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A few simple ways to decorate with mirrors

I am a huge fan of mirrors... 

in pretty much every and any room in the house.

Mirrors add so much to a room- more than just reflecting a pretty view 
or bouncing much needed light across the room.
And today- for our 20 minute decorating series- I am sharing a few easy ways to decorate with mirrors and make your room feel completely different in just a few minutes.

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#1. Stack them up

Instantly add oomph, beauty and a beautiful view to a room by layering mirrors in the corner.
This vignette was created by my husband- I can't take credit. 

This photo is from my book- and it changed not long after I took it.

I did buy the antique mirror and place it there- but when I found this charming smaller reproduction at HomeGoods
my husband carried it inside for me and placed it up against the other mirror - and voila! Instantly perfect.

#2. Place a small mirror on a wee chest

I love an unexpected something- and this little florentine chest of drawers was perfect with gold artwork- 

but for a bit of fun- I changed it and added a small vintage mirror. 
A quick change that made this vignette feel totally different.

#3. In the center of the sink console

This isn't a new idea- but it did solve my dilemma of matching mirrors above the sinks. 
I had been scrambling to wrap up the bathroom styling before a get together-and had a hard time sourcing 2 mirrors that would work for this space and have the right look.

I decided one large mirror would be a good fit and we stacked it on top of the console and secured it about 15 minutes before guests arrived. 

#4. Add a wreath for interest

Maybe you already have a great mirror in a great spot but you want to spruce it up in a few minutes- just add a pretty fresh or faux wreath and call it good. That bit of greenery adds a new dimension and changes the way the mirror and room feels.

#5. Think outside the box

You can tuck a small mirror nearly anywhere and have a charming display- the cupboard shelves inside an armoire- several in a hallway to add light, in the kitchen on the side butler pantry prep counter... If they have an interesting frame- that adds another dimension- and if they are vintage even more charm.

Here is a post about favorite vintage mirrors and where to find pieces to get the look with reproductions-  and really- changing the look of a room or adding a burst of warm light and reflection is easy to do in just a few minutes by adding a mirror.  Safety first when hanging them or leaning against the wall of course- don't forget to secure them well- and enjoy!

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