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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view.

This and that and everything... and sometimes a whole lot of nothing and just chatter.
This week it is all about behind the scenes snippets, a favorite mix and mingle, deep thoughts and mossy covered steps.

This week has been one full of family, fun and a bit of flower work.

My dad & his wife came over for a few hours to visit this week while there dog was at our local veterinarian. Yes, they make the trek across the land to bring their dog to our vet rather than the closest- he simply is THE BEST.
So while we chatted, my husband put together a cheese board and I made a quick brie en croute- and basically, our low carb diet was a bit crashed for the day- but it was so delicious.

Here are a few tips for creating a cheese board

Floral fix

I spent some time playing with flowers this weekend. And I have a bit of work on the agenda for this coming week too. Though is it really work when it involves pretty blooms in soft pastels and bold ranunculus?

Some of the flowers were starting to drop petals quite a bit as I worked- but I think they are bringing their own kind of beauty when they blanket the floor and so, grabbed a quick iphone snap.

Deep thinking... & moss covered stairs

We did a bit of touring and exploring this week and happened upon a slice of old world charm. I am a big sucker for  moss covered anything. Trees, rocks, walls, you name it- and when I found these old moss covered steps? Well, I had to stop and just stare for a moment.

They were at an old abandoned house -and I thought of the years of people climbing them to the next landing and running up and down having fun. I wondered where they led, what adventures were waiting at the top of those stairs, who once lived here and loved this old house.  I
Anyway, these beautiful moss covered stairs are at a house that no one lives in now and so I imagine that moss will continue to grow. I love them and they brought quite a few memories back of this house we live in-and they seemed to have a lot of stories they could tell.

A few Favorites On Sale

I just found out that some of the pieces in my collection with Soft Surroundings are on sale- and I am pretty excited about it!

I shared last week on FB - and so unfortunately some of them are already sold out- but a couple favorites are in stock and on sale.

This tufted chair  is under $400 right now- which is 50% off.

And this chippy chest of drawers- is under $600

Seriously good prices and when they are gone- they are gone.  The new collection is in the works and I am excited to share more soon.

Coming your way

A quick change in the bedroom that I am working on
A bit about garden clean up and planning for this year -coming on Wednesday
And coming your way tomorrow- that post about copper and where I just found the most amazing pieces at amazing prices.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Thanks for your blog. I read but rarely comment. Today is different, the moss covered steps are beautiful as well as the beautiful flowers.

  2. Oh my gosh, those stairs look like they will lead you straight up to enchantment!


  4. Loved this post. I am looking for something to grow moss on. Also I buy Soft Surroundings clothing but have never bought their furniture. I should watch for sales and buy some of your pieces. Do I just look online or do they have a catalog? Hope you had a good weekend