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Weekend Five

Happy first weekend in September everyone!

The weather is beautiful here in California- warm sunshine filled days and just a tad bit of crispness in the mornings and evenings. Making my morning run even better. 

This weekend, the weekend five is all about exploring. 
Travel.  Ideas.  Projects on the agenda ... and dreaming.

Travel Diaries

Last week we hopped in the car and ventured up north for a day trip.
We were on a mission taking my daughter to see a good friend in Nevada but we also planned a bit of quiet time to sit by the lake on the way back. First stop was a bit far- Virginia City, Nevada. Which is a tiny old west town outside of Reno, Nevada. My daughter has a good friend that lives in the area and she is considering school outside Reno.

Tahoe Blue

We have been making quite a few trips to Tahoe recently- and will be sharing more on what we are up to soon. This trip was simply a stop to relax a bit and soak up the warm sunshine while listening to the waves. 

When I was little, my family used to spend a week in a cabin right on Lake Tahoe every summer with several other families. I absolutely loved it. 

(Yes, I am the grumpy one with the bear haha.  I guess I have always been a bit of a sass... but hey, I was cute, right?)
If you have ever been- you know there is a certain 'Tahoe' smell in the air once you hit Donner Lake- and there is just nothing else like it.  Stay tuned for more- we will be up in the area again this week for a bit of exploring. And then onto a coastal location for some fun after that. 


I found the most beautiful, most intricate and most delightful hydrangeas at the flower market last week. They are seriously unlike your average hydrangea- which as you know - hydrangeas are pretty amazing as is. They have double blooms and double the charm. On instagram- several people thought they might be an Ayesha or Popcorn Hydrangea- I know they are a specialty- but if anyone knows exact name- there are quite a few folks (including me) who would like to order plants.

Book Launch Giveaway Winners

I have emailed the winners of the giveaways and waiting for confirmation - I will announce each one in a post this week once I have heard back from everyone. And stay tuned for some more fun with the book coming your way in the coming months. 

Speaking of the book...

Something seriously amazing is coming up in just a couple of weeks. 
I am so honored and excited to share that Brooke and Steve Giannetti are hosting a book celebration and signing event for French Country Cottage at Patina Farm in Ojai.

You might remember my trip to Patina Farm  a couple of years ago- it is such an incredibly magic filled place and I am beyond honored and so excited to see them again soon. And the best part of this event? Steve and Brooke are so incredibly kind and generous and are donating each book sale proceed to local animal rescue groups. Amazing. 
So honored to be able to give back with my book as well- and how fitting that our little Sweet Pea went from a rescue dog to a cover girl? 

Trumeau Mirror

If you saw my stories last week- you know I made a stop at Restoration Hardware outlet- which my husband affectionately calls 'The Hardware Store'. I was on the search for a specific something- and ideas and inspirations for a few changes I am working on. 
And I bumped into this amazing beautiful mirror. 
(screen shot from my ig story) 

So. Much. Love. Those carvings. That gilding. The worn paint. I am obsessed. 
Plus- and extra 25% off the already deep outlet discount price was a good thing too. 
Stay tuned for where this beauty ends up. 

And one more thing....

I have signed copies of my book as well as book bags available in my market
and through tomorrow- everything is 10% off with code Labordaysale
You can find them here.


Coming your way...

A little bit of autumn inspiration 
Junking finds at Las Vegas Market-yes, they have arrived!! And more about the panel I led all about  antiques in design. 
Also will be sharing some of my favorite ideas for decorating and transitioning from all summer all the time- to late summer/early fall. Because if you are like me- you are savoring summer a bit longer. 

Happy weekend- hope you have a safe and wonderful Labor Day.


  1. Love that mirror! Don't know what kind of hydrangea that is, but it reminds me of lilacs!

  2. Oh, Courtney, how perfect that you will be holding your book signing at the most gorgeous place on the planet - Patina Farm! You've put so much into your sublime book and deserve every bit of success that comes your way. Have fun!

  3. Hydrangea might be Pretty 'N Pink...Monrovia. Love the mirror,can't wait to see where it goes. Love, Love Patina Farms, too. Still devouring your book!!

  4. I believe it to be.........Cup like sterile petals distinguish Hydrangea macrophylla 'Ayesha' from other mophead varieties.
    New to me.....sure is beautiful.

    Kathy S.........

  5. Bonjour chère amie,

    Un billet fantastique... Des photos incroyables. J'aime celle de cette" petite tribu" où vous apparaissez toute mimi !
    Votre livre doit être merveilleux, je ne le connais pas.
    Il doit nous livrer des joyaux !
    Vous nous montrez un très joli miroir.

    Bisous 🌸

  6. Courtney, I'm reading your book. I started it one evening, with a glass of wine in hand, expecting I'd finish it that same evening. But I decided to savor all of the lovely photos and the text more slowly. I'm about to enjoy the last third and, like a great novel, I don't want it to end. I'm so happy the book is mine to re-read and dream about, and also having your especially beautiful blog to read each week. I know I could move right into your home myself and not change one thing about it...except I'd be bringing my own dollhouse. You've inspired me to redecorate my dollhouse and my "for real" home, little by little.