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Weekend View

Happy Sunday everyone.

I hope whatever your plans are this long weekend that you are enjoying yourself and reflecting on  what Memorial Day means this weekend.
I am writing this while sipping coffee and listening to the rain falling outside. It is so peaceful and cozy and I do love it- though, we are somewhat knee deep in house painting over here- and slowed by the rain again. We will likely be scrapping those outdoor paint plans this week and keep the painting indoors until the stormy weather moves along. I have lived in California almost my whole life- and I don't ever remember a May being so rainy and cold.  I will say that I do love the burst of green that we have outside- it is beautiful and so lush.

This week, the weekend view is a mish mash.  I am churning some ideas for a project I am working on that I am excited to really delve into- and while I am so glad to be home- also missing all that inspiration from Europe- which is actually translating into another project as well. And there is some fun stuff that has been behind the scenes for a bit- but is finally coming your way to my shop very soon.

And today, it is all about projects, garden, shoots, travel & upcoming plans this summer.

Europe Travel 

I just wrote a post sharing a few iphone photos from our trip- and yesterday, I downloaded all the photos I took with my camera. And oh my. There was A LOT I haven't shared yet.

This floral and vine covered balcony was in Monaco- and such a beauty!! A quick phone snap from below on the street as we walked by but I had to capture it.

While I will be doing more posts about travel and sharing a few tips for packing and saving money while traveling- I also wanted to answer a couple of your questions.  I am not an expert by any means- this was our first trip abroad but we felt like we learned quite a bit and we got off the local tourist paths to see and live more like they do for a few days. So, maybe we learned something that would help you in planning your next trip. If you have any questions about Paris, London, Italy or the french countryside- please let me know and I will try to answer them. I have a several  posts ready to share more- and will add them where they fit.

Summer Plans

We have a family get together on the summer agenda this July. (hence that new coat of paint on the house and garden updates!)  And with lots of family coming from all over- it should be a fun party! We haven't had a big get together in quite a few years- but decided it was long overdue to invite everyone to  basically laugh for hours on end. Our family is a bit crazy- and we definitely do our share of laughing at ourselves.

While planning, I will share some of my ideas that make planning a big party less crazy- and also what we are serving and how I am decorating. Hint: Simple elegance. I am excited to jump into more plans in the next couple weeks.


I am in search of a perfect lake location for a specific shoot- and this week we hopped in the car with the Pea and drove a few hours north to see what we could find.

We found beautiful, quiet lakes... and snow, haha. So our lake shoot may need to wait just a bit longer until that snow melts away.


Of course, after we saw snow, it made us want to add green and color to the gardens. Not really, but it is my excuse for bringing home 5 of these gorgeous hydrangeas.  They are some kind of new hybrid type of hydrangea- called Endless Summer. We are excited to see how they do here. And that wee bright blue stool?

Well, sometimes you bump into something cute at the thrift store for $5 and bring it home. It is a bit bright- but it is reminding of the blue I saw on this door and elsewhere in London and so I am kind of liking it. I haven't even cleaned it up yet- but I have an idea of what I will be doing to make it mesh a bit more with my style while keeping that charm.

A bit of shopping

I am taking advantage of the sales this weekend- and ordering a few things for some upcoming shoots, stylings and that party I mentioned.
Some of the sales I am shopping:
(some affiliate links)

H&M- up to 30% off and free shipping- I ordered a couple tablecloths and napkins

Macy's-  up to 20% EXTRA off with code MEMDAY-and I have these gorgeous pressed glass goblets in my cart ($15!!) 

Wayfair up to 70% off site wide - more glassware for the party

Soft Surroundings - 30% off with code STARS30 - 
Use it on everything- like this favorite pillow from my collection with them that is finally back in stock. 

Balsam Hill - up to 40% off site wide- including my floral collection like the Brittany Rose, Loire Valley and Marseille Meadow 

Photo via Balsam Hill  courtesy of Miss Mustard Seed

And... my book is on sale at AMAZON for $23-
Signed Copies of my book in my shop are available for $32  through tomorrow while supplies last.


Stay tuned for more travel and decor inspiration coming your way this week- and have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.


  1. Courtney, the window boxes and balcony in Monoco is stunning! I'm in awe of all the lush color and growth.
    The Endless Summer hydrangeas are popular here in Austin, but I've yet to try them. We have a difficult time growing anything but Oak Leaf hydrangeas because of our summers. Our triple digits and restricted water use makes it difficult. Good luck! They are certainly pretty. Have a great weekend!

  2. Love it thanks for sharing the picts

  3. I plan on a trip to Paris, and will look forward to your tips. I think that is the most beautiful window box I have ever seen Stunning!!