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Five Minute Decorating: Ideas for adding low maintenance beauty to your yard

Last week, I shared an idea from my book for creating a charming 'welcome' at a gathering at your home with a beach bike and blooms. 

And along that same idea- I am sharing a few more ways to add a burst of summer sunshine and cheer to your home- but in a low maintenance and EASY way
that will last you all summer long without even thinking about it.

Years ago, I remember sitting outside at my moms house and noticing her hanging baskets.
They were overflowing in bright colors and dotted the fence in between the houses-
 and they added a burst of summer charm.

it was winter.

Now winter here in California doesn't necessarily look like a snowy white winter
 full of freezing temperatures -
winter is more of a quiet time when the gardens are sleeping getting ready for spring and summer.

But things aren't really in bloom and lush green either. 
Though they were at my moms. 
Her secret?
They were faux blooms that she brought outdoors.
And she loved them. 

And the best part was that they lasted and lasted and she didn't have to water them and even when 
we had those severe water restrictions  here in California.

And on that same note- 
 one of the things I have heard from quite a few of you is about ideas for adding charm and beauty to your yard- 
that don't require a huge commitment.
That don't require daily upkeep (water, pruning, etc) 
and that adds instant oomph.

Just like what my mom was looking for.

So...when these boxes that Balsam Hill sent my way arrived today-
 I styled a few fun ideas for using those all year long arrangements in different ways.

#1. Window Boxes

Have I ever talked about how many window boxes we have on our house and cottage?
Over 20 okay more like going towards 25. 
Yes. That is A LOT of planting and watering.

I love window boxes and love how much charm they add to the house. We are currently painting the house and boxes- and the wooden window boxes were on the ground - 
and this vibrant summer bloom window box from Balsam Hill 
arrived ready to put into place.

I set it two together because we do have a large span for our usual boxes. 
I should note: 
Our window box brackets are already in place for our window boxes- but these window boxes from Balsam Hill come with metal brackets that hook right onto your windows.

#2. Buckets of blooms

This same colorful arrangement comes in a simple metal bucket that is perfect for using on a table, by and entry door and as a pretty little vignette in any room.

In the greenhouse- where most of the plants have already been moved and planted in the garden now
those shelves can feel a bit bare.

This is an easy no maintenance idea for adding a bit of warmth and color all season long.

#3. On the Patio

Our rock patio area is one of those spots that tends to stay a bit neutral and natural
but on occasion- it is all about bold and beautiful for a party or styling.
And this wreath and arrangement covered in colorful daisies created a patio with a pop.

These Outdoor Meadow pieces are more traditional colors and not something I normally bring home
but they really do add a huge cheery boost to this area - and would look great all season long.
That little potted flower is actually a hanging basket that I placed into a pot- 
so several ways to use those.

#4. A touch of whimsy 

Because, I am all about that little sprinkle of magic and ambiance
I knew that those window boxes were the perfect size for my beach bike. 
So that party idea last week was with balloons and fresh flowers- 
this week is an idea for creating a welcome everyday with a beach bike and faux flowers
 that will greet your guests with a smile.

I put the window box on several color bikes to show how  it looks with each of them.

This is such a simple easy vignette to place in your driveway or entry walk area, 
 by a picket fence, etc.
You could add a little sign saying 'Welcome' as well-
and you could also grab that bucket for the front of the bike for double the charm.

Simple easy ways to brighten your yard
 that are low water and low maintenance... and beautiful.
And they are outdoor, rain, weather safe and fade resistent- on top of it.

You can find all the pieces in these collections here: 

And the full outdoor safe floral collection - and everything else 

Including the French Country Cottage Floral Collection
 and their gorgeous Christmas trees.

What about you-
where would you put low maintenance faux florals in your yard?

Happy weekend everyone.

I am Balsam Hill's Brand Ambassador- but all opinions and love of Balsam Hill are my own.


  1. This is so beautiful and would work here because all that lives is cacti!!...I even have an antique bike I can use.

  2. Love this and I like to mix faux and real...makes it even harder to tell my green thumb is really a shade of brown 🤣