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Simple & easy tips for a summer guest bedroom refresh

Summer brings to mind hot days in the hammock and warm nights doing a bit of star gazing.

And it also brings light and bright decor in the house.
Confession: I am a seriel decorator. Mover. Changer. Re-doer. Updater. Every.Season is an occasion for a fresh styling I think-  I have no shame. 
And I think that this English bulldog might agree that cozy & comfy is always a good thing.

When it comes to bringing a fresh summer style to the house I am all about crisp white.
Something that I do when looking for a starting point of decorating a room- is to think of the feeling I am looking for.

For example- summer coastal cozy- I think of beach days and salty sea breezes, flip flops and big straw hats. 

That feeling brings a color palette with it-  soft muted sand, bright blue, and fluffy white clouds and lots of sandy texture.

So this room... well, it came together based off coastal breezes and salty air inspirations.

With a little bit of vintage... and fresh picked wildflowers.

I tend to start with a single piece that kicks off the inspiration for a room. And in this room-  I was inspired by a bohemian style bed I found that had a lovely bleached wood finish.

From there- I worked with things I had on hand- a cane chair with a slipcover,  a vintage wood bench that was in the attic and an aubusson pillow & rug.

We updated the lighting with a new vintage inspired chandelier (more coming soon) and a fresh coat of paint all around (Simply White).

But where the bedroom really came together was with the most delicious  layers of linens from my friends at Soft Surroundings.

You know Soft Surroundings well- they are an incredible company and I have been working with them for years. They have the most dreamy 'soft' elements that you have seen here again and again- bedding, pillows, curtains. And they are where I found Everything Soft & beautiful that I was looking for to bring this breezy summer bedroom together- and the result was a cozy bed that even that brawny English Bulldog appreciated sinking into!

Let's talk about those yummy details.

The Bedding

Waffle weave texture love is a real thing.

 I fell in love with the subtle nubby texture on this duvet- and the icing on the cake was that it also has the perfect embellishment for my romantic side. A crocheted and raw linen edge adds a perfect finishing detail.

I layered a king size coverlet over a down alternative comforter and added some chunky euro pillows to create a bed you could sink into.

Detail love: One of my favorite details aside from the crochet edging are the ties on the back of the shams. I reversed one of the shams to show them and love how it added another element to the overall look.

The Curtains

Billowy beautiful smocked curtains that add a bit of drama.... not sure if I can get any more obsessed than I am with these.

I love a curtain that has adds to a room but doesn't overpower or stand out as the focus. Again- it is all about the layers and how they work together to create that feeling in a space.

I fell in love with these curtains for several reasons- They have a fabulously over full large size and that smocking detail at the top. Depending on how you want the curtains to look in your room- you can use 1, 2 or more panels to create that lush look.  These windows are about 40" each- and 2 worked perfectly.  They bottoms are far wider than the smocked tops- and so incredibly full and lush.

Detail love: I am in love with that dainty delicate smocking & ruffle at the top. It reminds me of little girls dresses and the romantic feeling that comes from smocking and pleats.

Curtain rods

Vintage in look and style- but brand new. These curtain rods are a vintage burnished brass finish and are also from Soft Surroundings. They are not your average style- these are curved on each end and what that does is create a way to have your curtains wrap around to the wall instead of hanging flush and having those gaps.

Detail Love: These create a beautiful vintage look in a room- something I have seen in many vintage designs are those curvy curtain and shower curtain rods and I absolutely love the nostalgic feeling they bring. These were easy to put up with just a couple of screws - tip: put your curtains or curtain rings on the rod before mounting.

I am in love with the summer breeze inspired look and how it turned out-and this will transition so easily into fall, winter and spring with just a few tweaks. 

Shop the elements I used in this room (snoozing English bulldog not included )


Waffle Texture Matelasse Coverlet
Matelasse Euro Shams
Lavishly Full Curtains
Curved Curtain Rods
Blush sheet set (similar)

From my collection:
Textured Embroidered Accent Pillow 
Ticking stripe Pillowcases 

Something you might notice in my rooms & designs-  I am all about texture and layers.
 I prefer a somewhat simple and neutral look- with that pop of vintage brassy gold and some vintage florals, and patina- which are some of my favorites.

I really don't do a ton of patterns, or colors in a single space usually- though I have been known to get a wild hair every now and then and layer on some French or English Country goodness from time to time...  and that might be just a wee hint for the next room reveal.  Stay tuned!

Happy Monday all.

*I partnered with Soft Surroundings to show you a fresh look in this guest bedroom- and some of these links are affiliate links. All love of these details and Soft Surroundings are my own!


  1. I thought that was my English Bulldog Dumpling when I first saw this, He just loves to snuggle down for a good nap in the middle of our bed!

  2. love this room. I also love your book!

  3. Wow. Love what you've done in this room. It's all set for anyone's and everyone's decor sensibilities. How could anyone find something to not like. I especially love the curtains and the wrap-around curtain rods. You've definitely given me a new idea for my own master bedroom window. I live alone, so I can choose decor in my master as feminine as I want without having to consider anyone else's taste. Beautiful post. Thank you.