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Weekend View

Weekend mornings are some of my favorites.
With a little bit of extra time sleeping in and a little bit of quiet in the house while I sip coffee and wake up and do a bit of dreaming and planning for the week ahead.

Last week was full of travel, Texas and a whole lot of fun. And something exciting to share.

These Boots were made for Walking

I dusted off my boots and hopped on the plane to Austin, Texas last week for a fun book signing at Old Glory and a stay at the Prairie B&B.  I met my friend KariAnne at the airport and we drove on over to Round Top for the event. Needless to say- it was wonderful.
We had the best time and met the most amazing folks.

And I have a ton of photos and much to share- so stay tuned for a post going up tomorrow morning all about it. 

Books, books and more books

I just ordered a shipment of books in from my publisher- and am restocking my shop.
If you are looking for a signed copy or a book bag for gifting this season- and I am having a 2 day 20% off everything sale- use code autumnsale and
grab them now before they are sold out again.

Sneak peek of something exciting...

I have been working on something behind the scenes...
that involves a little bit of Soft Surroundings and a little bit of French Country Cottage
all mixed  and mingled. 
I have teamed up with Soft Surroundings to collaborate on a collection. Pieces that I love that speak to me- and that I am thrilled to share with you. I will be sharing the full collection and all the stories and details on how this came to be on Thursday- but here is a peek at one of the pieces I love so much. 

Christmas planning... 

Yes, I did it. I said the 'Christmas' word.  It is coming soon folks and you know what?Usually I have several trees going up by now.  I am working on a few holiday photos for a project this week- and will be decking the halls in North Carolina after a couple of days at High Point Market.  Which means, when I get home- I am going to be pretty excited and energized to get started on my own decor.

DIY Design

A new series is in the works for the new year. All about simple diy projects and designs you can do today to give your home a designer look without hiring a designer.  And they are touches that don't require a ton of heavy lifting or major cha-ching- which is even better.

Coming your way- a busy week on the blog:

All the details of my trip to Round Top and staying at The Prairie 
A simple Thanksgiving table setting 
A natural autumn mantel styling 
and that collaboration with Soft Surroundings

If you are going to be at High Point Market- I hope you will stop by the book signing at Eloquence on Saturday October 13th-  from 4-6 pm.  

And you know... I just want to say thank you again for for reading and supporting my blog and for always being so kind.  This blog, this job, and this little spot here on the internet- well, it is a dream come true for a creative like me. To be able to find a place to share my heart with others who feel the same- and find friendship and community- it is incredible and I am so grateful.
 I have had a few conversations recently about how I started the blog, how it became a job and how it changed me-and what exactly those baby steps looked like when I started out-
 and so, will be delving into that a bit more and sharing here soon. 

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. I love your style and Soft Surroundings, so you know I will be right here to see your post on the collection.

  2. And what treasures did you find at Round Top for those of us who could not go this time???

  3. Looking forward to it all, way over here in Aus!

  4. Courtney, I look forward to those upcoming blogs!

  5. Enjoy your blog very much and especially appreciate all the holiday decorating tips.