own.


  1. Oh I love that chair and I love it in the gray too. Gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful chair! I actually like it better than RH...It has more curves 😊

  3. Love the deconstructed chair!

  4. I love this look so much, and totally agree about less is more when it comes to furniture!

  5. The chair would look wonderful with a dining table. I've checked out your link and am considering a purchase.

  6. This chair looks so amazing the way you styled it! It's seriously my favorite!