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Celebrating Dad - and Giveaway with Greenworks

One of the things I remember doing when I was a little girl was following my dad around
to help him with all the fun things he did.

When you are a kid- it seems like Dads get to do fun stuff around the house. They use tools, make messes and make lots of noise and they get to play in the dirt in the garden. That work sometimes looks like a whole lot of fun for sure.

And I grew up doing projects with my dad and using tools. My dad was an original DIY guy from everything from projects in the house and to doing yard projects.

Of course, my brother and I 'helped' with all those renovation projects.

In reality, we were simply pounding nails into a 2x4  or using a hand saw to cut a board that really didn't need cutting - but we were  'helping' him while he built things.

We had a huge garden and double tiered yard in my childhood home- which means a lot of yard work. He was basically the kind of guy who always had his hands (and hair and clothes) covered in dirt and sawdust. I can remember being paid for mowing and yard work projects-and when I became a mom, I also loved sharing that love of working on the house and garden projects with our kids too. All three of our kids have been hands on especially with yard work and gardening- it was one of their summer jobs every year when they were old enough and both of my boys actually worked for several neighbors doing yard and farm work as well.

Though... some of those projects looked more like work for sure- and some of the ways we did them back in the day were definitely not the easiest or quickest way to get the job done-like using a brush to paint the entire house.  
And even worse than brushing paint on- I remember helping my dad get ready to paint the house- scraping loose paint and cleaning the dirt off before you can apply a new coat. 
We did it with the hose, scrapers and a towel to wipe stubborn areas.
 That was a JOB.  

Definitely an old way of doing things that was beyond ready to be retired... which is where this comes in... so excited for our latest addition to our Greenworks tool arsenal that has been a GAME CHANGER. A  pressure washer.

Have you ever used a pressure washer? It is AMAZING.
That chippy paint? Gone in nothing. We literally cleaned and removed the old paint on the pergolas on the front and back of the house in about  20 minutes- without standing on a ladder.
Before using this- we kind of thought that a pressure washer was kind of like a hose with an attachment to give it more oomph on the end.
 But it is not even close- and the best part about this one?
It uses less water per minute than other power washers- And MUCH less water than using the hose.

Our Greenworks  power washer uses just 1.2 gallons per minute-  while a garden hose uses on average- 10 -20 gallons per minute. ( via article from Hunker 

Which is actually crazy when you think about how much water that is.
Using less water in California- and in any state- is a good thing- so finding out that we can get the job done well in a fraction of the time and while saving water use- is amazing.
I love that Greenworks and their tools are not only so easy to use - they are also earth friendly.

You can read more about our battery operated Greenworks lawn mower 

and our battery operated Greenworks trimmer & blower here 
And side note- that same battery works on over 23+ Greenworks tools- which is pretty amazing and I love that we just have one charger instead of 5 for all the tools.

AND Something fun for you for Father's Day! GreenWorks Tools is giving away...

 (3) $300 gift cards to Lowe's 

To enter, simply click over to the Greenworks tools Instagram pagefollow them and comment on the post.

For more chances to win- Simply @ a friend in the Greenworks post. Every friend you tag gains you another entry. So like the photo and tag 10 friends, you get 11 entries. Tag 15 friends and you get 16 chances to win! See how that works!?

The contest winners will be picked on Friday, June 14th at 3 pm EST. Tag as many as you want until then.

Good luck!!

I partnered with Greenworks tools to share our latest tool crush- but all opinions and love of Greenworks and what they do are my own.


  1. This post made me cry, it made me think of my dad and all the good times we had

  2. Bought a Greenworks power washer. I love it. It is lightweight so easy for me to use. I power washed the deck and some old metal chairs I sm going to paint. So addictive also. Didn't want to stop so I washed the back of the house and started on the sidewalk. Had to stop because sun went down. Lol. I would highly recommend it.

  3. I am excited about your trimmer and blowerthese look amazing and just what I need Would love to win. I am 78 and need easy to use equiptment These are the perfect fit

  4. I am excited about your trimmer and blowerthese look amazing and just what I need Would love to win. I am 78 and need easy to use equiptment These are the perfect fit

  5. WOW, we are so much alike! I grew up with a hands on Dad and helped him with all the chores. We had five kids in the family and my Dad loved gardening and being self sufficient, so we had a huge garden, lots of yard work and a few chickens and a cow. What a lucky childhood! I love this post. I had never heard of Greenworks but those tools look awesome. Thank you!

  6. like a few others, I have not heard of Greenworks either...however in the small town where I live, there is a nursery called Greenworks...small world! The tools do indeed look awesome...thanks so much for the "giveaway!""