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The Best sources for Vintage Rugs & where to find New Rugs with the look

I have been on a quest recently.

A quest for vintage sprinkled with charm. 

With woven texture and delicate patterns and loads of individual personality. 

I am talking about those amazing rugs with character, the softest- and boldest-  of colors and detailed designs that we all love.

First up- a confession. 
I am a bare floor kind of girl in most of the house.

One- I like the look of hardwood. Plain and simple. I prefer a clean base for the room.
And also, because I have not found those great 'new' rugs that have the look- without the sheen that comes with new. And finding the perfect vintage piece can be a bit harder than just ordering a rug from a big box store.

But... I have always loved a few beautiful throw rugs here and there and have been bringing them home when I do find them. Though I shopped all the thrift stores- and actually have found a few there- I wasn't finding the ones I loved and craved. 
So I went online, scoured Craigslist and ebay and then one day... an email landed in my inbox with what I consider the best source so far.

So today I am sharing the 3 places I shop vintage rugs- 
I have several in my room scattered, the large in the living room and then upstairs in the attic. Out in the cottage in the living room and the bedroom- and let's not forget the one in the bathroom.


#1. Unique Rug Store

This place has some great options and great prices. I love the crazy good amount of sizes and styles they offer- something for everyone- and also the fact that their rugs are not crazy expensive. Most of them are vintage- but they do have some interesting newer and patchwork options if you are looking for those. 

I found several really incredible neutral and blush, vintage turquoise and other options that went right into my cart.

#2. eBay

A favorite stop for finding all kinds of vintage- ebay definitely has some great options for vintage rugs as well.

A little harder to search through to find exactly what you have in mind-
TIP: Try searching keywords like 
'Vintage' 'Pastel' 'Turkish or Anatolian' with RUG
 to see what comes up.
And then I usually spend some time exploring the 'other listings' of the listings that show up

#3. Etsy

Another great one stop shop for vintage is Etsy.

I love to peruse the many different things there- 
and love that I am supporting smaller businesses when purchasing. 
The rugs at Etsy can be easier to search than ebay in some ways-
 though I think they tend to not use as many keywords- so you may have to simply browse a bit more to find what you are looking for.
TIP: Try the search first- then refine to size, age or color and explore that.
If nothing much pops up- I have had the best luck with exploring the Other listings of a shop that is carrying a rug that I like.

Most of these rugs  that you are going to find listed as 'Vintage' are at least 60 years old-
most have been sanitized (make sure if you are buying from an independent seller and not a shop) 
and then often times are faded a bit in the sun to get that bleached creamy vintage faded look we love.
And they honestly are absolutely incredible in person. 


BUT... what if you can't find the perfect vintage. Or you want a new rug for allergy or otherwise purposes but you want the look? There are a lot of great rugs out there that have the Vintage look- but not the vintage age. You just have to do some research on sheen, pile, etc to make sure it fits your ideal. But if you are looking for the Vintage Look but a New Rug for whatever reason- I have you covered.  Here are a few  that I found this morning-
and I had no idea that there are some INCREDIBLE sales right now as well for the holiday.
(affiliate links) 

this one reminds me of the style of the rug in my bedroom 

And These next rugs  all start at $44 right now.
I may have to pick up a runner for the kitchen.

that I am loving.

I hope these vintage and get the look New sources help you to find the rug of your dreams.
What about you?
 Do you have any great sources to add?
Please let me know in the comments- 
and happy Monday everyone!


  1. Well, where can you buy the rugs. You mention 3 places, then show the rugs and don't tell where to source them. Help please. A little information please.

    1. The vintage rugs I shared are all from Unique Rugs & eBay and on Etsy. I can't link to the specific ones that I have because they are not mass produced- they are one of a kind. Best thing to do is peruse the listings to what you like.

  2. I found a great "vintage" look a like at Home Goods last year. Perfect for our new wood floor in the family room as we ripped up the wall to wall carpet. Has a nice faded look to it.

  3. Where is your rug pad! Always put a rug pad under rugs. Especially antique rugs. It [reserves the rug longer, protects your floor, and keeps the rugs from creeping. I always use a rubber backed, felt top pad. I never sell rugs to my clients without a pad and I have been an interior designer for over 45 years.

    1. I didn't have one yet!! haha! :) That package of rugs had just arrived and I was far too impatient to wait to set up and see how that gorgeous one in the living room looked- and I admit- I left it for a few days and enjoyed it before pulling up to put in properly. The simple rubber pads have been one I have used before- I will look into the felt top one- I bet that would work wonderfully. Thanks for your tip and note!

  4. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je possède de très jolis tapis... mais à cause de Sir Icarus, mon dalmatien, je les ai roulés et rangés...
    J'aime la douceur de ceux que vous nous montrez dans vos magnifiques photos.

    Gros bisous 🌸

  5. So appreciate your newsletter. Any info on status of Romantic Homes magazine?

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you! I left Romantic Homes in September not long after when my book was released- so I don't know anything about the status. I believe they posted something on FB that said they were stopping print publication at some point in 2019- you might look there.