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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view...

Another edition of this and that and everything in one post.
This week it is all about travel, catching up and what we are working on.

Last week- the weekend view came to you from Italy and Roquebrune, France before we hopped on a train to Avignon and then back to Paris before heading home mid week.


Avignon was one place on my husbands list to stop at. We actually were going to be going in a different direction but our host in Roquebrune advised us a better spot to stop- and it just so happened to be a place my husband was super excited about.
 Full of history- a walled city in the middle of France with a palace and much more to explore.

My husband loves history. I swear the man remembers every random fact about history that he learned even in 2nd grade.   While he talked to me all about the history - I snapped the usual things that caught my attention. Old doors, old patina, local people busy going about their day- I will share much more soon.

Playing Catch up

On Sleep. Big Time.
I worked while in Europe- on several upcoming things and on everyday things so I didn't feel like I lost ground on work projects while on vacation.  But sleep? That is another thing.  I would have loved to transition from that missed day of sleep and the 9 hour time difference much easier than I did. We were running on adrenaline, coffee and sleep fumes for awhile. On the way back home was easier than going- but I am not ashamed to admit after getting home- I got into bed to watch tv on Friday night and fell asleep just after 7pm. And I slept.

And slept. Until about 3:30 am. Which honestly is about the time we were up in Paris most days. But 3:30am their time. Basically- we were allllll crazy with the times. I am hoping that by the time I am leaving for the next trip- I will have that whole time change sleep thing figured out- if you have any tips- I need them all!


The best laid plans... we were supposed to start painting the outside of the house & cottage this week.  And we have days and days of rain in the forecast.  We have a big get together here in July- so we have some time to get it done- but would love to notch it off as soon as possible and get those window boxes back up. Funny thing though- we have switched gears just a little from the colors we were using- so I guess the delay is not a bad thing.

Garden Plans

We planted about a dozen lavender a few weeks ago- and this week- in the breaks in the rain- we are adding some supplemental plants  to the garden. The wisteria has leafed out beautifully- though we missed any blooms- and the catmint and lambs ear are insanely lush at the moment.

I will be sharing a few snaps from our garden tomorrow - as well as how we are getting the yard ready for a fun get together coming up next weekend. AND there will be a giveaway- so make sure to stop by tomorrow for all the details.

Also coming your way-
All about Cinque Terre, Italy & Roquebrune, France- and why we loved them so much.
Travel packing tips- we packed just 2 carry-ons for 2 weeks.
The antique cupboard I shared a peek at
a fun party idea
and much more about Paris, London, Italy and the south of France- and where we will be going back to next trip.

See you tomorrow for the giveaway- Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Can't wait to hear more, my daughter and son in law are on a cruise through Italy, France and Spain. Feeling envious.

  2. My tip when you're travelling, it's what I do and it works for me, is to book a flight that gets you to your destination early in the evening. You get to your hotel, nibble on something and go right to sleep, even if it's only 9:30 pm. Whatever the time zone you wake up the next morning as if you hadn't changed zones.

  3. I hope this makes sense. I read that you can ease your body into a new time zone by fasting. Google jetlag and fasting.

  4. Google jetlag and fasting.

  5. Most flights to Europe from DFW seem to be board the flight at night, fly overnight, arrive in Europe the next morning. I traveled with a group of high school students each summer for several years as a chaperone to France and other countries. One tip we were given to adjust to lack of sleep and jet lag was to start several days before the trip with this routine... each night go to bed one hour earlier and get up the next morning one hour earlier than the day before. By the time you board the overnight flight around 5:00 p.m., you are ready to fall asleep for the night. I had moderate success. The one thing that made the difference for me flying overnight was having a seat in business class. The seat reclined completely and I was able to sleep soundly for several hours. Jet lag was easier than trying to sleep sitting up in coach class. I used frequent flyer miles to upgrade to business class, and I was no longer going with students.