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The easiest 15 minute fresh berry topped cake for any occasion

If you are like me... you might be dashing around the house cleaning and decorating and deciding that everything needs to be completely different the morning before 
3 or 30 people show up for a party.

I always have a to do list a mile long and I become that wild woman in the days before a party.  
You know how it is... the morning of the party it is a mad dash. 
And for the love of cheese- 
WHY do we always decide we have to redecorate the house & restyle the china cabinets the day before a party? 
The living room looked amazing the way it was all year long- but the morning of the party? 
It is beyond dated and stale and you need to move and change EVERYTHING. 
Yep. I know that one well.

And so you run around like the Tasmanian Devil and create as much chaos as you think you are cleaning up while you work...
and then 
after everything is cleaned
  freshly decorated
the furniture has moved for the 8th time that morning
and all the flowers are fluffed and pretty and in place in each room
you look around and pour another cup of coffee 
give yourself a fist bump for getting it done.

But then... there it is. 
That you can't quite put your finger on it feeling.
That feeling like the mom in Home Alone had when she realized something was missing. 
Thankfully (hopefully) you didn't forget one of your kids at home 
when you hopped on the plane to Europe. 

And you remember that to do list. 
The one with all the lines through each item as you crossed them off... 
except that one.

You forgot the dessert. 

Hey, it could be worse- you could be the mom from Home Alone.

This is an older post- but I have had so many requests this week for the recipe- so I am sharing again.
And even better? 
This cake is SO EASY to make.

and this is also PERFECT for the red, white and blue too-
 just add a couple red raspberries or strawberries for the red and voila!

Happy almost 4th everyone.


  1. Oh my goodness . . . your cake is so elegant and enchanting. I am going to have to copy your inspiration, the next time I need to come up with a special dessert. Using a slab of wood from a tree trunk is that little bit of magic that adds to the charm. A+!!!!!

  2. This is the prettiest cake, Courtney! I followed your suggestion when I made one last fall and picked up undecorated cakes at the bakery. Worked wonderfully! Happy 4th to you and your family.

    Barb :)