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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view

Coming to you this week from incredibly beautiful & inspiring Paris.


Can you believe that I am writing this blog post from a charming little hotel in Paris? Such a dream to be in this beautiful city doing a bit of work and a bit of play this weekend and
so the weekend view will be about Paris- and a bit short and sweet.

 I have been wandering the cobblestone streets, sipping coffee and I even found peonies at a French flower shop.

I will be sharing all about our trip- including the most beautiful apartment to stay in and what places we have explored soon. And what I have learned that I didn't know before.

Small luggage living

Something funny, I actually packed everything into my carry-on suitcase and my handbag for this trip. And it is actually less than I usually pack for quick trips in the U.S. Not quite sure how I did that- but I will let you know how those only 2 pairs of shoes and capsule wardrobe packing works out.


Of course, beautiful blooms are a must everywhere- and in Paris- peonies seem to be even more beautiful than usual if that is even possible.

Work at home

While we are having a bit of fun working and playing here- back home is busy at the house.
We have family staying with Sweet Pea and house sitting- and a bonus- they are helping us do a bit of work while there.  We are getting ready to repaint the entire outside of the house and cottage- fences, window boxes -you name it. And they jumped at the chance to make a little extra money while there.  They are starting on the paint prep work- removing window boxes and scraping any loose paint, washing siding, etc. and doing some indoor paint prep as well.
Though painting is the easiest way to update a room or home- the process to get ready for the paint to go on is a bit of a job and we are grateful to have their help.

Sweet Grand Dogs

And just look at that face... a little stinker that gets into trouble but such a sweetie. Jade is enjoying lounging on the sofa pillows and running around the house chasing the Sweet Pea currently- and of course looking innocent while doing it.

Coming your way-

All about Paris and our travels- including where we are off to next.

Day One at High Point Market Highlights

A fun summer tour with several friends

And more about that incredible antique cupboard that I shared a sneak peek of last week.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. If you can, please share your experiences with brocantes while there. We are leaving Tuesday and have next Saturday slated to spend searching out French markets. So excited.

  2. If I was the jealous type, I would be so jealous of you. My Dad's "tree" is from France and I always wanted to go there and to Israel. However, at age 78, I believe my time will be spent in the USA! So happy you are having a wonderful time and enjoying everything Paris has to offer.

  3. Have fun! Jealous here 😁 Can't wait for your posts when your trip is done.

  4. freat comments,,,I felt that I was back in Paris.

  5. Wow, it's great that you finally are able to see Paris! I can't wait to read your next post!

  6. LOVE IT! I'm so happy that you've finally made it to Paris! <3 It is absolutely one of my favorite places in the world. My husband and I try to go each year and I still get the butterflies and fall in love with Paris EVERY time. There is certainly something in the air! Have a wonderful time and soak it up. I know this won't be your last trip. You won't be able to resist. :)

  7. Your trip to Paris sounds lovely and your photos are exceptionally beautiful!! I saved several to enjoy for later and to share with my husband who will delight in seeing them as well! Thanks so much for such a picturesque blog! It's refreshing and informative and always a feast for the eyes!! ��