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On Trend - Velvet at High Point Market

Rich. Luxurious. Beautiful.

How do you feel about velvet?

I am in love with velvet fabric. The soft hand, subtle sheen and incredible depth it has.
And though I am a neutral loving girl...I have to admit... High Point Market showrooms were giving me some serious inspiration with bold and deep colors.
Velvet upholstery isn't new of course. 
It has been around for years and years- and whether it is covering a whole piece like a sofa or a chair- or used as an accent- it is- for lack of a better description- 

Rich velvety goodness AKA- Incredible.

And Velvet is definitely on trend again this market. 
And if you instantly have a thought of the velvet of years past... 
the ones that were a bit over the top and over the everything else- toss those aside folks. 
This velvet is pretty perfect.
And I just may be switching from a neutral velvet I was ordering... 
to something bold and beautiful after this Market- because it was so beautiful every time I saw it.

Here are some of the inspirations I snapped from 
various showrooms:

Hello rich green velvet goodness... 

More than mildly obsessed with this one. And the tack heads just finish it perfectly. I would love to see this with brass tacks too- yummy!

Universal also had this rich ruby red- I love the simple lines of this sofa too.

Gorgeous teal velvet? YES. YES. YES.

And how about a soft blush? I mean- there isn't even a question. Love.

I mean... I am not usually a huge green girl- but green was talking to me this market.

A pop of rich gold? Absolutely perfect.
This is from Ray Booth at Hickory Furniture and it shows just how gorgeous even a couple of pillows for a touch of velvet can be.

Sonder Living had an abundance of beautiful velvet.
Talk about rich and elegant- how about this eggplant? Incredible.

I love the gold detailing as well.
And this gold detailing...

And the softer side at Sonder Living- blushing blush

and lilac.

A deep charcoal gray velvet chair fits in perfectly with neutrals and is simply beautiful.

A most modern take- this lucite chair has just a touch of pearly velvet fabric.

A little bold and sassy and so on trend- channel back rich dusty coral.

A mix of bold blue and blush is a fun twist and youthful approach with velvet

And in their Cosmopolitan Living collection- the pastels are perfect for a teen room or dorm room

I loved this rich true red velvet by Sarah Richardson

and also the smoky blue that she uses on repeat.

This was a favorite stop for inspiration- and this sofa was stunning in subtle beige/blush velvet.

In their bathroom- they showed their bolder side with a rich teal velvet settee.

So as you can see... velvet on repeat everywhere at market. 
And I was loving it. 
My eyes and hands seemed to be drawn to it at every stop- it is just so beautiful.

What do you think? 
Would you incorporate a bit of velvet in your home? 
Are you going bold and beautiful or staying on the softer side?

As I mentioned, I just may be in bringing a bit of velvet goodness in to a new room refresh-and I haven't yet decided whether I am going to walk on the wild side... 
so stay tuned.

Happy Tuesday everyone.


I was compensated to share my market favorites with you- but all loves and opinions are my own.


  1. I have my grandmother's champagne colored velvet sofa she bought at Ethan Allen in 1976. The velvet is still in amazing shape and I have even washed the cushion covers after I inherited it. Someone has spilled red colored drink on it and turned the cushions over to hide and it came out! I also washed them after our precious 18 month old daughter drew small circles all over the cushions with an ink pen and it came clean. The cushions need new insides but it is lovely. We purchased a teal velvet sofa this summer and it is beautiful! and comfy. It is by Flexsteel. The salesman was a bit surprised I chose teal velvet but I knew what I wanted!

  2. I love velvet. It holds up amazingly well also. Love down bench seated sofas. Big oversized chairs. I don’t like velvet when it’s on cheesy cheap chairs with bad upholstery jobs.

  3. I LOVE the sage green velvet sofa, no wonder you are obsessed. I am also. I clicked on the link for Universal showroom & could not find the sofa anywhere???? Any help with make, model/style # & the color (looks sage to me on my screen), will be appreciated. Thanks Courtney!

    1. I believe it is the Duncan sofa with custom upholstery.

    2. That green velvet is everything. I adore.

  4. I think velvet is beautiful and so luxurious, but it looks wintry to me... Is it just me?

  5. Beautiful, I love velvet! But, I also love my cat...I don't think velvet is good with pets.

  6. I love velvet. It has such a rich look! I have a lot of velvet in my house!Velvet to me is a fabric that never looks dated and can be used for any style.

  7. I especially love the moss green velvet! It could be in my future!

  8. So happy to see beautiful color at the market especially in velvet. I am anxiously awaiting for 4 emerald green velvet pillows to grace my sofas.

  9. I love the way they have mixed the velvet pieces ( which are SO lovely) with edge-y side tables, trendy artwork etc to keep it looking totally modern. I adored my great-grandmother's velvet sofa in her living room; it could so easily mix with the beautiful decor from today's market, but alas it was not destined to be mine. Thanks for sharing the fabulous finds and also for sparking a good memory.

  10. I'm just not there. Velvet wears so nicely I agree. Some of colors were lovely and I'm sure you will do amazing things with it.