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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view.

This weekend it is all about family, sprinklers & project progress.

Family time 

We have had a busy week (and weekend) over here gearing up for a family get together.

We were planning a family get together- but a few last minute additions meant the party was pretty full and fabulous.  My husbands mom and her boyfriend came for a visit - and we have not seen them in several years- and we also had my sweet nieces Elodie and Willa and family come and stay as well.

We even brought the dollhouse my dad built for me when I was a little girl
downstairs so that the girls could play with it.

We were just missing my oldest son and his girlfriend- they live in Las Vegas and weren't able to get over to California for the day. But there were a ton of laughs and memories in the making.

My daughter and my sister

Like everyone sitting on the lawn when the automatic sprinklers came on.

We all laughed as everyone got up and darted out of the way to avoid getting soaked.
Definitely one for the memory books.

Dog days

We had 9 dogs in the house for the party- running around, barking, rolling in the grass.

My son Cullan and granddog Jade

Thankfully, they all got along well and other than the barking on occasion were all well behaved and enjoyed relaxing out in the summer sunshine.

And they were all pretty exhausted by the end of the evening. Love this photo of Brawner snoozing away on the settee.

Project progress

We are in the middle of a fairly chunky project over here that involves something dreamy, something inspired and something fun. We had a bit of a delay getting started - but  on Friday, my son Cullan came over and we managed to get some big progress done.  A couple more work days and will be sharing all about what we are up to.

Coming this week-
Lots of busy behind the scenes work on the agenda- and coming your way  on the blog
 I will be sharing more about that incredible winery and farmhouse we just stayed in- as well as something fun for you
A few travel tips for saving money in Europe
And a guest bedroom refresh that I am excited to share.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Oh my goodness, that picture of the dog passed out on the settee was hilarious. Thanks for sharing. He's such a prince, or so he thinks. lol

  2. This was a fun post to read, I love seeing real pics and hearing real behind the scenes day to day stuff with glimpses of the glamorous French country setting behind you guys! And the dogs!! Now what project is your son building for you?? I can only imagine....

  3. Hello Courtney, how nice that many of your family were able to make it over for a reunion! Love the sweet photos and of course the pups! Pinned Brawner to my Animal Friends board for you. <3 He looks bushed...

    Happy building what I'm guessing might be for some friendly chickens??
    Barb :)

  4. p.s. Your niece is so sweet! Glad you still had your dollhouse so she could play!!

    Barb :)

  5. Love that you had nine dogs there for the family gathering! That is so what happens with our family events too!

  6. Every time I see Dumpling I fall in love!