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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view.

This has been a week of sleeping with one eye open and a 'Bat man' coming to the house.

We found a bat flying in our home at 3 in the morning unfortunately. I heard the flapping of the wings as it flew up by the ceiling and grabbed Sweet Pea and hid in the bathroom. It went out to the living room - and thought it left- but then saw it again the next night on a camera in our living room.  We have not seen it now for several nights (cameras on all night) - but have basically been watching and hoping we could have the county catch it.

It appears to have found it's way back out so we will be sealing everything in the house as tight as we can until it is okay to seal the outside of the house next month. (bats are protected and it is illegal to seal the house from the outside until mid August) The guy that came to see if he could find it and bat-proof the house said it probably left.  The advice on exposure seems to be mixed so consulting with the health department.

Grand dog fun 

Last weekend we had a fun family get together- and this weekend my daughter has been here again for a couple of days with the grand dogs.  And on Wednesday- another pair of grand dogs will be coming for a stay- it is truly the 'dog days of summer' over here I guess! :)


We have a busy work week on the calendar this week- from something new to update the house- to a big project in the back of the property that we are hoping to wrap up asap after several delays.

I am excited to share what we have been working on-stay tuned for a couple of sneak peeks coming your way this week and reveal posts ahead!


Some big changes coming to the French Country Cottage Market in about a month- and I am so excited for you to see what we have been up to!

We have sourced some of the most delicious pieces that I am getting ready to photograph and share- and I have even more that I just found that will be on the way. I have taken all the feedback about the original linens when we launched and made a few tweaks and chosen some new items- and am hoping you love what we have discovered and come up with.

You can continue to purchase anything showing it is In Stock in the shop- and signed copies of my book - and stay tuned for our grand reopening.

Book Signings

We have a couple fun book events coming up- Los Angeles, New Jersey, Paso Robles & Alabama - I will keep you posted as soon as dates and times are solidified.

And side note- the event in Sonoma has been postponed for the time being- hoping to be able to share a reschedule date soon.

Coming your way:

Guest bedroom refreshes, summer bathroom updates and more.
Happy weekend all.

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