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Weekend View

Happy weekend everyone.

Time for the weekend view full of this & that and today- a happy Father's Day wish.

Sitting on the dock

If you follow me on instagram, you know that I was up in the Tahoe area this week for a photo shoot that involved a dock, a sunset view and a bunch of peonies.

I snapped a few behind the scenes photos of the lake and dock while there...
and yes, as you can see
I brought a bunch of peonies along for fun.

C'est moi.

Painting & Projects

Yesterday I painted the ceilings and walls in two rooms.

And while I am thrilled with how the rooms look- I am paying for it today.
My shoulder has decided to revolt. Which, to be honest, I knew would likely happen.
I have had shoulder issues for several years now.  Yes, I have gone to physical therapy for months -3x a week- and the therapist was so surprised at how tight the muscles were in my shoulder blade area - that he could not believe I didn't have terrible headaches all the time. 
I used to think it was just from stress- but it might be an old repetitive overuse injury from years and years of competitive swimming.  Either way,  if you stop by for a cup of tea- my friend Ben Gay and I will put the kettle on. lol

Side note- The ceilings look INCREDIBLE with a fresh coat in semi-gloss. :)

Flax Linen Slipcovers

You all completely blew me away with your response to the slipcovers in my shop. The stock I had available sold out completely in just about 12 hours. Thank you so much for the enthusiastic energy- I am so thrilled you like them.

We currently have them on order and I have the listings set to Pre-Orders currently. If you would like to make sure you are able to grab your linens or slipcovers next time- you can order HERE.

Father's Day 

Wishing all the dads & dad figures out there a very happy fathers day.
I grew up with two dads and a grandfather who all played a dad role in my life. When my parents divorced when I was 8 and we had 2 homes we bounced to and from - my dad was that rock in his house and in my childhood home, my stepdad became that guy.

I was not the easiest of kids as I got into teenage years- and I gave both of those guys a run for their money.  Thankfully, they both were patient and understanding and my stepdad - who I lived with most of the time- even added a bit of humor in response to my attitude. Which of course, at the time just infuriated me more haha.

It took a few years, a 6 month stay with my grandparents in another city and a whole lot of me growing up and realizing that just because that ideal mom and dad and kids with the dog and cat version of my family changed- it was for the better.  I had gained an extra dad and was lucky to have them.

Coming your way:

Part 2 of our stay in Roquebrune- Monaco and Avignon
Travel tips- and what we packed in our carry only for 2 weeks
Simple ways to add French cottage charm to your kitchen
and more

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Father's Day is a very special day. You are truly blessed to have had two strong men in your life. Loving and caring men.

  2. What brand and color paint did you use?

  3. Great story, so great you had both men in your life to make you feel loved! by the way will you show us the rooms you painted when done?