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7 ways to use charming benches & stools in your home- and where to find them

They are one of those things.
Things you don't necessarily think belong somewhere... until they do.

I am talking about little wood stools.
Painted, natural, detailed and simple - they come in all shapes and sizes and are absolute treasures for setting nearly anywhere.

I have been collecting vintage stools for years. The ones that have old peeling paint and years of patina from use speak the loudest to me.
Like this little chippy white one found in a junk shop. It was one the owner used all the time- and it wasn't for sale but  he sold to me after I fell in love with it.

And there is the one in the little cottage kitchen that has a special meaning.  This was in my grandfathers workshop- and though the bright red and green is not my usual color scheme- I love the tattered seat and the memories that it holds.

And I do have some newer ones as well...  because- slightly obsessed.
I love to use stools as little tables pretty much EVERYWHERE. And my number one tip to remember when buying a stool to use as a table- make sure the top is level. They make a lot of charming stools now that have a slight dip in the seat-which is probably super comfy compared to flat and hard wood- but  those dips will not do the best job doubling as a table.
Here are some of my favorite ways to use little stools in my home and decor- and I have your back with a few shopping options included if you decide you neeeeeed one too. :)

7 Favorite places and ways to use little stools

#1. As an extra table 

Love little stools as an extra table for spot to set a cup of tea or candle.

Or a few blooms... I mean- why not?

Find a similar log stool here  and a smaller version under $40 

#2.  In the bathroom 

I love to use a stool as an extra little table in the bathroom.

And this stool is one I get questions about all.the.time. I love to have a couple of these for using all over the place. Love this small bleached wood stool that looks like it is the same as the one I have in the bathroom

This is another one- such a cute chippy painted charming Farmhouse style stool

#2. As a spot to sit

Painted stools are great pulled up to a small table for seating as well. This vintage one is in the little cottage dining area.

A similar look- this  little blush painted stool- is available in quite a few colors & finishes. Tempting!!

#3. In the kitchen

 Raw natural looking wood that is similar to the ones in the kitchen

I love to use stools as an extra work spot- for flowers, for holding scissors and linens- or propping your foot while you work.

love this Rustic stool 

#4.  As a small side table 

When there isn't enough space for a full end table- a small stool is a perfect side table.

#5. By the hammock

Love to tuck a small stool near the hammock for holding a glass of water or cup of tea- or fresh clipped blooms.

#6. In the dining room

We don't always have an end chair at the table- so sometimes all I need is a small stool pulled up for a spot to sit. This is that favorite that moves

#7. In the greenhouse

Basically, a stool is always a good element to have to tuck pretty much anywhere and use for all kinds of things. I love to collect vintage ones- and as you can see- those vintage style new ones are pretty big favorites too. I hope this gives you some ideas on how to incorporate a charming little stool into your home.

Happy Wednesday everyone.

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  1. I love old stools too and have several throughout my house as well. I love all of yours and how you have them styled. Every shot is just beautiful!

  2. Happy Wednesday, Courtney! I suspect I've been adding little stools to my life longer than you, only because I'm older! 😊 Seriously, I've had an affinity for them forever, and well, they just seem to follow me home. I so enjoyed this post, and you've inspired me to work up a post of my own sometime in the future. It's a great topic! Like you, I use a stool along side a chair or sofa as a small table. I also use them to hold plants or a stack of books. A stool in the kitchen is perfect to pull up for that extra seat when guests are hanging around while the chef cooks. I wish our baths were large enough to allow a stool by the tub, though I hope to include one in our upcoming master bath remodel. Thanks for sharing your wonderful examples. I especially like the one that was in your grandfather's shop. Pieces with a family history are always the best!

  3. I love all the ideas ..
    They add character and look great in any area of your home ...
    Super Cute 🌷🐇🌷🐇🌷🐇🌷

  4. I love them too! I use mine all over , love your decor !

  5. Love this! I've collected a variety of stools over the years and once my trial attorney husband "used" one of them in a trial... It was the perfect height to make a point, though most of the time it resides beside the hearth, holding my favorite French Country design books!

  6. I also have a thing for old stools and use them all over the house. You have some beauties!

  7. Love stools, wonderful blog 😊

    1. Enjoyed your blog...wonderful creative ideas!! Thank you for sharing!