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Fresh & warm winter living room refresh first look


Clean and bright.
A winter refresh in the living room  inspired by the quiet reflection and fresh feeling 
that comes with a new year. 

Last week, the twinkling Christmas trees were packed away along with
all the ornaments and pretty sparkles and garland draped on the mantel.

And I thought 2 things.
The room felt open and clean.
And maybe just a little bit cold and bare.
Which always makes me want to cozy things up a bit.

Cue the candles, warm fire in the fireplace and pretty throws to wrap up in.
And maybe something else...
but first- can we talk about the new sofa situation?
While I was at High Point Market in the fall for a book signing in the Eloquence showroom,
I was soaking up every inch of inspiration. 
Because- Eloquence. 
And Eloquence.
Seriously my design dreams are EVERYWHERE in their showroom.
Eloquence just 'gets me'.

sipping a cappuccino and trying to gather up a bit of energy after a red eye flight 
that was not conducive to sleep...
I was thinking about how my husband requested I find a sofa that was more 
for lack of a better word- sinkable-aka cozy- for the living room. 
Which I completely understand. 
We don't have a formal living room and family room in our home.
So this space serves as double duty for those two rooms in one. He had a point.
So those delicate French inspired sofas that I loved moved (more on where soon) 
and the search started.
Let me tell you... it has been hard to find something that had the lines and size I love
along with the vintage feeling,
 along with beautiful details

 sweet puppy dogs who like to climb up and sit on the pillows
and husbands who sink into the sofa with their coffee and big boys working on construction 
that sit down while taking a break- sawdust and all...
you get the idea.
I am a HUGE slipcover fan.
And though I really wanted to order these sofas in the gorgeous dove velvet upholstery- 
the linen slips won for practical reasons for our family.

I added a few extra pillows and have a few more pillows on order for a bit of pizazz
well, pizazz as far as my pizazz goes. haha.
Muted, vintage pillows pizazz.
I will share what I ordered (and how incredibly inexpensive they are) when they arrive. 

On the fireplace to warm it up- I added just a few of my favorite vintage brass candlesticks.
These are something I get questions about all the time- and while I discovered these in various thrift stores- you can look on Etsy and eBay for similar- or order reproductions

and on the coffee table- I kept it simple with candles and roses.

The candles are scores from HomeGoods- the small ones in a package and the others on clearance after Christmas. I don't mind a bit of holiday scent through the month of January- so they are a go-to source to pick up some simple white candles on clearance.

The roses are in a vintage bucket that I adore- brought back from Las Vegas Market
from the cash and carry section. Simply place a container for water inside- and it is an instant vase.

And that one more thing to warm up the room?
A vintage rug.
I am a rug person half the time- and a bare floor person the other.
Hence the photos of both looks in this post.

Serious love.

This is one of several rugs from a favorite new vintage rug source- 
Unique Rug Store- I could not believe how great their prices and selections are.
And that these rugs are vintage- not reproductions. 
 I placed this one upside down-
which is something I like to do to see a bit more texture and muted design 

though I have to say, the soft gold color on the reverse side is pretty incredible too.

I will share a whole lot more about this rug and the others 
and where I placed each of them in another post.

 I am not done in the living room yet. 
I know.
A couple other elements coming- not necessarily new -
some vintage and shuffling from room to room
which is a wonderful way to get a new look without bringing anything new home.
And a fresh coat of paint- everywhere
which should be a fun one with those tall ceilings. haha.
Since the walls, trim and ceiling are all planked wood- the knot holes tend to start to bleed through again after a couple of years. It isn't noticeable everywhere but some of them that are dark or have distinct edges are and the newer wood is worst than the original with coming through.
 So I refresh.  I will likely do the same color but not 100% sure yet. 
I will share what I go with and how I decipher and choose the best white paint for my home
 (because white paint is not all just white paint) 

So stay tuned for the fresh winter living room look reveal coming your way 
in the next few weeks- along with favorite tips on how to update your living room on a dime.

Coming your way tomorrow- some favorite simple storage and display ideas.
Happy Monday everyone

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  1. Oh so beautiful thank you for sharing

  2. Love your gorgeous coffee table. Was this from Highpoint also. Love your cozy neutrals!

  3. Love your gorgeous coffee table. Would love the source! Enjoy your cozy neutral interiors...

  4. Bonjour chère amie,

    Un très joli billet qui incite le repos, le calme... Toutes ces petites flammes qui scintillent ajoutent une belle touche de mystère.
    Merci pour toutes ces magnifiques photos.

    Gros bisous 🌸

  5. I love your style, beautifully done!!

  6. Can you tell me what rug you got from the collection on Unique Rug----they are awesome prices!

    1. Aren't they?! I was so impressed with the prices and then when the rugs arrived about fell over at how fabulous they are. haha. They are seriously good!!! This is a vintage rug from the Heritage Collection- if you type in HERITAGE in the search- there are a couple pages that come up. All so gorgeous!!

  7. Courtney,

    Those two gorgeous mirrors in the corner! OMG!! Where did you find them?

  8. Everything you do is so gorgeous! I got your book as a Christmas present from my hubby, after some serious hints. I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love with everything in your beautiful book! I keep pouring over it, again and again. I adore this new sofa, absolutely stunning!

  9. Why do I love the way you decorate? Your style is soft, romantic with an elegant balance of french and shabby chic. You've mastered the balance of not being too 'little girls room' while still capturing romance. I do have a question: What is your 'go to' interior paint color? I like your living room's white walls and would like to paint mine that color without looking like a hospital room. Thanks for your blogs!

  10. That sofa! *le sigh* I love it! Your living room is so pretty!

    Happy New Year!
    Ricki Jill