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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view.

I am all cozy on the sofa in our living room as I write this weeks weekend view post.
Back from North Carolina and 7 days full of travel and fun.
I love to travel, love seeing new things and doing new things and exploring new areas
and at the same time- there is something so wonderful about coming home and being cozy in 
your own house doing the usual everyday. 
I love both so much!

High Point Market

I started the week at High Point Market last week
with a book signing at Eloquence and then a fun Sunday full of meetings, shopping and an HGTV star studded party.

Lots of fun chatting and mingling at a party full of folks who are such talented designers
 and who were so fun. 

Stay tuned for some of them coming your way on HGTV this fall.

Vintage at Market

I also did a bit of vintage shopping while there.
And ohhh the treasures I found.

If only shipping a container back was as easy (and inexpensive) as shipping a box.

I brought back just a few things that could easily tuck into my suitcase
but I will be sharing the beautiful pieces I found at my favorite vintage source- Eloquence 
very soon.


After a couple days at Market- I hopped in my rental car and drove about 3 hours inland to Asheville.

I have to say, I was in complete awe of the beauty of this part of North Carolina. 
I had never been - and am already planning another trip back to do some more exploring.

The Biltmore

I was in Asheville for a fun project with my Balsam Hill family.
Decorating a tree for the Inn at the Biltmore.

I will be sharing a whole post on the Biltmore and the tree this week- because I took literally probably 100 photos. 

Back To Market

After a fun couple of days with Balsam Hill and The Biltmore- it was back to High Point
for an event that was all about a custom designed piece- and a room put together in 30 minutes.

I kid you not. 30 minutes to find the elements needed to style an entire room.
Talk about a design challenge.
It was SO much fun. And I had an absolute blast. 
And I cannot wait to share more about this room- and that beautiful piece peeking out that I designed for it- and I will need your help- stay tuned for more coming in about 2 weeks.


A fun, beautiful week full of so much dreamy stuff that sometimes
I have to hit the pause button and soak it up for a few moments.
Lots of things in the works over here and some changes and new opportunities that I am so excited about focusing on- and with that comes a bit of reflection.

A friend of mine shared some inspired thoughts with me recently. 
About dreams and doings and pursuing passion and inspiration and being true to yourself.
That conversation really resonated with some of what I have been mulling 
around inside with for awhile. Some of what I have been focusing on and working towards.
And those words were like a lightning bolt of good energy and inspiration reminding me that I was on the right path.
Blog post wearing my heart on my sleeve coming your way.

Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. I love the Biltmore. I visited in 2017 and stayed on the property. We loved the tour and the gardens. I would love to visit it Christmas, but that is a big trip from California. Maybe someday.
    Thanks for your weekend view.

  2. Courtney, I love that area of NC too. I want to make a return trip to Ashville. I know your tree in the inn is gorgeous. Eager to see all the details. I'm curious about the photo of the Barly Twist candlesticks. I have a collection I'd like to sell and wonder if there is a market for these again. Any infor would be appreciated. Thanks!

  3. Wish I had made it to your book signing. Can't wait to see what your new direction is. I recently heard or read something that motivated me to until with my passions even though I struggle with them. This is a paraphrase. Find your passion and if you fail at it, fail and fail again until you don't. That is what is pushing my dream forward today. Thanks for your wonderful blog today.

  4. We love this area as well... also love... love the Biltmore !! Been several times.. the history and the beauty never gets old......

  5. Love North Carolina, especially this area! We were able to see the Biltmore decorated for the Christmas, I was in awe.