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Vintage Treasures at High Point Market

High Point Market... home of amazing furniture, accessories and inspiration...
and some pretty fabulous vintage shopping too.

Twice a year I hop on a plane and travel to the east coast for High Point Market.
And twice a year, I soak up that beautiful inspiration around every corner
and come home ready to re-decorate my

I kid you not. 
There is something about market and seeing pieces in a vignette or a styled setting
that makes you feel you 'need' them in your house.
Which of course, you don't 'need' them... but want? 
Yes indeed.

After all the showroom tours are wrapped 
and my head is overloaded with gorgeous furniture, beautiful details and lots of ideas-
my favorite thing to do is to shop for vintage.
There are several showrooms and shops that knock my socks off each market. 
And my absolute favorite is no stranger here on the blog.

Which really should be called ' Obsessions.'


And This.

There is so much goodness and inspiration inside those Eloquence doors.

I am constantly stopping. Snapping. Sighing.

and Repeating.

Eloquence speaks my language.
Loudly and clearly.
And I have several of their pieces in my home.
And several more on the wish list.

This dreamy tufted and gilded bed is in the cottage.

I also have their french sofas and a canopy bed in my bedroom.

The kitchen island? Yes. And the bathroom vanity- indeed.
Plus a couple things I haven't shared just. yet. :)
Did I mention that I am obsessed with them?
I am.

Eloquence has a mix of old and new- 
with their vintage treasures mingling perfectly with new reproductions.

They are a company that is near and dear to my heart. 
I met the owners years ago at Market when they had a wee space in the main IHFC building.
And have enjoyed seeing them grow and prosper doing what they love 
and what they do so incredibly well.

And Eloquence was so kind to host a book signing at Market

And it was incredible. 
So many friends and familiar faces and new friends in the making.

And pretty fun to see photos from my book blown up and scattered around the showroom.

I also stopped over at Golden Oldies and Bobo Intriguing Objects for a bit of shopping.

More traditional type of antiques and vintage treasures- and seriously charming displays.

I wanted of these trophies.

Really wish these would have fit in my carry on...

Domes. For daysssssss.. so good.

Loved this little vignette.

Architectural salvage.

Instant collections

And some authentic vintage treasures that I really wanted. At Amazing prices.
Like this basket. But remember the great basket debacle from Las Vegas Market?
That $30 find that turned into the almost $200 find with shipping- because of the measurements not the weight. 
Yeah... I haven't forgotten that yet. lol. 

So this one stayed behind.

These are great for a country house -and that crusty jar! 

If you need a breadboard in just the right size and shape-
now you know where to go.

And these candlesticks- so charming. Especially when you have like 50  of them all together.
A fire hazard when lit maybe- but they look so good. 

So there you have a peek at some of the vintage deliciousness at High Point Market this fall.
I am already planning ahead for next market- and Las Vegas Market in January
and pondering what kind of vintage beauties I might find.

Do you have a favorite? 
What would you have brought home with you?

See more of Eloquence in my book Here 


  1. Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos of High Point...just gorgeous! I'm glad you had a wonderful book signing there.

  2. I NEED to go to Highpoint! Wow! Your photos look incredible. I have been wanting trophies or loving cups for so long but have such difficulty finding them around here.

  3. Fabulous!!! I love those vintage signs. I live on Calvert st. so would especially love to have that one...where were those?

  4. HI Courtney, Eloquence and some other French importers have my favorite pieces. This woman loves larges mirrors and chandeliers so that's probably what I'd have come home with :) Looking forward to seeing what two new pieces you got from Eloquence.

  5. Do u have to be a licensed designer to shop at Highpoint?...because I used to work for a designer but never had the chance to leave the office and go with her.... your photos make we REALLY want to go there... Thank you, Patti

  6. Oh my ! It would not be a good thing to win the lottery and go to the High Point Market.
    So many pretties. Years ago, I had a friend who sold furniture and went to the HPM. I can't imagine how many people go now or where they stay.

  7. Love the mirrors, chandeliers, chairs, setters.....well all of it speaks to my taste!!

  8. Oh my goodness, I fell in love with everything you photographed! But I especially loved those candlesticks, mirrors and the French furniture! Just lovely. I couldn’t afford to go to HPM because I’d blow my whole retirement money there for sure! LOL! Glad you get to go and show us some of the goodies though! I bought your book awhile ago and just love it! Glad I found your blog afterwards.

  9. Eloquence speaks my language, too! Thanks for all the lovely photos! And gave me some great ideas!

  10. The Eloquence showroom and its exquisite furnishings is truly amazing!....time constraints prevented me from going to Bobo' is an awesome time :)

  11. Hi Courtney!!

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful items. I would take my car and end up renting a 5 ton truck with all that I saw that I wanted. What a collection!!

    Really enjoyed looking through your post on this Market. Can’t wait to see what’s going to be added to your lovely home!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week.


  12. Wow, I think I drooled a little here! I'm moving to Raleigh next month and this is so on my agenda for the near future. What a perfect match you and Eloquence are.! I hope the book signing went well - such a little treasure! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I think the white sideboard with the chair on top would totally fit in a carry on. That is a beauty.

  14. Right now I am in "High Point" overload!! So many neat things I would love to bring home, arrange and tuck into nooks. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Jody