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Q & A about our French range & why we love it

It has been about 2 years since our beautiful pale blue Lacanche range arrived at our home all the way from France.

And the love affair is going strong over here. I get emails, messages and questions all the time about our Lacanche & about how it has been holding up after using it for awhile.  So today- it is all about answering a couple of your most asked questions.

#1. Are you happy with how your range cooks, bakes, etc.? 

Indeed. My husband loves to cook and cooks much more than I do- and he is very happy with how the Lacanche works. We love that there are several sizes of burners to handle all the sizes of cooking jobs- from simmer to big old pans full of veggies for stir fry.  And something we have enjoyed is having 2 ovens for cooking  different things at the same time. I do realize many of you probably have had 2 ovens for years and years- we always had just one so having two and the ability to set them at different temperatures, etc feels like an indulgence for us.

#2. Do you miss having an oven that self cleans?

Honestly, I didn't ever really use the self clean feature on our previous range- so I don't miss it at all. And the range is super easy to clean.

#3. Does it have a broiler?

Our range does not have a broiler- but you can order a range with a broiler.

#4. Is it hard to keep clean?

The enamel is very easy to keep clean - no special cleaning products required. And I just pull the grates off the top for wiping down as needed.

#5.  How hard it is to find someone to service it if you need that?

I have not had to service the range- but I do know that there are people all over the U.S. who know how to work on Lacanche and have not heard that it is a problem to get service.

#6. Would you buy a Lacanche again? 

Absolutely! We love ours so much! I would love to add a small one to the little cottage and if we purchase a second home- I would love to have one in that house too.

#7. What color is your range- and what model? 

We have a Cluny range in the color Vert Silice.  On the website- Vert Silice looks more green - but in my opinion it is really more like a duck egg blue/gray/tinge of green on occasion color depending on the lighting.

#8. How & why did you choose a color other than black or white?

The color struggle is real!! I wrestled back and forth with color and it took me quite awhile to hit send on the color and place the order.  Basically, I felt like the Lacanche was such a special piece to bring into the kitchen. I love (and almost went with) white with brass... but at the same time, I wanted something that stood out a bit more and felt different than the usual  white or black.
But I wanted a color that felt cohesive rather than bright and bam (so to speak) so bold colors were out. When I went to the showroom in NYC to see the ranges in person- I was in love with EVERY color I saw. I realized ther is no wrong choice!  Burgudy, royal blue, black, white, yellow- they have so many color options and they are all incredible.  And when I looked at the color chip pile of the sea of beautiful colors to choose from - I picked up Vert Silice- I fell in love with it.
So, ultimately, after wrestling with myself on the color choice- I went back to that first emotional response and reaction to the color chips- and placed the order.

More Questions?
Send them my way!

And you can also read my first post about our Lacanche and the questions I answered HERE.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Its a gorgeous Range to be sure!!!! I love it but would never have an oven that is not self cleaning..I cook a lot and mine gets so dirty..

  2. I absolutely love the cooker and the colour. Is that a storage drawer at the bottom?

  3. I want one!!!! And if I ever do get one, I think I would copy your color because it is sooooo pretty!!