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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view.

It has been a week full of painting, painting and more painting.
And just a bit of gardening too.

Painting the house

You know one of those jobs that you hate to do... but then know that you can get it wrapped up and would rather pocket that change than hire out?  Painting the house is one of those jobs.

I have painted the house and cottage by myself before. It took a bit of time- admittedly - probably a good week and a half of painting by myself almost non stop all day. That was probably about 8 years ago now. And last year, we started to do some updates on paint recently- but found some repairs that needed to happen so hit the pause button.

But this spring- we knew we wanted to tackle the fresh coat on the cottage and house. And went to get the cans of paint- and they changed brands and did not have our paint or color in the system.
After staring blankly for a few minutes- we went with a new color. One that was close to our old color - which was called Asiago- but fresh and crisp white called Du Jour.

And this paint... incredibly thick. We have been so impressed. It is by Valspar and is about $45 a gallon- but it is the best paint we have used exterior wise so far.  (not sponsored)

Are we done yet?

Not yet. We have gotten about 3/4 of the way around the house and cottage- but we have the tall front to do yet- which is basically 2.5 stories and some very old original trim over there that needs to be completely replaced. As well, the pergolas. Whose idea were those? hahah. So many boards to paint on those. So, we are hoping to wrap it up this week with another day or so of painting.

Vineyard photography

June is shaping up to be a chock full month of photography projects over here.  I love picking up my camera and capturing all kinds of beauty through that lens- and traveling with my camera for location shoots is a favorite. This month so far, we have 3 vineyard shoots on the calendar- and I cannot wait to share the behind the scenes on them. 


We have had some crazy storms rolling through this past week. Out of the blue, thunder starts rumbling and before you know it- it is dumping rain and hail. It reminds me of summers in Tahoe when there would be random storms that would pop up- and it also reminds me of summers in the midwest. Seems it rained all summer there. But that green beauty was incredible.
We decided to brave the storms and head outside to sit by the fire this week. We were actually outside by the fire in March more than we were in May- which is crazy - but we are enjoying it and loving how lush the gardens are growing in this year.

Window Boxes

This week, after painting the window boxes - we started to get some of the new plants in place. We actually changed the color of our window boxes from gloss black to white- so we have layers of shades of white on the house currently (waiting for a few architectural updates to add a touch of color) and I was hesitant at first since I thought it might be a bit too bland- but I have to say,  that white on white looks SO good and really lets the plants and weathered shingles stand out.
I will share more in a post coming up on cottage gardening and favorite plants for planting window boxes soon.

Coming your way

Tomorrow is a busy day on the blog- I have 2 posts going up about summer and patio entertaining. Crazy to have two posts- but sometimes schedules get a bit wacky and juggled and they land on the same day- so keep an eye out for those. AND something exciting that might have to do with one of those posts that I can hardly wait to share next week. It is something you have asked for again and again... and so... stay tuned!!

Coming this week also- that village in France we fell in love with. I am dreaming of it pretty much daily and already planning a trip back.

And another edition of 20 minute decorating- which is one of my favorite things.

Happy Sunday everyone.

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  1. Can't wait to hear of your favorite village. I've enjoyed every post you've done. I guess I'm an armchair traveler!