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Treasure Hunt for the perfect little vintage farm table

Last week, I went on a treasure hunt.

 I love shopping vintage and scour craigslist and local ads for various things I am looking for or always keep an eye out for almost daily.  But sometimes you just don't find 'the one'.. and so last week, I decided to make a few quick stops and shop the local thrift stores on the quest to find those perfect pieces.

What was I looking for?

Vintage goblets and a vintage table.
But not just any vintage goblets and vintage table.

The goblets needed to have the right look and color. And the table had an even bigger list of requirements.

Wood that was the right color- not too light and not too dark.
A table that had the right size- square or a small rectangle that was not too long
And one that had that all important character and patina - in abundance.
With just simple lines - but lots of charm.

I mean, that is a reasonable list right?

A couple of stops and 2 boxes of vintage glassware later- I was pretty excited.
But there was still that elusive small wood table to find- and the only ones I had found so far were not the right size, style or era for what I had in mind.

So on the way home, I decided to stop at the  Re-Store and just see what they might have.  I have found oodles of treasures at the Re-Store many times- vintage chairs, vintage lights and artwork- and much much more. 

I started in the furniture section, glancing through layers of vintage & those more recent modern pieces that seem to be showing up more and more often. I did find and pick up a little old farmhouse style stool which I think you can't have too many of - and a charming rustic wood crate.

But no table. But while I waited for someone to come ring me up- I decided to just walk back through the furniture one.more.time. just in case I missed anything or could use anything if I looked at it a little differently.  About half way through, I was almost ready to turn around-
And there it was.
3 rows of brown desks, shiny old poly covered tables and glass curios in- there was something that looked like it had potential to be that something that I was looking for.

It was a dark wood, old and looked a bit wonky-  but I couldn't see much more until I climbed through those layers of 1980's vintage pieces. When I finally reached it- I literally started dancing. Because, right in the middle of the brown tweed plaid sofas and the rust velvet rockers-  there was a tag that said:


It was more than a bit wobbly. The leaves were all missing. And the top was well loved - complete with slices and old stains. And it kind of bowed a bit in the middle until you pushed the sides all the way together.

It has simple lines on the legs and apron- and the absolute perfect size for what I needed.

It was marked $45 - so I was off to pay in about 2.3 seconds. But even better- it was Law Enforcement, Military and Fire Victim appreciation day- so it was an extra 10% off ( my husband is a veteran and in law enforcement)

I might have picked up these too... stay tuned.

I am completely in love with this little table- and am leaving it just like it is. I may tighten those fronts up with a little bracket just to keep it from being damaged when I move it here and there. But the finish and size and style - literally exactly what I had in mind.

You can bet that next time I walk through a section at the Re-store in search of something and don't find it right away- I will slow down and take a closer look 3 rows, lots of tweed plaid and rusty dusty velvet furniture layers in.

What do you think of this cutie?
And... this is also a bit of a sneak peek at something I hope to have up tomorrow on here . :)

Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. LOVE !!! Congrats on finding the PERFECT table!

  2. I love your little treasure! I've recently downsized by selling two companies . Lovely, just lovely -- now I can breathe! I no longer need a large office. For my household bookkeeping now I need a table for my laptop, pen and pencil holder, stapler, and a lamp. My paid bills are kept in pretty file folders held in a pretty box that could slide under the perfect table. Best of all, I now have time to search for my own special table.

  3. When it rains, do you just leave the little table outside or do you store it inside and only move it outside when you need it?

  4. I love it! It's so much fun to go on these treasure hunts with you. The vignette in the yard with candle light is magical.

  5. absolutely beautiful and I love that you didn't pay high prices for your treasures. Makes it accessible for all!