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Weekend view

Happy Sunday.

It is going to be a HOT one over here...
which means I set the alarm and was up early to get moving before the heat fires up this morning.

And I have mixed feelings about that in some ways. I love to get up early- but I do enjoy that extra bit of snooze time on the weekends too. But it out also feels good to get my run in early and enjoy a cup of coffee out on the patio when it is cool.

This week has been a bit of a busy one. With a whole lot of road tripping and driving, a birthday celebration, a new grand dog and.... something super exciting.

Birthday Boy

My middle guys birthday was last week- I cannot believe he is 23 years old already!!

We hopped in the car with cake and balloons and took a bit of a road trip to see him in Chico and celebrate.

It has been years since I have been to Chico- we had a great time having lunch at one of his favorite spots, visiting and playing with my grand dog Ivy - who is great at doing tricks while hoping for a nibble of birthday cake. :)

Bike Trails

Recently, we have loaded up our bikes and taking a bit of a drive to trek out into the wilderness a bit to do a bit of biking. While I love to jog almost everyday- sometimes, you need to mix it up a bit. Mountain biking is a bit more work than beach biking of course- and we don't bring Sweet Pea along to ride in the basket like we normally would- it is just too bumpy and up and down for her. But it is a fun thing to do.


Meet Cleo.

You might remember that recently our grand dog Mr. Weenie passed away. My daughter has been missing him so much and she has been thinking about finding a new fur friend. For her birthday coming up- she requested we simply just take a look and see if we found a dachshund to adopt.
She saw Cleo's face and she looks so much like Weenie- she was the one.

Of course, photo shoots coming your way. You know I can't resist photographing a sweet face.

Faded pillows

Last week on IG, I shared these faded beauties... that are not actually faded. 
I will share all the details on them this week.

And.... stay tuned for a sneak peek of something exciting coming your way on FB and IG stories.
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  1. Happy Birthday to your baby boy :)
    We won't talk about how old mine is ... That puppy has just won my heart. I want her :) She is so very adorable. And smaller than all of my cats !I love these !

    1. Thank you! She is a charmer- and sooo tiny. Dachshunds (and kitties!) are so cute!

  2. What a fun week, birthdays and new puppies, Cleo is adorable!

  3. Home Goods is my favorite and, Since I need to update my linens. I could really use the gift cards. I love you too, and follow you on IF and receive your newsletter.

  4. Birthday boy is handsome - "YES" !!!- AND, Cleo is a doll. I'm glad the celebration was great.

  5. Cleo has beautiful eyes, that would have sold me! And Happy Birthday to your son, he had Cleo's eyes when he was young!

    Good for you with the running and biking. I just recently had some back surgery so I'm looking forward to moving again!


    1. She really does! She looks so much like Mr. Weenie- it is kind of crazy! Hope you are doing well and on the go soon!!

  6. As the mom of a mini red and a mini dapple pie dachshund your sweet Cleo has captured my heart. What a doll!

    1. I have been looking at little spotted dachshunds... they are soo adorable!!

  7. Oh my goodness, talk about adorable! Glad to had some special birthday son celebrating!

  8. I am not sure if I hit wrong key or not, can't find where I typed. So sorry if this is a second message, at least this one is finished. Your little furbaby is adorable, makes me want to have cuddle time. Happy Birthday to your son also. Mine just turned 39 this June, I still think of him as my little guy! Have a blessed day.

  9. Happy Birthday to your son!
    Dapple! That's the word I was looking for:). I was visiting my mom and sister in So Cal and their neighbor has a 2 month dapple mini doxi name Poppie:). Their last one passed and always had a Doxie, so sweet and friendly:).
    Happy 4th of july!
    Kathleen in Az