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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view.

It has been such a cool summer so far this year and it has been absolutely lovely.

Warm and sunshine filled but not too hot. While I love hot summer days and nights- once the temperature rises well into the 90's it is a bit too hot for me. So those 80 degree days we have been enjoying have been blissful.
This week the weekend view is all about this, that and everything else- including a birthday girl and basket of blooms.

Basket of blooms

Peonies in abundance and a vintage basket just go together I think.
And places an armful inside a basket or old bucket is a favorite way to enjoy them- and any other flowers.

This is an old apple type basket- I honestly don't know exactly what they are called- if anyone cares to chime in--please do. I found it at the thrift store and it usually would have a load of produce like apples inside of it. This one had an old paper liner and nothing else. It was just about $5 so home with me it came- and it was instantly filled with blooms and placed on the coffee table.

Dining Table in the woods

And for a styling project I was working on for a company I work with- outside it went to a table that was set up in the sweet peas. I am all about simple- and this worked perfectly for a couple of snaps. And this table is a huge favorite.

This is available HERE comes in several sizes. The vintage worn finish and those chunky legs are favorites. I will share more soon.

Closet Changes

I walked into our closet the other day and took out the carpeting and basically, made a big fat mess.

I am working on a few changes in here this week - and am excited to share a couple of simple and easy ways to update your closet- whether it is grand or on the smaller side. 
Our closet is not large by far- but it does have some good storage and layers to use for storage.
Which definitely helps it feel much bigger.

Birthday Girl

My baby baby has a birthday this week. 

This girl with golden curly locks was as sweet as can be when she was little
and she has grown up into the most amazing young woman who makes us so proud everyday.

She definitely does things her own way - not sure where she got that from. haha.
She is my mini-me... and so many of you thought she Was a young me in my post a couple weeks ago.
 She has become my right hand girl helping with my business while pursuing her own
 and she is one of my closest friends.
Can I just say... it is hard to believe that my youngest baby is turning 21. 
Because I am telling you- it was just yesterday that sweet girl was wearing her cowboy boots and shorts out in the garden helping me plant.

This week- it is all about birthday celebrations for that girl- 
she works weekends so we are celebrating earlier in the week 
but will be fun.

And I have about another dozen projects I am doing to get ready for summer guests
 coming in a couple of weeks.

Plus a chunk of work behind the scenes
including some new items I am photographing for the shop that I think you will love.

And coming your way on the blog-
talking travel tips again- with a few favorites in Paris 
and where we cut corners everyday to add up to big savings on our trip.

An update on the house painting- and what colors we went with- you might not be surprised hahah.

Also what is next on the update list- SO EXCITED 
to share some of the projects we are knee deep in.

And a couple of simple decorating and entertaining ideas including easy summer recipes
 because simple and easy is always a good thing.

Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. Your daughter is also beautiful. It's been either raining or extremely hot here in midwest.

  2. She's beautiful and so wonderful you have a close connection.

  3. Regarding your pretty basket, Courtney...I've lived in So Cal for many years, but growing up in Ohio, we called those "bushel baskets". My great-grandmother used them for everything, including laundry, lined with a clean dish towel. I continue to enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your family and everything with such beauty and grace.


  4. Happy Birthday!, she is stunning! Can't wait to see your projects at your home, I am so looking forward to seeing the pictures!!!

  5. Hi there. Courtney you look so young to be a mum of kids that old. Love you girl. Please I follow everyday and noticed you do not have a tv anywhere. Can you share that with us? I have no idea what to do with my %2 inch monster sitting on an old retro tv stand. I am so desperately trying to change the look (to French cottage) but need something in-expensive. Please help.

  6. SO love your peonies Courtney! And Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter - I love how she continues to have flowers in her hair! :)

  7. Happy birthday to your daughter! You create beauty on all levels :)

  8. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter...your mini me!