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Old Glory & The Prairie in Round Top Texas

I spent last week humming
 'If you're gonna  play in Texas- you gotta have a fiddle in the band' 
As my friend KariAnne and I drove and drove and then found ourselves
in the little town of Round Top, Texas. 

The only places I have been in Texas before this?
The airports. While waiting for a connection.
I had never been to Round Top- which is about 80 miles outside of Austin.
But I always wanted to go- and see what life looked like under that big Texas sky-
especially during the big antiques weeks in spring and fall.
And so, when setting up book signing events- 
Texas and Round Top 
 were on the top of the list.

I reached out to Holly at Old Glory Antiques and asked if KariAnne of Thistlewood Farms
and I could come on over her store 
and do a book signing.

And Holly said YES. 
And we did a little happy dance.
I flew in from California and KariAnne picked me up at the airport 
after a bit of a travel issue- so we unfortunately were late for our first stop at our 
friend Anita's booth.
But, by late afternoon we found ourselves in Round Top at this gorgeous building- 
full of anticipation of what it was like inside.

And you know it was incredible. 

Full of antiques and vignettes and things 
that I wanted to see if I could stuff into my carry on.

Like this old cupboard.

That cubby behind the table.

This cupboard - and the bench- and the chest... 
okay- the whole room.

Old Glory is a beautiful shop full of curated and carefully chosen pieces. 
There is also a Colorado location- for those who are there
 and Holly and Brian and their team are seriously the kindest.
Sometimes you meet someone and they are an instant friend. Like you have known them for years.
Holly and I had been friends on FB for years- but this was the first time we met in person
and just loved meeting her finally.

And then there was this...

Even though my book has been out for 2 months...
seeing it does kind of knock me over sometimes. 
Because- that stack of books is a dream stacked up right there. 
Along with a lot of hard work and years of dreaming.
It is probably always going to be a pinch me kind of thing that I have to take a photo of. 
I apologize in advance. :)

Holly and Brian at Old Glory hosted such a lovely party complete with treats and live music
and we met so many wonderful folks who stopped by to say hello and pick up a book.
And after wrapping up- we hopped back in the car and headed out to The Prairie.
The Prairie is a b&b that has been on the dream list of mine
 to visit and stay at for years.

And it did not disappoint.

Driving up the long dirt road- well we might have been a little giddy and could hardly contain ourselves as the farmhouse appeared.

I was amazed at how green and beautiful everything was in Texas 
even in October. 

And the old farmhouse- so beautiful. 
It has such history and charm.

We were fortunate to be able to stay in the Found Cottage for our stay.

A sweet little house with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and two extra  twin beds.
Along with everything you could want in a house.

From the porch to the door knob- 
all those details had me at hello.

It was such a comfy spot to settle in and relax.
That sofa? You literally sink right in. KariAnne thought about sleeping on it
after getting cozy while we chatted.

The uniqueness and charm in the cottage was inspiring and I loved all of the pieces with wonderful old patina and texture.

 My favorite elements to use in a room- other than chandeliers and flowers. :)

Of course I noticed little things too... like the vintage hangers in the bathroom.

and the chippy paint and old hardware

The next morning,  I set my alarm to get up early to head out for a little exploring.
Fun fact: I love to go out for a run whenever I am staying in a new area- just something about hitting that new ground and exploring while getting some exercise in. 
 Though... my ankle isn't exactly run ready yet - but a walk was perfect.

It was misty and hot even at 6:30am but everything was so beautiful and peaceful.

And so quiet.

And it was a beautiful inspiring way to start the day before heading home.

This was such a fun trip- though it was super quick and 
we didn't get to do too much tent shopping due to a few last minute trip changes.
But, I am already making plans to go back in the spring again. 
Thanks so much to Holly and Brian for hosting us! 

Side note: 
This was not a sponsored trip 
My love of the The Prairie, Old Glory Style
and the folks I met in Texas -are all my own.

And if you are looking for a signed copy of my book for yourself or a gift
you can purchased my book and/or a book tote 
at 20% off  through Tuesday- 
use code Autumnsale

And you can also find my book HERE at Amazon- or your favorite local retailer.

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Good Morning Courtney,
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time, thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. There is something about the "country" anywhere you go, there is always something that will take your breath away.
    Have a beautiful day. Jody

  2. Wow! What a trip....thanks for sharing that...I feel like I went on vacation while drinking my coffee....

  3. I just purchased your book this past week end and I am in love. Is giving me hope and inspiration for our new home. I have been to Round Top many times and love it. I have a question... I have a large grey blue cubby that is fairly large in size, similar to the photo you posted. How would you style in it your world? It can go vertical or horizontal. THANKS xo

  4. Can you post dates for the spring Round Top? I would love to not miss it again! :-)

    1. Hi Sandi,
      I live in Texas. You can Google search it to find out when the next one is.


  5. Courtney, I'm so happy to hear that you made it to Round Top. I live in Austin, so the Round Top Antique Market is something I've been attending since the 1980s. Rarely do I miss a show, but this year's date conflicted with a trip to France. I'll be there in the spring though. If you do come back, I'd love to meet to say hi.
    Glad you got to stay at The Prairie. It is a lovely spot, so well done! It's a great venue for a book signing in that large hall. Sorry the weather wasn't crisp and cool like fall is supposed to be.
    PS, I preordered your book, and it is one of my favorites!

  6. Courtney, sounds like a wonderful and memorable time. I purchased your book and have really enjoyed it. Your photography is gorgeous as always. In your second photo of The Prairie did you notice the reflection in the glass of the front door. Did you, perhaps, have a wonderful greeting from friends of long ago, during your stay?..Happy Fall..Judy

  7. Loved this blog. I was unable to attend Round Top this time but I did order your book and it arrived the other day and I am LOVING it. I love not only your beautiful photos but your story and narrations as well. I feel the same as I do when reading Kariann's blogs and dear friends chatting over a glass of Texas tea!

  8. Beautiful, very happy for you, love your pictures!

  9. What an amazing trip with good company!....I visited Round Top last year and loved was not during the festival but loved it nonetheless...the only problem is that we were flying and had to pass up on "larger treasures" ... it could have been quite dangerous to our wallets if we had a U-Haul!

  10. Hi from the UK! I would love, love, love to get a copy of your book but cant seem to find it in the UK. Amazon UK only has the kindle version. I dont really want the Kindle version as I love to hold a real book!
    Do you know of any retailers in the UK who has stock?
    Love ready your blog!


    1. Yes, Amazon in the UK should be getting hard copies soon- I was told that they had to wait for another order to arrive. But I believe the Book Depository fulfills them- and I have signed copies in my shop available- but not sure how much the shipping would be. Hope that helps!

  11. What a pleasure it was to meet you and Karianne at Old Glory, and so glad to hear that you will be back for the Spring antique week. That farmhouse and cottage are charming, looks like a nice place to relax after a great day of antique shopping!
    Your beautiful book and blog are a wonderful source of inspiration.
    xo Pat

    1. So wonderful to meet you at Old Glory!! We had so much fun there!!! Yes, the Prairie is incredible- so full of charm and character!! So glad that you like my book- thank you so much!! Hope to see you at spring market!

  12. What a fun trip! I would love to visit one of the Round Top antiques fairs and stay at The Prairie, but I bet they are booked years in advance! Lovely photos as usual. I enjoyed seeing them!