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Simple elegant French style deconstructed chair

Sometimes you bump into something that you didn't  even know you were missing.

You walk by it. You see it. You stop. You back up.
You look around to see if anyone is watching you as you jump and down just a bit while you grab it and dance all the way to check out.

You didn't know you were missing it.
But now you think you might need it because... it is perfect.

I mean... it speaks your design and style language-
With exposed nail heads 

soft linen fabric and rustic exposed old world wood frame.

Well... it might be what you call an instant obsession.
Have you had one of those before?
Like you see something across the room
and could almost swear it winked at you.
It speaks your language and you head over to take a closer look
and it is pretty much perfect.
So you wink back
and it goes right into your cart.

Truth be told, this was not one of those things I went into HomeGoods for.
I was looking for blush linen pillows.
Which I did find.

And as I was leaving the store - this chair stopped me.

And you know how it is at HomeGoods... you can't hem and haw and leave something behind. It will not be there. So you bring it home. And if you don't love, love, love it when you get home- you can bring it back.

But... this one is staying. I will share where it has landed in the house soon. 


If you have checked your local 
and they don't have it- keep an eye out to see if you can find similar on
I find the companion to the whatever it is I found in store on the .com  all.the time.
and other similar looks under $500- 

Love these- very similar to mine - at TJ.Maxx 

What do you think? Would you have brought this chair home too?

Happy Monday everyone

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  1. Definitely 😍love it. I’m going to check my local Home Goods today.

  2. oh my isn't it sweet! and the one you show with the fully tufted back....but alas, there is no more room for chairs (I do have a thing for chairs) far as pillows....I order linen fabric and make them....

    1. I hear you... I have quite a few myself. And great idea on the pillows!

  3. I need to hit my home goods this weekend.

  4. Forget the pillows....If the chair didn't fit in the car I would have carried it home on my back. Great find.

  5. I wonder... do your other chairs get jealous when you fall so hard for someone new???

  6. I stumbled upon this same chair in deep grey last weekend. I didn't buy it, because I need TWO. I've called 7 Home Goods with no luck finding a match. I'm dying!

  7. Love that chair! I was sure you had come across it at a fabulous antique mall until you said it was from Home Goods! It is a treasure.

  8. I too have fallen in love with this chair! I have been hunting for it without success. Thank you for posting the link tho for a close match, I’m considering ordering it. Is your chair not only gorgeous but also comfortable? Or is it really just to be admired? Thank you ��