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French Country Cottage at Patina Farm

Saturday was a dream day.

A day filled with friends and family and a most incredible setting for a most incredible party. A pinch me kind of day that was one for the books... literally.
Saturday was a book celebration and signing for French Country Cottage at Patina Farm.

For as long as I can remember from when I started blogging-
 I have admired Brooke Giannetti. 
I remember sending her a message to ask about sharing her first book on my then brand new baby blog...
and she messaged me back and said absolutely.
And I about fell over.

She was one of my first blog friends who has now become a real life friend over the years. 
I went to her home about 2 years ago to help celebrate her new book Patina Farm....
and I walked around with my mouth open for 2 hours.
Her home and gardens are so incredibly beautiful and they absolutely took my breath away.

Brooke's style is so elegant and refined and has the most perfect mix of rustic and refined. And her gardens and many animals- so warm and welcoming.
But the best part about Brooke and Steve- is not how insanely talented they- though- they are insanely.talented. beyond. It is that they are so kind and genuine.

I think I about fell over when my agent told me that Brooke and Steve had an idea for throwing a book release party for my book. It has been a whirlwind kind of a dream this book...
and this celebration with so many friends and family and industry partners
 in this incredibly beautiful and enchanted home? 
Kind of surreal.

I didn't get nearly as many snaps as I intended to- I was kind of in a book signing zone.
But did you know there were almost 500 people who rsvp'd to come to the event?
And the best part about how many books were sold...
Brooke and Steve donated all book proceeds to a local animal rescue group.
I told you- they are incredible.

While I was in L.A. for the week- I was in charge of flowers for the event.
I did a bit of flower shopping  and loaded up on some favorites.
And Saturday started with arriving early to help set up.

Behind the scenes in the morning

For the event and for a few snaps by a photographer for a new project the Giannettis are working on...
Another BOOK!!!!

and it is going to be INCREDIBLE folks.  

Here are some favorites from friends and family who shared with me from the day.

Love love love their property.

This patio is just off the master bedroom overlooking the pond.

Their home is like no other I have been too. 
There is such an incredible charm and energy to it.

It is absolutely enchanting.

So many wonderful people came for the celebration from near and far
and I met so many new friends.

Jill and Lizzy with Jason

Steve with Dennis Miller and Christine 

And you might recognize some of these brand and blogger friends- 
I was so thrilled they could celebrate the day with us!! 

Jennifer Rizzo
My 100 year old Home
Michelle and friend - Bella Cottage

this girl saved me when I was giving a speech at Design Bloggers the first time-and was more than a little nervous. She was the steady warm smile in the front row and we have been friends ever since. 

My close friend Sandy- Tumbleweed and Co

My mom, sister and one of my brothers

Brooke and Madge - who is our editor from Gibbs Smith 

It was such an incredible day with so many wonderful people and  I am so grateful. 
You can see more videos of the behind the scene on my instagram page in the saved stories
A huge thank you to Brooke and Steve and Jill for throwing the most wonderful kick off party for my book, my husband for all his help with keeping it and me going haha- and  thank you so much to each of you for your notes and messages and well wishes celebrating with us even though you couldn't be there in person. 


  1. CONGRATULATION !!!!!!!!
    Beautiful picture with so many nice people

  2. Wow! I am so happy for you! You and Brooke are both so talented, and Patine Farm looks gorgeous. Congratulations on such a wonderful turnout for your book signing! I enjoyed looking at all your photos. I'm so sad I live so far away because I would have loved to have met y'all.

    I'm featuring your book on my blog tomorrow. It is beautiful! I'm enjoying it so much!

    Ricki Jill

  3. Courtney, Since YOU were the one to inspire me to take better photos, I am so happy to send you all the ones I took on Saturday. I would imagine you were very busy before, during and after! It was a dream day for me too~~to finally get to meet you personally and be at the ever magical Patina Farm. Just let me know. My email is

  4. Courtney: What a wonderful occasion. I am so happy for you.

  5. ISN'T LIFE WONDERFUL!!!! You gave and now your are receiving. Enjoy each moment.

  6. Wow! I just have chill bumps from seeing all of the beautiful photos and video of Patina Farms. I am so happy for deserve all of the accolades...your home and design are just amazing! Going to buy your book now...thanks again for letting us feel like we were there.

  7. Congratulations Courtney!! What a wonderful way to celebrate your new book, I am wishing you great success and know you continue to be amazing.

  8. Congratulations Courtney!! Well deserved, and what a beautiful venue, I have enjoyed reading and looking at your book several times already, and I just purchased both Patina books! Thank you for the discount!

  9. Congratulations! OMG the event looked amazing and what a beautiful setting! I'm so sorry I couldn't be there but loved looking at all of the pictures! You are doing amazing things!

  10. OMG, what an amazing event. I totally would have gone...if I lived on the west coast ;) love your book Courtney!

  11. This looked like such an amazing day and event for you. A complete dream come true. I LOVE both their books and their style but most of all I was happy to hear they're as nice as I thought they'd be from their books. I so wish I could have gone. My mom's birthday was on the 20th and we had other things that weekend so just couldn't get there. Would have loved to though. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos for those of us who couldn't join you that night. Oh, and I'm so excited that they have another book coming out.

  12. I was blessed to have been able to attend, I agree it was a dream come true for me as well to be at Patina Farm. I purchased your book as gifts for my daughters and they so loved them. The Giannetti’s are two of the most beautiful people you will ever have the chance to meet, overwhelmingly kind-hearted. I will never forget this wonderful day myself and I wish you continued blessings.