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Vintage treasures from Las Vegas Market

Remember when I shared that I was at Las Vegas Market in July
to moderate a panel discussion?

It was so much fun. The girls I spoke with laughed and laughed the whole time.
We were talking about something we all loved- vintage pieces and how to decorate with them.

We relived our favorite treasure hunts, the times we knocked a few people over as we scrambled to secure that prize we spotted over the corner and even shared some of our most favorite finds.
Mine were all those unexpected finds mostly. The ones that I gravitated towards that I had no idea I even needed. Until I realized... I neeeeeeeded them.

Like these lights... and mirrors.

After the panel discussion- I did what any other vintage loving girl would do- I shopped the vintage treasures at Market. Shopping out in the pavilions for vintage is something I always love doing at Market. You might remember the bargain basket I bought and shipped back. The $30 french basket became a $150 basket... but hey- I love it even so. But the best part about shopping this time? My son was driving over to Vegas to visit my oldest son the next week. In an SUV. Which meant.... I could load it up.  So what did I buy?

Vintage buckets

I started with a few simple things- chippy old buckets. I have a weakness for anything chippy, painted, vintage and charming- these checked off all of the list.

The hardest part was choosing the colors. I went with vintage blue and vintage green- and a soft putty gray/slate blue.

Another laundry basket

Because... I had to redeem myself and get a $30 laundry basket- for $30. haha. I placed it under the island for a few photos- but not sure where it will land just yet.

A dough bowl

I found a huge dough bowl that would be perfect for a couple of stylings coming up- and at $50- it was in the pile.   (photo coming soon) 

French Cutting Board

It was huge. Covered in old patina. And perfect for stacking on the counter or placing on a table for a cheese and fruit platter for 50 people.  I haven't done much other than stack it yet- but am loving the old dark wood it brings to the mix of the others- and it is HUGE. Ridiculous huge really.

Wood Bucket

I might have been obsessed with buckets and patina this trip. You will see more of this bucket on Wednesday in my living room tour.

Aside from those Vegas Market treasures- I also got a delivery of vintage treasures from Eloquence last week. And I am more than in love. I haven't gotten them all set up yet- but one thing I did snap a photo of was this gorgeous patina on these doors. Serious love. 

and these hand painted beauties.

I will share where all of these pretty pieces landed soon. 

Moving a bit slow after that tumble I mentioned yesterday- 
and thank you for all your kind messages.
The quick update is- I have a crazy busy week ahead and 
after staring at the yuck that the road rash on my shoulder looked like... 
I decided I should probably get it looked at.  
Went to urgent care yesterday- and yep, it is infected.  
And an allergic reaction to the neosporin which is making me crazy itchy.
 Because... why not? 
I told the Dr. that if someone had caught me on video 
enthusiastically running downhill,
(think horse almost to the barn enthusiastic) 
and then...  my ankle rolling, 
me trying to catch myself for several feet in the gravel 
and then tumbling and sliding on my shoulder and face
and breaking my sunglasses (which cut my face) 
but likely saved me from much worse damage
and then me hobbling the rest of the way to the house with a twisted ankle...

Well, that the video probably would have gone viral on Youtube 
for one of those 'fall' compilations.
But- I am honestly thankful the damage was not worse. 
And this is the worst I have sprained my ankle in YEARS.
And I am looking forward to hopefully getting back in the running saddle again in another week or two but yeah, even when my ankle is all good-don't think I will be running down
 that hill anymore. 

Happy Monday.


  1. Hello Courtney! I always love your pictures and post’s! I love chippy old wooden buckets and this time of year I fill them with hydrangeas! Thank you for all the inspiration! Lori @vintagethruthyme

  2. The chandelier over your kitchen island table is an exact twin to the one I inherited from my Grandmother (who passed in the 1970's). It is such a treasure to me, I would love to know more about it if you have any further information. I would be happy to send you photos & it has a "Made in France" metal tag hanging on it.

  3. Just love your kitchen, I would change just one thing.........the bowl of fruit........just kidding.

  4. Love the buckets and that big cutting board! Although I’m not so much vintage, the buckets would go great with my coastal style! I’ll have to see if I can find some like those! Hoping your shoulder heals and those antibiotics do their thing! I have gashed my leg twice in the last week doing outdoor work so I feel your pain! Blessings!

  5. Bless your heart. You just keep on truckin', don't you!?? You are inspiring to say the least!

  6. Courtney, we moved about a year ago and your blog has been inspiring as I decorate. Thank you! I have your lovely book—what a treasure. Hope you are on the road to recovery. Barbara Carroll

  7. I had to chuckle again over the basket....I should have remembered your story last year when I did the same thing!...but live and learn and accept things or happenings for what they are ;) love the chippy buckets and looking forward to seeing more of your treasures....I am off to Vegas via Sedona soon...but I have to turn in the SUV at the airport, so no driving it home! :( Feel better Courtney and heal quickly with a full recovery!

  8. Hope you are feeling better what a tumble! The lights in the picture with the mirrors are those yours? They are beautiful if they are yours how where did you put them? Sending you healing wishes!

  9. OMGoodness......Those lights and mirrors are to die for! I think I previously missed reading about that treasure hunt story.

  10. I recently purchased a treasure (18th century butcher block - great looking thing) off eBay for a bargain price to then discover it would cost $500 to ship it. Instead my wife and I drove from Atlanta to Cincinnati to pick it up. I've purchased from that seller for years so it was great to meet him in person. Some things work out anyway!

  11. Loving all your "treasures" from the market, especially the buckets and the wooden bowl! It is always fun to go shop and find bargins. Thank you for sharing, the wonderful ideas keep my head spinning! Happy Weekend. Jody

  12. What was the name of the market you attending in Las Vegas? Looks like something I'd love to attend in the future!

  13. Love your photo of the French cutting board. I just bought one last week at the French Farmer's Wife Barn Sale. It is huge but did not want to pass up the chance to have one. It is now gracing my mantel on the kitchen fireplace but thinking it will be perfect to serve a crowd cheeses and fruit. Thanks from N C , a relocated Californian .

  14. Two years ago a friend and I went to the neighboring town to a junk shop. I had wanted her opinion on a couch I had seen there. After the looking we decided to go for pizza. We had our pizza, It was delish, and walked out to go to the car. My friend was looking at her phone and walking! She stepped off the curb, her ankle rolled, she fell, I thought it was nothing until she started screaming. It was a compound fracture, ankle broken in three places. Spent many hours that nite in the ER. It took her about a year and a half to be able to walk right with PT and all. Her ankle will never be the same. soooo watch where you step, don't talk and walk, and do what the Dr. says!!!!!!

    1. Yes- safety first!! I wasn't on my phone- just being hazardous running downhill and I do have iffy ankles since an injury when I was probably about 5- but have not rolled one in awhile. I consider myself VERY lucky that I didn't do more damage when I landed. And that shoulder is looking so much better already. Phew!! Hope your friend is all healed up now!!