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7 ways to use dried flowers in your decor

I am a huge fan of fresh flowers- everywhere in the house- all the time. 
That is no secret.

But did you know that I don't toss all those blooms when they start to look a little less than perfect?
Some of them I leave just as they are to wilt and drop petals to smooshy perfection- and others I dry to use in different ways

Because, dried flowers are just as pretty as fresh- and they can be the perfect touch in a room.
They have lasting power- meaning you can fill a vase with them and enjoy without worrying about the water or mold starting to grow on the stems.
And - they are absolutely beautiful displayed simply by themselves or tucked into a garland or wreath.

Basically, decorating with dried flowers is a simple and easy way to add a sprinkle of floral beauty
anywhere- all year long.

Some of my favorite flowers to dry:

Sweet Peas

All of these will dry well and have lasting power- meaning they are not super fragile when dried
so you can enjoy them longer. 

How to dry

The easiest ways to dry flowers- hanging upside down.
Back in the day - I always placed them into a dark closet because that was what I heard was best.

Now- I generally display and enjoy them while they dry
You can hang them from a simple nail on the wall-
or from a rafter/beam or on a ladder. 

A few ideas for ways to use dried flowers?
I've got you covered.

In a basket

In a bucket

On the mantel

A flower crown for a statue

In a garland

simply tie your dried sweet peas, hydrangeas, etc with eucalyptus or other greens for a 
charming garland.

See more of how I created this one here.

In a wreath
I started with fresh and let these dry right in place.

Among many other ways to enjoy them. 

We are wrapping up that big project this week- which we are pretty happy to be doing.
I am excited to share everything soon- stay tuned! 

Happy Tuesday all.


  1. Courtney I can't get the wreath link to work!

  2. I love your dried flowers. I had a dried flower business for a decade, and had such fun with it!I dried about 1000 stems of roses per week in the hay days of English Country
    design all through the '90's. I love bountiful baskets of dried pink roses! Thank you for
    bringing back those memories for me-

  3. Scrolling through your blog posts or your IG feed is like walking through a fairytale. Your photos never cease to amaze me. The stuff of dreams.