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Weekend Five

Sometimes... the weekend view looks a lot like this...simple.

and sometimes it looks like a little bit more crazy.

But however it looks- I am thankful for the week that was and sharing some of the happenings, observations and coming ups here on Sundays.

Random fact for the Weekend View post? 

This Sunday post is one of your favorites of the week.
So when I think about cutting down on a post to work on some exciting new projects a bit more like I should be doing... Sunday is not one that would be in the running for being shelved. And that is a good thing. Because it is one of my favorites too. :)

Here is what is the weekend five looks like this weekend.

Heirloom pumpkins and twinkle lights

They go together right for Hallowmas.  At least, in blog land- bloggers tend to have both autumn and Christmas going on at the same time.  It has become somewhat of the norm. And I got back from North Carolina to 6 trees twinkling away in the house along with a pile of heirloom pumpkins in the kitchen.

Tree Topper or no tree topper

Lots of questions about the tiny tree topper that wasn't really a tree topper in my post about the Biltmore/Balsam Hill retreat. To clear up any confusion... no, I don't usually use a tree topper. I prefer the natural lines of the top of the tree as they are. BUT in some cases- it looks a little flat and could use a boost of sorts.

For the non tree topper -tree topper on this tree- it was simple. Just a few pieces of the picks pulled off from the main pick- and tucked into the top to create just a little bit of glimmer and oomph. That is all. Easy easy.
And don't miss the giveaway on Balsam Hill's IG page- you choose your favorite look and can win it.
This is Gold and Glamorous -but vote your favorite.
Find details HERE

Butternut squash, Pumpkin and more

My husband cut up a butternut squash the other day and sauteed it up and I literally ate every last bite. It was SO.GOOD. And then he tried a similar recipe with pumpkin. And you know it happened again. I asked him to recreate the dish this week- you know, so I could share it on my blog hahah and he is going to be doing just that. He loves to try new things with recipes and ways to cook things and he loves to cook. A bonus for me- and for you if I can get him to slow down enough to let me photograph everything while he works. :) 

Would you like more recipes here on the blog? Seasonal and everyday? We are vegetarian for over 23 years so would be healthy vegetarian options. Or we could go with something like this pumpkin brie en croute.... so.delicious. :)

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Yes, I am decking the halls for Christmas and working ahead there- but I also have a couple of Thanksgiving table setting posts coming your way.
I am placing an order for fresh greens and bits for a centerpiece- and will show a few tips to creating a pretty table that hopefully will inspire you and help you to create a table setting that is all your own.

You can see last years table setting ideas here

and here

Book Events

Coming your way this weekend- if you are in Northern California- come say hello!
I will be signing books (and shopping!!) 

And coming up: 

stay tuned on date/time

Tumbleweed & Co Vintage Market
Roseville, CA
December 1st  Stay tuned on time

December 8th 

And of course- you can always find my book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target and local book sellers.  
And great news-  it is on sale for $23 at Amazon 
and re-stocked at Target- go grab your gift copies before they sell out again. 

I have some fun things to announce and changes coming your way in the next few months- 
and I am excited to share them with you.
 And some new ways to connect that I think you will love. 
I am so grateful for the opportunities that blogging has brought my way- seriously the stuff that dreams are made of. And I know I mentioned last week that a heart on my sleeve post is coming- but I just want to encourage you today to keep stepping. 
Sometimes when you are taking baby steps you just don't see how they will ever lead to that big dream coming true- but they are moving you closer than you realize. 
More coming soon- have a wonderful rest of your weekend everyone.


  1. So glad to see you are coming to Chicago for a book signing. I preordered two copies of your book and look forward to meeting and talking with you!
    Donna Dowd

    1. Oh it will be fun to say hello!! Stay tuned- we should have the date and time finalized this week!! Looking forward to meeting!! And thank you for your purchase of the books!!

  2. Oh I wish I could make it to Goat Hill!
    I voted for your tree exactly because of the top. I didn't like the tops of the others as much....Yours was just right.
    I've also been a vegetarian for 25 years. Recipes would be nice. Though I tend to just fly by the seat of my pants with veggies!

    1. I do too!! Sorry you can't make it! I do have a couple other signings in the Northern California area coming up- so stay tuned. And thanks for your note about the tree topper! I am the same way. I like to see the 'tree' as well as the ornaments so tend to lean to the less is more on the topper. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I'll come to see you in Fair Oaks!! Can I buy a book there for you to sign or should I bring one with me?

    1. Yes- there will be books there to purchase - or you are welcome to bring your own copy if you already have one. Looking forward to saying hello! :)

  4. While I'm sure your recipes are terrific, I do tire a bit of everyone offering recipes. I come here for the floral beauty (and am loving your book for the same), so I feel a bit like recipes might be a distraction. (An occasional post on decorating food -- like salads and cakes -- with florals would be a lovely exception!) Still, I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever you post; I always do! (And I've been a vegetarian for over 40 years.) Hoping to cross paths some day!

    1. Ahh I hear you. I am the same way. I tend to not share too much recipe wise on here but I do understand that folks enjoy cooking and eating- so if I find a good one or one I am loving I like to share. That said- flowers? On repeat always. :) Thanks for stopping by- hope we connect some day too!

  5. You're making me so hungry! Everything looks amazing!